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Where Did THAT Come From – Lugash and His Gym

Здравствуйте мои друзья. Как у вас дела?

Gotta love Google Translate.  Just because I know most of us (including myself) don’t speak Russian let alone read their language… it just says “Hello my friends.  How are you doing?”  But why Russian?  Stick with me folks, it’ll make sense soon enough.

So the last Episode Tie-In gave us the Fit Milhouse™ skin and you may have heard there are bonus tasks if you also owned Lugash and his Gym.  While this post is by no means a should I buy (you can find that here), I thought I’d step away from 4th of July and take the time to let you know some more info about this Russian Gymnastics teacher and where exactly he comes from.

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