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Halloween Update Info (kinda sorta)…

UPDATED with some new information…10/22/19

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So EA gave us a little treat…we received the NDA packet EARLY!

While we’re still under the NDA I can confirm a few things…

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Where Did THAT Come From- Frog Prince

Welcome to Hogwarts, err… I mean TSTO Addicts.  Wookiee here ready to explain once more just where the heck EA finds these decorations we get in our game.  Congrats to all of us worldwide for reaching 20 BILLION GOO (Insert Dr. Evil laugh here).  If you’d told me 20 days ago that there’d have been that much GOO collected in 20 something days, I’d probably have locked you in the basement with Bunny.


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Tapped Out Halloween Walkthrough: First Church of Lard Lad

I am sure by now you have noticed we DID hit that 5 billion community mark. Everyone should be seeing the messages now that they have The First Church of Lard Lad in their inventory.  (Note:  If you don’t see the First Church of Lard Lad pop up immediately after you sign into your game, this happened to Alissa, just collect some more GOO.  It will pop up shortly thereafter)

There was a lot of discussion that this item may end up being just a skin. Here at Addicts we didn’t think so, as not everyone purchases premium items (plus we peeked at the game files :)). So, I am happy to report EA released yet another FREE item to everyone for their town. The great thing is the Church will also provide you a payout of $90 and 10 XP every 4 hours,  which definitely is a plus.

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killer dolphins

No…. the killer dolphins aren’t the news but I couldn’t help myself.  If you don’t know already… we just got The First Church of Lard Lad.


I must confess I sat on my game and watched the last 5 million or so GOO that clicked off on the community pot.  Life. Well. Spent.




SO AWESOME!  As I already had a Lard Lad’s, I am even happier that we all got another (or your first) donut shop for Springfield!

There has been a lot of speculation about the community prizes but it seems like EA will give us one present with each goal met.  This is basically what we all figured, especially considering the little arrow on the Community Prizes screen pointing to The First Church of Lard Lad.


The next goal is 10 BILLION GOO and the prize is the Clawing Zombie.  Considering it only took 7 days to reach this mark, we should be good for all 5 prizes considering the event is 38 days long.

Stay tuned for more info on this prize later Halloween Party People!  Wookiee out!

Oh Homer, Where Art Thou… PART DEUX





Yes I know these are glitch pics before the game kicks you off but I like to think of them as Homie reaching out from the other side.  Are you there Homer?????


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Well… you asked for it….

Hey Addicterinos…

In one of my last posts, Barbsinbox asked for pics of the tombstones from the opening screen.  Although I am nowhere near as savvy with pics like the other amazing authors on Team Awesome Sauce aka TSTO Addicts, I figured I’d try.

So here’s the tombstones you see on the opening screen a la older Treehouse of Horror Specials…

Halloween opening screen jokes

I tried to zoom in on each tombstone to make them easier to read.  If you click on the next picture, it’ll open bigger on your browser.


If you still can’t read them, here’s what they say in no particular order:


Some of you may know that this is one of the segments from the TOH Episode premiering tonight.  Obviously EA floated the idea of doing these and then shot them down.


With the success of freemium gaming on “smart” phones and tablets added to the profit margin for EA, it may be very true that console gaming may start playing canasta with Atari and the NES.


A poke at the game currency from Halloween 2012.  Seems EA thought they had a MORE GOO idea.


Matt Groening’s original comic strip pre-Simpsons.  If you’ve never seen it, check it out.  Very cool stuff and who doesn’t love a one eared Bunny?


Gotta love any political satire from the Simpsons writers.  To keep from upsetting any one over politics, I suggest searching this term on your engine of choice and hopefully laughing at the appropriateness of this statement considering when the update was released.

Well, hope everyone is enjoying the heck out of the event.  Y’all stay classy, ghostbust the Jeebus out of all the towns and keep tapa-tapa-tapping away.  Wookiee out!

Snorky Speak Man

To the Hominid Readers of Addicts,

King Snorky here. Over the last month, a certain “Star Wars Fan” who calls himself “The Wookiee” has been blabbering away about my introduction into some sort of game called “The Simpsons Tapped Out”. As a peaceable sort of fellow, I let this galoof run his silly mouth and even had myself a chuckle at his meager attempt to immortalize me using strange objects. Although I don’t get using garbage bins to replicate my majesty, at least the poor brute tried.


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Till Death GOO Us Part… The Ghost of Maude Flanders


So… EA has given us so many goodies this Halloween.  Included in this is The Ghost of Maude Flanders FOR FREE!  Now that’s spooky!  If you want to see the walkthrough stuff for Maude, click here.  This post is about where the heck this character comes from.

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Don’t be scared… TSTO Anonymous is back!

Hey hidey ho Addicterinos!

Wookiee here back with our regular TSTO Anonymous meeting and just in the nick of time based on some comments I saw.


Wowza, what a week to discuss our addiction.  October 1st gave us the highly anticipated Halloween Event and what and EVENT it has turned out to be.

Possessed Characters

Haunted Buildings

Gremlins, ghosts and GOO (Oh my!)

A new look to the town and decorations


The return of last year’s premium buildings, decorations and skins

The return of some of last year’s zombies


socialism stalin

D’oh!  Wrong word (now that’s scary).  What I meant was a new social aspect to the game which makes all the previous ones seem as dumb as whacking snakes.  Who’d want to do that?

So much new stuff to play with… so few hours in a day.   What do you mean there’s 24?  Don’t you know this is Wookiee Hibernation Season?   I mean, I know I have A LOT of free time to do “stuff”, but even my loved ones are noticing my absence.

I tried to tell them they don’t see it from my Perspective, but the truth is they probably never will unless they play the game too.  I have never been “addicted” to a game platform before TSTO.  Always kinda teased on those addicted to their consoles or computer games (WOW, any one?).  Now I get it.  EA has found my drug of choice and I’m loving it.  Apologies to any one I ever teased btw.

If you’re feeling misunderstood like me (stupid 14 year old won’t visit her town and then complains about missing the sushi cart, WHY YOU LITTLE!), the easiest fix is to find like minded souls.


How do you do this?  EASY!  Here’s a couple ideas:

First step is just to make sure you have a bunch of active neighborinos… you can find plenty on our friends page.   http://tstoaddicts.com/add-friends/ (324 comments on there as I type this!)

Numero dos, Check out the Addicts NEW Forum page at tstoaddicts.boards.net.  You can chat with other Addicterinos there and maybe even coordinate helping each other out with gaining Halloween goodies!  As a bonus, all you have to do to get there is click on the

Idea # 3… Like us on Facebook (The Simpsons Tapped Out Addicts)… 2,297 other Addicts already have!

Use the fourth…. Go to www.tapped-out.co.uk.  Please note that since the Halloween Update, the site has had possession issue of its own so it may be a couple days before it is back in action and running like it used to.  Most of the authors here frequent that site too!

Lastly, (Dare I say it?) share an e-mail address with another tapper and maybe actually form a “friendship”.  I am so blessed to talk to the other authors of Addicts on a daily basis AND sometimes we actually chat about non-simpsons stuff (GASP!  The horror…. The horror).


Hopefully everyone is going to get a little more social this Halloween season.  Nothing like some SPOOKY stuff to get people closer together.  No one else understands addiction like an Addict.  Who knows?  Maybe you’ll even find a sponsor?

Well, this concludes this bi-monthly meeting.  Take care Addicts and remember that together we can do this… one tap at a time.

Let’s end with the TSTOA Serenity Prayer.

“EA, grant me the serenity to accept the updates I cannot change, the courage to recommend the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”



Wow…  this event is awesome!  So much stuff to do and so many bodacious items to add to your Springfield. Just wanted to drop by real quick and point out to some of the newer tappers something EA brought back from last year…. the ZOMBIES!


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