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New Glitch! Number 1 Tasks Repeat

UPDATE: So many are now showing (me too) that it has jumped back to the right time settings for the tasks. Let us know if yours has too. 


So as I am sure many of you are starting to notice as your timers are resetting for the day…the tasks for Number 1 are NOT lining up. It is so odd. The files…still the same. I even re-downloaded them all to check. Same. So…another glitch (good I guess?) and we are on repeat for Thursdays tasks. Got another message in wait with EA on it to see if I can get an answer…meanwhile…Look to Thursday for the set of tasks you will run into…unless it auto corrects itself.

#1 victory pose


Thursday 6-5-14 tasks: 1 hour, 2 hour, 2 hour, 4 hour

Number 150 emblems