App Store Update Available: Rise of the Robots

Note: The update should start at 11am ET.  

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Earlier this afternoon an update hit app stores for the newest multi-event in Springfield!  This event does not start until tomorrow, Wednesday, April 7th, BUT you want to download the update today so you don’t miss a moment when it goes live.

Remember, if you don’t see it listed in your updates you may have to search your app store for Tapped Out to find the update.  Just make sure you update before it launches tomorrow morning.

And as I mentioned in this morning’s post…if you’re looking for Spoilers you can check them out here.  And for those who don’t want spoilers, just want to know who to keep free…Well, you’ll need Bart free to start things off.  You’ll also need the following characters free in your Springfield to complete event quests:  Homer, Marge, Lisa, Flanders, Skinner, Wiggum, and Frink (if you have him).  Now, I’m not 100% certain as I’m still going through everything, but based on the Act 1 synopsis I would also keep Mr. Burns and Smithers free.

And that’s it for now!  So be sure to check your app store, download the update, and be ready for Rise of the Robots to start tomorrow (April 7th)!