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Level 39 is Here!!! Complete Update Rundown

Level 39 unlock

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Level 39 is finally here! (and comes with TWO FREE DONUTS) Working through it right now (thank goodness I have my tab since my phone says it’s full!) and as soon as we have the details we’ll post them right here (as always)!


Remember this is an in App update so no need to hit the app store! If your update doesn’t start right away…if you’re at Level 38, Level 39 should automatically hit….try the usual troubleshoot methods (hard close, reopen app, restart your device) that should help trigger it.

Dolph kicks off this update, so make sure this bully is free! (yes he must be free.  It’s not an auto-start)

Also remember…as with all new updates…your Confirm Donut Spend Button may have been reset.  Meaning it’s turned off.  So check it out and make sure it’s switched to on…unless you want to end up with 2 Whales…. 😉

As always for those who like to be surprised we’ll reveal the details after the fold….so what follows are SPOILERS Continue reading