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Friday Filler – When Hell Is Not What You Expected!

Thank Grog It’s Firday!

I am really cracking up with some of the dialogue in this update. It is pretty funny, and frankly a bit “Hell lite,” compared to what they could be doing. I mean, hell…even as a concept…is pretty damn scary!

The great thing about Hell, is that for you to believe in Hell, you pretty much have to believe in the afterlife. Even that is a complicated thing, when you start trying to bring different concepts from different religions into the conversation. And you really do need to do that. But, trying to settle on a common theme can be a bit of Hell itself.

In fact…right away, I had some fun with “Ned Flanders Personal Hell,” when I won it. I found it irresistible to place it in the one place that would actually really be Hell for Ned…

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