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Schematic Changes…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Yesterday EA released a patch for the Secret Agent update and with that patch a number of small changes were made (a few things you wouldn’t even know because they don’t come into play until later acts).

Among the changes that would be noticeable to players during Act 1…. a bonus % was added to the Globex Balloon (.50%) and a bonus % added to the Cypress Creek Sign (1%).  Oh and Camera Hat Homer at the HQ was adjusted…if you have Camera Hat Homer regular Homer will no longer show up on the HQ job list (so you can’t accidentally send the wrong one).

However, one big change was made that a number of you took notice of yesterday….the Schematic drop rates were drastically changed.  What does this mean?  What have they changed to?  Let’s take a quick look…

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