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THOH XVIII – Act II Calendar

I have to admit… I was a bit like Charlie Brown this morning as I opened my game up, knowing that a new act was starting.  Like Charlie at Halloween…I was hoping for a full-size premium chocolate bar, and instead, appear to have received another rock.  One click…and BOOM…we are back to grinding.

I’m not really sure what to tell you, except that this act seems to be as easy as the last act, if you “want it all.”  But, like last act, we are left with the same “meh” and redundant craftables…along with some pretty uninspired “Main Prize Track” prizes.

But then…just as I was typing that last paragraph…I got a message from Alissa, that EA had changed the numbers again…upped them to make them a bit harder. This was AFTER I had spent 2 hours doing the math, and making the new calendars. Yes…EA is currently on my Sh*t list. Not a fan.

I’m not against the Potter-esque event….I’m just still waiting for the magic.

But…here are the numbers…all a couple of hundred higher than the originals that were in the files…just because EA apparently wants to prove “who is in charge” and is being Richard-ish…even though we have established that this update is anything but Hallow-Richardy in its execution.
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