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Friday Filler – Ambiguity and Golf in TSTO and The Simpsons

Thank Grog It’s Firday!

So…at some point a fella’s gotta say, “enough is enough!”
I have reached that point.

This may come as a complete shock to many, but the fact is, I toil over these Filler posts, to try to stay entertaining, interesting, and somewhat topical. But, lately, it seems that there is a new kind of hypocritical “cancel Patric culture” happening.  Holding me to a  different standard to which the same harbingers of criticism ignore, in the very game/series in which they are participating.

The words ambiguous, contradictory, and hypocritical spring to mind, along with golf. 

I know…I know…it seems like a weird mix of ideas. But, let me explain…
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Friday Filler – EA Keeps Surprising Us…But In A Good Way?

Thank Grog It’s Firday!

I mean it. I REALLY need a weekend off. But, we’ll get into that in a bit…

The big surprise, is EA surprised me, and allowed me to skip writing a DID (Designing In Downtime) post on Wednesday…because there was no Downtime!   Boom! 

Just when we were CERTAIN that we wouldn’t see anything until at least the first of week of October, we get this mini-update, filled with…uhm…let’s see…what is it filled with again?

I get it. It’s the start of Halloween, and the writing is pretty funny again…but, dammit…THEY STOLE MY SPLOOSH!!!
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Friday Filler – It was the Best of Tools, it Was the Worst of Tools…

Thank Grog It’s Firday!

Look. I’m gonna cut right to it. I’m not in the best of moods to be writing today, as I am dashing this out, before heading off to a funeral for a friend.  If you think you are tired of hearing me writing about maudlin stuff…imagine how I feel, living through a bunch of maudlin news. But, it seems to come with the age.  At this stage in life, the lottery for a long life and the “expiration button” seem to be just a click away. But, I admit to being rattled a bit by the “selection process.”  So many really good people gone…early by most standards…when so many jerks are still around.  But, that’s life. Nobody said it was fair. And the randomness of “who goes when,” is what should keep those behind appreciating the little things in life that make us happy…like TSTO and this great community of tappers!

And….let’s face it…most if not all of the news we got in TSTO was anything but maudlin! We finally got an answer (we think) for the final stage on the Golden Goose Realty.  AND (speaking of “Finally”),  we got a tool that we have been asking for in TSTO, almost as long as there has been a TSTO!

Let’s take a look…
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Friday Filler – Behind the “Behind the scenes” – Two Options

Thank Grog It’s Firday!!

I’m hoping you all had a wonderful 4th of July week…as it always feels like a week, instead of a day or a long weekend, when the 4th falls in the middle of the week.  Unlike half of the country, who took off a couple of days before or after the actual holiday for an extended break, Deb and I stayed put, and just golfed, had a traditional meal (burgers and potato salad), and watched the rest of the world try to celebrate, while under heavy restrictions for the fireworks, due to the unseasonable hot weather. We went to a “hometown” celebration for a couple of hours in Harrisburg, a small town north of Eugene…and watched were planning to watch fireworks from a river bank. But, we both succumbed to a rash of “fair food” (elephant ears, ice cream, shave ice and a hot dog) which conspired to bring us home a full two hours before sunset. I was reminded that mixing spicy with dairy isn’t a great idea (I had a “firecracker burger, slathered with jalapenos for dinner). Nice. Woot. Woot. Boom!  TMI? 

With the regular TV season over…and being completely saturated in movies (we have the Movie Pass app, and have been seeing almost everything that comes out). I have actually been reading a BOOK! OK…so, not a real book, but a real book that has been digitized, so I can read it on my Kindle, my iPad, my cellphone, or any other padular or digital device at my disposal. Real books feel great in your hands…but take up loads of space in the landfill…or your shelves…or the landfill on your shelves. But I digress…

It’s a book that I HIGHLY recommend…even though it didn’t make “Oprah’s Book Club List,” (but should have). This is why we have not chosen to invite Oprah into our book club.  You can only read so many books by Deepak Chopra and other self help gurus. I’m almost 65…my self help days are turning into self preservation. But, I digress again…

The Book??
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WDTCF – Ronald Reagan and the RR Re-Education Center

It is pretty amazing how little things a President does while in office, can have huge, and perhaps unintended consequences that rattle for decades afterward. What is even more amazing to me, is the “Frog in the pot” scenario that happens as things change so slowly, it is almost imperceptive, until it is prevalent. What does this have to do with Ronald Reagan and the Re-Education Center?  I’ll get to that…

As it pertains to TSTO and the Simpsons, Ronny appears in several scenes over several episodes. But, usually as a quick flash, a pic on the wall, or in one case, a head.  But, he does have a speaking role in one of my favorite non-political episodes of all time.  I’ll get to that as well.

When I was researching this post, I was reminded how little I actually watched the Simpsons in what we are now calling the “aughts” (the first decade of the 2000s). When I started re-watching some of them, I was surprised by how overtly political they were.  Yes…a lot of these episodes were in the post 9/11 era, and during election years. But, it now seems like we are ALWAYS in an election year…and the current episodes aren’t as overt. So maybe the writers just got tired of trying to use a cartoon show as a bully pulpit, and have switched over to less-than-subtle references in a mobile game.

The Re-Education Center is really at the heart of ONE episode…while Ronny is kinda smattered all over the place.  Let’s take a look…
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Friday Filler – ISKLand Town Tours and Shortcuts to Get It All While Hardly Trying

Thank Grog It’s Firday!

I have to admit, I‘m torn.  I can’t decide if the relative ease of this event is boring, or if I am just bored because there is really nothing for me to do, as I can’t really do any more designing in my town, without major “Urban Renewal.”

Does the fact that I simply log on 4 times a day, for about 5 minutes at a crack (to clear and refresh my Ride Attendants and to Clear and Refresh my KEM Farm) cause me to forget about the game for the most part (clearly not in the best interest of EA)? Or, am I just happy to have way more free time to do things in my life that are fun (golf) and prepare for another week of “full Baby Immersion” next week?

Hard to say, really. But, I can say that I have thought less about TSTO in the past week than almost any other week since I’ve been playing…including a week a couple of years ago when I was in Hawaii…or during our 9.600 mile, 30-day, around the country road trip. Again…I can’t believe this is good for EA. Because if I am feeling that way, I have to imagine there are loads of others who feel the same. But, I suspect it is actually good for me!

This update started with a bang! (a nuclear bang to be precise), but has fizzled out to the whisper of a cap gun.

My only purchase? I bought J Edgar Hoover. And I am looking forward to buying another upcoming President. But, mostly because it allows me to make fun of a couple of human beings that I didn’t particularly care for in real life. I’m not proud of that fact…but, it is also why I have Nixon roaming around town with his bowling ball. But, I digress…

The Fact is…with very little tapping time, as of today, I have already acquired a BORT! (which will allow me to do pretty much that for the weekend) and I have more than 12,000 in Crafting Currency to get a  jump (and maybe finish) most of Act III Crafting on the first day it hits.  Like I said…boring. 

There are some quick tricks to making every visit even SHORTER…and allow you to “Get it ALL” without having to spend much time playing TSTO. 

And…there are a couple of my neighbors who have done some pretty spectacular things with their ItchyScractchyKrustyLand  (ISKLand) designs. In spite of Item Limits…

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Friday Filler – Tapping Less and Enjoying It More

Ah...Thank Grog It’s Firday!

This was a running joke that my kids and I had when they were all in college, and admitted that around campus, “the weekend” actually started on Thursdays…or to be specific, Wednesday nights, when a famous U of O bar ( Taylor’s Tavern literally 22 feet off of campus)  had “Dollar Beer Night.”  Don’t get me wrong…my kids were all great students, who all graduated with honors, but they also knew how to pace their work, and get the most out of their play.

And who was I to argue?  They all graduated Summa, or Magna Cum Laude, while I joke that I was ” In Cum Plete” as I never finished my degree after my football, musical career, and partying got in the way.  My kids are WAY better at balancing work and fun than I was.  I was “All In” or “All Out.” And was usually too “Grogged” to know it was Friday…(hence the  Firday joke).

But, I have improved in my old age.  I have learned that doing LOTS of things well, requires balance. And if something becomes obsessive after the “learning curve,” you need to adjust. Rather than do one thing obsessively, which tends to narrow one’s life, I now choose to “Live Wide.”

That has now become the standard for how I Tap. It’s the reverse of what happens when you are truly addicted and obsessed. Remember the old joke, “I”m smoking more, but enjoying it less?”  If you don’t, it’s because the guy who coined that phrase croaked, due to lung cancer. But, for me, living wide requires me to, TAP LESS, to Enjoy it More….

Here’s what I mean.
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Look Who’s Got a New Look for Addicts…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

You may have noticed over the weekend our banner looks a little different….as we’ve added the newest (new/old..) addition, Patric (aka Cranky Old Guy) to the mix!

new school header 2016

After coming back and blogging with the Addicts for a month now we thought it was time to help him look a little less…jaundice.  Not that yellow isn’t a flattering color, but we thought it was time he looked like “one of us” 😉

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Diary of a Wookiee: 3 Years (plus one) minus sanity = 1 ramble

From Alissa…sorry guys word press had technical difficulties this morning.  Some of you might have been alerted of this post twice..or had broken links to get here.   Sorry about that…fortunately the issue is resolved now.   I just can’t resend you correct links to your email.  Sorry guys and thanks for your patience. 😀

Hey howdy hello Friendereenos!

In the dimension of time and space on a fertile rock hurtling millions of miles through space out of control around a giant nuclear ball of gas, I sit here in my comfy blue recliner with a laptop on a pad which keeps me from singeing my furry tender parts with the ability to reach thousands of people across said rock on an intangible information highway with my run-on sentences. It’s both a humbling and exhaustive enterprise to the extreme. It’s also a labor of love hence why I keep on keeping on with this “job” which went from something fun to try to a three-year enterprise that’s paid in dividends that would make most people quit after a month of writing. Heck, just a taste of this gig has made a lot of people I can think of run for the hills. It’s exhausting, it’s a grind, and for reasons sometimes beyond even me, I love it.

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Look Who’s Back…


Let’s start off with the fact that I am as surprised to be writing this here, as some of you must be who are reading it. After almost three years of writing about TSTO, and almost FOUR years of playing the game, anyone with even a modicum of common sense would have looked at this headline and instantly gone to “SNOPES” to check on the likelihood of it being real.

And yet…here I am…CrankyOldGuy (who for the majority of the past three years has taken great pleasure in calling TSTOAddicts “bliss ninnies” and “EA suckups”) actually agreeing to become a regular contributor to this site…while winding things down on my own.

To quote myself, “HOLYFREAKINSHIRT!!!!!!!!!”

To be honest about it (and let’s face it…being brutally honest about TSTO has always been my credo), the game has changed…a lot! But, more important, I have changed (anyone who says you can’t teach an old guy new tricks is fullacrap).

And then…there is Riley.

My whole stance on keeping up the “Us-vs-Them” battle between TSTOAddicts and TSTOFriends went into the waste can, when I heard that Alissa had a baby girl who was in the NIC unit after she was born. As anyone who has read my blog knows, I am the father of 5 daughters.  I know the overwhelming fear and responsibility of parenthood.  I reached out to let Alissa know that I had her in my thoughts and prayers, and that I knew in my heart that Riley was going to be all right.

And then, I met Riley in person. That sealed the deal.

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