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Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na BARTMAN!!!

Hey there Hoppereenos.

Bouncing on by (sorry a lil late, blame weather and traffic getting home) to let you all know that BARTMAN IS FINALLY HERE!!! unlock_bart_bartman

For the cost of 60 of your precious lil pink sprinklies, you will have the option to get the Bartman Skin for Bart. It is fully tasked and comes complete with a questline. (You will also see the countdown for less than 28 days to decide if you want to buy him.)

His tasks WILL include a 4hr one to earn 15 Pie Bombs as well as a 3hr Defeat Felon option, so he will help get rid of them faster. 🙂

When you enter your game, you will notice a lil ! on your Menu letting you know there is a new item in the game, it will take you to the Main Menu. Tap on the Superheroes Event Image, and you will see the costume.Bartman Menu Icon

Once you purchase it, it immediately goes to Bart and a questline will begin. (More on this later.) Just keep Lisa free as she will trigger the questline and the first part for Bart will take you 8 hours to complete.Bartman Unlock Screen

WOOHOO!!! I am really happy that he is FINALLY in our games. I have wanted this one for a very long time. What are your thoughts on it? Did you scoop him right up? Are you gonna wait and debate over it? Let us know.