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What a Wookiee Wants: Some Springfield Heights/Money Mountain Options

Hey hey hey friends… with Halloween looming in all of our minds, I’m sure most of us are making sure our towns are in order, trying to finish any outstanding tasks and ensuring our friends lists are in order. I don’t know about you but the little break in action over the last couple weeks has been a welcome respite from the constant tapa-tapa-tapping of event time. In fairness, one of the things I liked about the Monorail Event (other than it being a frakking MONORAIL EVENT!) was that the daily tapping didn’t feel like drudgery. I visited my town once or twice a day and easily got everything. Not too shabby at all EA. Here’s hoping Halloween is on par or even better (hoping for the latter).

Anywho… even though it hasn’t been long at all since my last What a Wookiee Wants (WAWW) post… there’s something I wanted to put on the site before I get too busy with Halloween madness. Initially I’d intended to formulate this into a rant since the “want” in question really irks me, but in the grand scheme of things, there’s no need for it. If you’re interested, click more to find out what I er-RANT-ly desire.

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