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The rEAl story behind the delay of Winter/Holiday 2016 Event!

Note from Alissa: Guys this post is meant to be funny. You know humor. Laughing is what we do around here. .especially when we’re all going crazy waiting for this update to hit.  So relax. It’s a joke.  Remember it’s ok to laugh…

AsI may have mentioned in my last article regarding the upcoming (please?) Winter/Holiday event, I have a slightly contentious relationship with EA.

What I am about to write is not likely to get me added to their Christmas card list. But, I have a suspicion, perhaps even a hunch (but not quite strong enough to be considered a prognostication), about what rEAlly happened to keep EA from releasing the aforementioned update when I thought they would/should last week.

Let’s be clear…I realize that we are ALL sick and tired of talking about “Election 2016,” but there is little doubt in my mind that the election combined with regular EALPish behavior, created the perfect fog, which ended up delaying the release.

Conspiracy, wild theory, or just pragmatic reasoning? You tell me…

But, HERE is what I think happened…
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