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Monorail Event: The Rail Yard

IMPORTANT: If you’re having problems with your Rail Yard paying out….read this post:


Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The Monorail Act 3 is now upon us!  And one of the super cool things about Act 3 is that the final prize not only awards us a cool looking building and character…BUT also the chance to earn Track pieces AND Free donuts ppermanently!  So for everyone worrying you don’t have enough track…don’t panic because as long as you unlock the 10th prize of Act 3 you’ll be able to keep earning track long after the Monorail Event is over!

Of course the prize I’m talking about is the Rail Yard and it comes complete with Sebastian Cobb as a playable character for your Springfield!  The Rail Yard  is  the final Act 3 prize and is earned at 154,550 ico_mono15_bellswhistles_lg.  But just what is it?  What does it do?  How do you earn free donuts from it?  Let’s break it all down below….

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