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Tapped Out Level Walkthroughs: Level 48, Smells Like Mean Spirit

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Level 48 hit our Tapping Devices during the Christmas Event & with it Janey Powell arrived in town to be Lisa’s “friend”.  After all you can’t spell fair-weather friend without friend!

While we’ve had the Turbo Tappin’ walkthrough up since the update first hit (you can view it here) I know many of you still love going back and reading old walkthroughs.  They’re great if you missed any of the dialogue while playing the level  (especially since this one was released during an event), or if you just want to know what to expect when you reach Level 48.  So for those that may have missed it (or for those of you that want to live it again)…I bring you the internet sensation of Level 48…

janey_laptop  goldnavy

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Turbo Tappin’ Level 48: Janey, A “Friend” for Lisa

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Ah that new level smell!  Is there anything better than a fresh new level in TSTO?  Wait.  There is.  A fresh new level hitting in the middle of an event!  Always something to do in TSTO…and it’s AWESOME!

So now that there’s a new Level in our tapping devices, you know what that means right?  Time for another Turbo Tappin!  So with that let’s jump right in and Turbo Tap the Main Questline (Freemium) of Level 48!

As we mentioned in the Level 48 rundown post the main questline is started by Lisa, and her need for friend to finally join her in Springfield.  Even if that friend…is really just an acquaintance.  This prompts you to build Gold Navy, and wait 24hrs while it builds.  So now….let’s get to Tappin’ shall we?!

turbotappin level48

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