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Act 1 Wrap Up: Your Questions on What to Do, What To Spend & What to Save (Including a Quick SIB on the Quicksand)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So, Act 1 is coming to an end.  As in…Today is the last full day of tapping before it ends.  Act 1 Ends May 3rd at 0800 GMT.  So time is ticking down quick.

We’re seeing a TON of comments from people about what to do, what you should save, what you should spend & a million other questions.  Now we’ve covered just about every single question we’re seeing in the comments in one post or another (except for a breakdown of the Quick Sand Pros and Cos)…but I dunno if you guys just aren’t seeing them…if you’re having trouble realizing that the info is in the posts…or if you just don’t care about what we write and you’re still going to ask a million times in the comments anyway.  😉

So…this is your FULL breakdown for the End of Act 1 and various other things.  Included in this post (so there are no excuses about why the info was missed):

Bonuts from Clues (and why you’re not getting them)
-Changing the Task at the Town Plaza from Earning Hats to Earning Pickaxes (and vice versa)
Should You Turn in Your Pickaxes and Hats or Save them
-Should You Send your Prospectors or Save them
-Will Currency Change with Act 2
-Can You Still Get Act 1 Prizes During Act 2
-Break down (Should I Buy) of the Quicksand
-As well as other changes that will happen when Act 1 ends….
including what items will leave the store

So if you have a question about one of those items, check out this post.

Remember…Act 1 Ends May 3rd at 0800 GMT, 4am EDT.  


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