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Winter 2016 Act 2 is Live!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Welcome to the wee early morning hours…at least here on the East Coast and Act 2 of the Winter Event is upon us….so have at it my friends!

Remember…this is an automatic change in your game.  Nothing to download, it should just start up in your game..

Lisa will start this for you with dialogue between her and Willie.  This will be followed by two 6s tasks, one for Lisa and then one for Homer.  You’ll then unlock a new skin for Willie, and that’ll be followed by a 12hr task for Lovejoy, 1hr task for Willie, and 3 Anti Pagans.

Act 2 runs until December 30th

Just what does Act 2 have in store for us?  Let’s take a look…pagan-homer-winter-2016

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Two Things About Winter Act 1 Ending and Act 2 Starting (Day 13 & Catnip/Figurines)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Popping in on this snowy NJ day to address a couple of concerns we’re seeing over and over and over and over again in the comments..

How Do I Unlock Day 13, If Act 1 Ends Tomorrow?!
You’ll unlock Day 13 tomorow, just like you’ll unlock Day 14 the next day and Day 15 the day after that.  I know you only see 13 days visible at the moment, but there are over 20 days to these daily turn ins so relax.  🙂  Oh and day 13…there isn’t really a bonus prize there.  That image is just a place holder.  So tomorrow don’t freak out that you didn’t unlock anything special…just Runestones and Donuts.  Those are the prizes…

Will Catnip and Figurines Carry Over?

As I said in a couple other posts and comments, I don’t know.  I’m not 100% sure, and I won’t be until I’ve got in game confirmation. HOWEVER…based on some graphics and guide panel changes in the files it does appear that they will not.    Panels like this…


But again..I’m not 100% sure.  Personally, I’m playing as if they aren’t.  Act 1 was super easy, I finished it on Tuesday, so I know no matter what Act 2 throws at us I should be ok.  So I’m spending what i’ve got, except for Runestones (the purple ones for crafting), since Runsetones will carry over.

Hope this helps guys!  Sorry I wasn’t able to post this sooner, I’ve been out most of the day and spending the rest getting some things ready for Christmas.  So I’ve been all over the place today…