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Addicts Want to Know: Going Nuclear

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Sometime in the early New Year, we plan on doing an Addicts Live! episode all about going Nuclear in your Springfield…and we need your help!  In case you don’t know…going Nuclear is when you push the Nuclear button in your game to “blow up” your town and basically put every single item & character (except Homer, Lisa & the Simpsons House) in storage to rebuild again. You can read more here and here

I’m looking for a little early feedback from you guys about going Nuclear in your town & since we’ve got a little time to kill while waiting for the next update I thought let’s go for it now.  So please take a minute, in the comments below, to share your Nuclear experience with answering questions like…

-Have you ever gone Nuclear in your Springfield?  Why or Why not?

-Would you ever/are you planning to go Nuclear in your Springfield in the future?  Why or why not?

-How many times have you gone Nuclear?

-How long did it take you to rebuild your town?

-Were you happy with the results?  Or wish you never touched the nuke button?

-Did you lose anything as a result of going Nuclear in town?

Of course, those are just some ideas to get you going in the comments, please feel free to share more details about your Nuclear experience!