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Level 47 Update is Here!!! (Updated and Complete)

And there goes EA tossing in a surprise at the end of an Event. Level 47!! Mayor Quimby kicks it off. Cool new Characters and Buildings and MORE!!!

Level 47

Details coming…

Update from Alissa

I swear sometimes I think EA has tracking devices on Bunny, Wookiee and I.  They always seem to wait till we’re not right next to our computers to hit us with an update!

Anyway…let’s see what Level 47 has it store for us shall we?

details below the fold.

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Episode Recap: The Man Who Grew Too Much

Hey there Hoppereenos. Hope you all had an exciting night watching TWO new episodes for the Simpsons. Due to my obsession…errrr….love for Sideshow Bob, I told the Fuzzball that I WILL be the one recapping this episode. Lol. (Luffs yah Fuzzy) 😉

So let’s begin with the New Simpsons Episode: The Man Who Grew Too Much


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Real Housewives of Springfield: Francesca Terwilliger

Welcome Addicts to a new addition to our posts. In this little game of ours, we tend to forget those characters that are few and far between. We get so involved in the game, so into the latest events…that we sometimes forget to pay attention to the little things. The little details that make the Springfield world go around. The thing that seems to be really lacking/missing from Springfield.

What exactly is it I am going on about? What is so terribly important to the game that would draw such attention. WOMEN OF COURSE! To be a bit more specific, The Real Housewives of Springfield (and maybe a mistress or 3. Gotta have the drama aspect in any series, right?).

So keep your eyes on our blog as we take you on a new journey into the lives of each of the women currently and NOT currently available in the game.


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Episode Reminders: Diggs and The Man Who Grew Too Much

What’s up party people?

So after much too long of a break, there are two, yes two, new Simpsons episodes airing tomorrow on FOX.  I know most of you have heard about them by now, but I just wanted to make sure I threw a reminder up.  Jebus knows I need to be reminded about things sometimes like writing posts, perspective, schoolwork, etc. Continue reading

Episode Tie-In = Bunny Wishes Come True???!

So our lil sneaky buddies over at EA dropped a quick lil Episode Tie-in into our games. I like the “hints” they gave us as I am REEEEEAAAALLLLLY hoping that they FINALLY are gonna grant a wish I have had for ages.

Wanna know why? Well take a look at the Pomato dialog…

mad scientist line

Region Capture1

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Hi, my name is Bunny and I am…what…wait…will you people stop saying “hi” back…hey…excuse me…trying to talk here…SHEESH. Some people’s children. Now, where was I? Oh yah…I’M BROKE!! FOR REALS!! I had almost $400,000 saved up this week and its gone. ALL GONE! EVERY LAST DROP! What? NO! Not in my ACTUAL bank account. My GAME silly. What did you think I meant? This IS a blog about the game you know. 😛

The following information is about how my addiction with TSTO and especially 2Ds is causing me to not be able to progress in the game to the point I can’t even play the basic scratch-R. Yah, it is that serious. Will I get help? Will I stop? NEVER!!!


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