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THOH 2015 101: Shop Keeper’s Daily Challenges

Note: Yes a few returning items hit the store today…however because they’re returning we’re not doing a new Should I Buy Post on them.  You can check out the older Should I Buy posts here or here for these returning items.  The only added benefit for them is the currency population now….

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well here we are, in most Tappers favorite time of the year in Springfield….Halloween!  (although I prefer Christmas 😉 )  The leaves on the tress have changed colors, the water is murky and there’s a darkness that falls over our TSTO screens.  All of these effects fit in perfectly with this year’s theme….Nightmares.

As we’ve seen with recent events (really since Stonecutters in June of 2014), EA likes to add an element of Daily Challenges to each Event as a way to earn more currency, special prizes and sometimes event bonuts! (bonus donuts)  The 2015 THOH Event is no different.  Yesterday we saw the Shop Keeper’s Challenge get implemented with the House of Evil!  This is a great way to do tasks each day to earn bonus crafting currency and earn bonuts each week!

Now I know some of you are a bit confused about the challenges and exactly what to do.  So let’s break it all down for you…including a list of this week’s challenges…ico_thoh2015_shopkeeperavatar Continue reading