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Moe’s Ark – Act III – Prize Guide – Chicken Pulled Chariot

Yep. Here we go again…even deeper into the Genetic Soup that is Act III.

But we will soldier on…providing those who “LOVE THIS UPDATE” with information…along with those who hate it, but are playing it anyway. After all…we are addicts, right?

Another silly prize, headed for the storage unit… Prize TWO-Chicken Pulled Chariot

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Moe’s Ark Act III- Prize Guide – Flying Brachiosaurus

I tried to warn you. Act III just goes completely off of the rails. It is the kind of act that would make Darwin spin in his grave, but perhaps also would make the researchers in gene splicing go mad with excitement.

I am so “meh” about Act III and it’s content, that I am writing these Prize Guide Posts under duress…and only because “Mom” told me to.  And let me tell you…nobody crosses Mom THIS week.

But, EA and the writers are going to go where they want to go…no matter how outlandish the premise. And outlandish this final act is indeed.

Case in point… Prize One-Fying Brachiosaurus

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Moe’s Ark Act 3- Prize Guide – Mad Dr. Hibbert

Let’s take a look at the final Moe’s Ark Prize…

Mad Dr. Hibbert.

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