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In-Game Update: Rommelwood Academy (Updated and Complete)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Looks like EA’s truly being unpredictable these days…which I do think is a good thing..and we’ve got ourselves a late in the day in-game update!

I’ll be back with more details on this in a bit…but for now know that it auto starts for you with some dialogue from Mayor Quimby, and this is followed by a task for kids of Springfield and Skinner (6s).  Which is followed by tasks for the Parents of Springfield and Skinner (also 6s).  And that’s followed by another 6s task for the kids.  This will launch your mini event track..and start to show the prizes in the game and items you can purchase in the store.

Additionally, it looks like the tourists are back in Springfield!  EA’s finally repaired the missing dialogue bug plaguing the tourists and they’ve returned to the store…so you’ll see some dialogue popup from them as well.  And they’ll appear in the store for 60 donuts…

Back with more in a bit Tiny Addict’s asleep, images converted, details unfolded and here we go…

Remember this is an in-game update.  Nothing to download from the App Stores.  So if you don’t see it download automatically in your game try hard closing and restarting TSTO..

FYI…it appears (based on what’s being offered in the store) that this is the “military take over” event teased in the update dialogue…

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