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Uhm…yes…the servers are messed up.

So…as has been reported (about a zillion times), there are sporadic server outages from EA today, starting with the update this morning.

There is NOTHING you can do about it, but wait for them to fix it. Reinstalling, uninstalling, holding your breath, dancing on one leg, and poking holes in the screen of your padular device to “let the evil out” DOES NOT WORK.

Solution…wait. Go do something else. The new Borat movie is on Netflix. Go have a laugh while you wait.


Solving Current Server Connectivity Issue

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Loads of you have been complaining you’re not able to get into TSTO, you get the server error message.  This is happening to some of you, but not all TSTO players. (I’m currently

Addicts Community Member Ebron has been dealing with this too & she’s been graciously communicating back and forth with EA about the issue.  So I’ve been posting her comments in various posts (you can find some info at the top of this post)

Yesterday, Ebron posted a solution to fixing the server issues & was gracious enough to grab a screenshot of the solution as well…for those who don’t read every comment.  Here’s the solution:

Now I know this isn’t feasible for everyone…as not everyone has a second device they can use but this should help a majority of you.  Even if you borrow a friend, parent, significant other’s device to do this quickly.

For those that can’t do this…your best bet is to contact EA or go to their forum and add your “Me Too” to their post.