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War 101: Character Tasks & Elixir Earnings

Storm the castle!  Batten the gates!  Launch the fireballs!  Man the catapult, trebuchet and ballistas!  Any one got any Greek fire?

Oh hey there tappereenos.  I guess I got a bit carried away with all the war in my town.  In the midst of this war, we all find ourselves with lots of questions.  Some of these include “Which characters earn elixir with tasks?, “Why the heck should I level up my characters?”, “What does it do?” , “Why is Wookiee so dashingly handsome and clever?”   Well… click more if you’d like to find out about character tasks and elixir payout.

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Character Level Up

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Springfield has been transported back in time and things are looking vaguely familiar to another mobile game out there.  Oh the Clash of the Clones is upon us!  And with it arrives 4 new character skins for Homer, Lisa, Bart & Marge!

One of the new aspects of this event versus previous events is Leveling up.  With Clash of Clones you can level up your Castles AND Characters (only the Simpsons).  Castle level ups improve your town defense, increase your nerd production and increase your max nerd total, among other things.  Castle levels ups cost Elixir, the new in game currency for the event, but Character level ups those cost Gold, the prize currency for the event.  So, just what do character level ups do?  Let’s take a look and find out….

Homer Barbarian Commanding TroopsMarge throw Fireballsunlock_lisa_archer Bart Goblin Check for Traps

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