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I Prefer A Dirty House

Every think what it would be like to not have to pick up after everyone in the house, make meals, do laundry, dust, vacuum….on n on n on n on? WELL I DO SO SHOOSH IT!!! It can’t be THAT bad to have someone else do it all for you, right? WRONG! For just 4,000 GOO it could all be yours.

Treehouse of Horror XII brings us another fun item. The Ultrahouse 3000 (House of Whacks) Continue reading

Tapped Out Halloween Walkthroughs: The 5th and 6th GOO Prizes, UFO’s and Ultrahouses…Unlocking KANG and KODOS

Hey howdy hey GOO Collectors!

Now if you’re wondering how to unlock Kodos and Kang (if you didn’t get him last year) then this post is for you!

Back with the next two prizes in the Personal Prize collection, you can read about the Ancient Burial Ground & Pumpkin house here, the Vac-U-Bot here & Zombie here.  The next two prizes are achieved at the 3,000 GOO (Victorian UFO) collection mark and the 4,000 GOO (Ultrahouse) collection mark.

victorian ufo 3000 goo                  ultrahouse 4000goo

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Tapped Out Halloween Walkthrough: The Ghost in the Machine-based App Parts 12-15 (Final)

Hey howdy hey Ghostbusters!

Back with the final part of the main Halloween questline…. If you need to catch up you can find part 1 here, Parts 2-4 here & parts 5-11 here.
When we last left off Homer was possessed by James Bont and dining with Marge at the Truffle.  We pick things back up with Moe and Lisa…

Don’t forget 6 FREE donuts await you in part 14 of this walkthrough…you can find details here or in the walkthrough below…. Continue reading

The 3rd GOO Prize- Vac-U-Bot

Hey Howdy Hey Ghostbusters!

Once you reach 1,250 GOO canisters you unlock the 3rd free personal prize in the TSTO Halloween Event…the Vac-U-Bot (for info about the first two prizes check here).  Unlike the first two items, the Vac-U-Bot is not a building or decoration.  Instead it’s a tool to help you catch more ghosts!

Once you reach 1,250 GOO canisters dialogue will auto-start:

2013-10-02 22.53.56

2013-10-02 22.54.08

Frink: Congratulations!  You’ve just acquired the latest in ghost disposal technology from Frink Removal Incorporated, of FRINC.
Homer: It looks like one of those little robots that vacuums up dirt, but it’s completely and utterly different.  It’s a little robot that vacuums up ghosts.  Okay, let’s such soul.  Where does it plug in?
Frink: It doesn’t!  In a major convenience, it runs for fifteen minutes at a time on two pounds of uranium.
Homer: Ooh, that’s lucky.  I have a couple uranium rods in my pocket.  I put them there to keep my genitals warm.  
 2013-10-02 22.54.51

2013-10-02 22.54.59

Now, to activate your Vac-U-Bot you have to tap the ghost icon in the top right corner of your screen.  That will create a drop down and the second item will be your Vac-U-Bot.  Simply tap on it and follow the on screen instructions.
2013-10-02 22.58.41
You tap the scree and keep your finger down and slide it around the screen.  It will create a vacuum and suck up any ghosts it sees!  Unfortunately, I can’t take a screenshot of the vacuum at work because I need to keep a finger on the screen at all times in order to make the vacuum work.  But take my word for it, it’s pretty neat!

Hope you enjoy your new free ghost hunting tool!

PS Wookiee covered the 4th Prize (Zombie) here

Addicts Question Corner: Ghosts, Community, Hauntings and More

Hey howdy hey Tappers!

I’ve been noticing a few questions popping up in the comments of some posts and, while we try to answer each one individually, I thought everyone could benefit from the answers to these questions.  So it’s time for another addition of Addicts Question Corner….

First…I know the community GOO total has climbed over 1 billion and many of you are wondering where your first Community prize is.  We’re still working on finding out, as so as we have some answers about it we’ll be sure to post them for everyone!
Community GOO Update: Some are now reporting that it’s now back to many of our original thoughts and it’s 5 billion to Unlock the Church of Lard Lad.  Don’t worry though, at this rate we’ll be there this weekend!  If I have any new info I’ll pass it along as soon as I can!

How many ghosts can be in my town at once?  How long does it take for new ghosts to reappear?
Well, after checking out the game files, it looks like a total of 20 ghosts can be in your town at once.  And new ghosts “re-spawn” every 15 minutes, whether your in your town or not.
If it looks like you’re seeing a decline in ghosts, from when the update first launched, you might be.  Don’t forget originally not many of your neighbors had the ghost popping power yet (only if they sped up their Fortune Teller build) so as more of your neighbors can pop ghosts, and visit you, you’ll see a decline in the number of ghosts in your town.  Don’t worry though, you’ll make up for it by popping up to 5 ghosts in each of your neighbor’s towns.

Can I place Gremlins in the “Other Springfield”?
The answer to this is short and sweet…no.  The game will not allow you to place Gremlins in the “Other Springfield” because there’s no one to try and stop them.  If you want to place Gremlins in towns you’ll need neighbors.  Check our our Add Friends page to find some Tappers looking for new neighbors!

Sometimes when I tap on a haunted building 2 GOO pop out, why?
Well from what I see in the game files shows that you’re only supposed to earn 1 GOO per haunted building that you dehaunt.  So the only thing I can think of (and what’s seeming to be proven true) is that the amount of GOO that comes out of a haunted building is related to how many times a friend has tapped it while you were away.  If a friend un-haunts a building already haunted by the ghosts & another friend comes along and rehaunts it then you’ll be able to collect 2 GOO from one building.
It more all or less evens out because instead of a friend haunting a building (and you collecting a GOO from a new building) they just un-haunted a building that was alraedy haunted.  So in the end you earn the same amount of GOO.

Can I access, from the game, the help and prize screens?
Yes.  Here’s what you do:
2013-10-03 17.00.14
Tap the Pumpkin looking torphy on your main Springfield screen.

2013-10-03 17.00.21
That will take you to your personal prizes screen (Homer with his arms raised icon)

2013-10-03 17.00.30
To view community prizes, and community GOO total, tap on the group icon (bottom right).

If you’d like to review the instructions for the event just tap the ? mark on the top of this box:
2013-10-03 17.00.40
That will launch the instructions screen you first saw when you started the event:
2013-10-03 17.00.49

Hopefully that helps answer some of your questions!  Keep those questions coming in the comments guys, we’ll do our best to answer them as fast as possible!

There’s Donuts in Them Ghosts!

Hey Howdy hey Ghostbusters!

Just a quick post about something cool….you can find donuts in Ghosts (and haunted buildings, possessed characters, etc) when you pop them! (woohoo free donuts!)  I had heard reports of this happening, but I always like to verify it for myself.  A short while ago I was tapping in a friends town and out popped a delicious sprinkly pink donut with my purple GOO!  Is there anything sweeter?!

So be on the look out for free donuts with your GOO!  Another treat from EA this Halloween!


Can’t Get Enough of That Purple GOO: How to Earn More GOO

Hey howdy hey Ghostbusters!

By now you should all know about how Gremlins and Ghosts earn you GOO,  If not you can check out awesome these posts:
Ghosts, Gremlins & GOO…Oh My!
Should the Gremlins Stay or Should they Go?
A Haunting We Will Go!!

But what about other ways to earn GOO.  Surely there has to be more ways to earn that precious purple GOO!  There is!  Here are a few other ways you can earn GOO…. Continue reading

Who wants to live in a Pumpkin?

Hey hidey ho Tapperinos!

How’s every one enjoying their Event so far? That good, huh? What do you mean there’s an unhappy tapper you saw on some forum somewhere? Well, if I’ve learned anything swinging through the forests of Kashyyyk, you can’t please every one all the time, but the threat of ripping arms out of sockets does wonders for fake smiles.

Anywho, just wanted to pop in real quick with some info on the very first prize that comes from collecting GOO. The pumpkin house shows up at 100 GOO (which comes pretty quick actually). This interesting building comes from Treehouse of Horror XI, Scary Tales Can Come True.

pumpkinhouse 100goo

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Should the Gremlins Stay or Should they Go?

Hi Ghostbusters!

We’ve been getting several questions in the comment section about Gremlins and when to tap them in your town, if it hurts or helps your neighbors. So let’s go over some of the Gremlin basics!


When should you squash Gremlins in your town?

Well, that’s entirely up to you! If you let them run around your town for the full 4 hours your friends will earn 4 GOOs per Gremlin. However, if you squash them before the 4 hours are up you’ll each receive 2 GOOs.
My thought is when you squash them everyone wins! You get something out of it and so do your friends. Plus you can free up your town for more friends to drop Gremlins! More Gremlins=more GOO!

gremlin leave

How many Gremlins can be in your town at once?

10 Gremlins are the max that are allowed in any one Springfield at a time. When you visit a friends town there will be a Gremlin counter in the top right corner of the screen. This tells you how many Gremlins you can still drop in their town.
2013-10-01 20.21.18
If they have too many Gremlins in their town a pop-up will appear on your screen saying something like, this friend has too many Gremlins try again later. All you have to do is wait a little while to see if you can drop some I later, or try a different friend.
too many gremlins

Do Gremlins steal my GOO or create new GOO?

The good news here is that, unlike another event that shall not be named, Gremlins don’t actually steal GOO. Instead they create new GOO. So the 4 GOO yielded from the Gremlins is new GOO and does NOT come off of your collected (or soon to be collected) GOO total!

How do I know how Gremlins I dropped in friends towns are doing?

Well after you’ve dropped Gremlins in another town, if they’ve survived or been whooped you’ll receive a notification the next time you return back to your town. A little pop-up window will appear on your screen telling you just how much GOO your little Gremlins were able to collect!
gremlin booty

So that should just about cover the Gremlin basics. If you have anymore questions feel free to leave them in the comments below!

Happy ghost gremlin hunting everyone!

Tapped Out Halloween Walkthroughs: The First Two GOO Prizes, Pumpkins & Burial Grounds

Hey howdy hey Ghostbusters!

As you’re collecting your GOO you’ll start to reach those prize milestones.  So far the first two prizes unlock “mini-quests” (woohoo free prizes AND free quests!).  Since they’re both pretty simple and quick I’ve decided to combine the two!

pumpkinhouse 100goo       burial ground Continue reading