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4th of July in Springfield! (Updated and Complete)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

2014-07-02 10.16.14

It’s 4th of July in Springfield!  A little update has just hit our devices (woo-hoo!)….this is an IN GAME update, so no need to visit the app store to update.  This will go with your Stonecutters game…so if you’re still trying to collect those last emblems you still can.  This won’t replace Stonecutters.  An update to remove Stonecutter still may hit later today…we don’t know yet.  So still play Stonecutters as if it was the end….assume you’re on borrowed time.

Now onto the Firework Spectacular!

Homer and Apu will kick off the event with a little auto-start dialogue….

As always we’ll have more info as soon as we finish going through the update ourselves.

FYI…there is STILL a Stonecutters Take Down in the files.  There were two sets of files listed.  4th of July and Take down were BOTH listed in the files.  So my guess is an update in the App Store will appear later this afternoon.  We’ll let you know as soon as it hits…

For those that don’t like to know update details will be below the fold…so WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD Continue reading