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Final Hours of Superheros Issues 1-3

Hey Howdy Hey Super Tappers!

Just another reminder that there’s only a few hours left in the first 3 issues of the Superhero Event!  So collect those last minute Freeze Rays, Pie Bombs or Carbon Rods & unlock what you can before time runs out!


When does time run out?  0800 GMT (4am EDT) Tuesday 3/24…so in just under 8hrs from now.

What happens when time runs out? This will be completely different than then start of Issues 2 and 3….previous issues will not carry over.  So this means that once issue 4 starts, issues 1-3 and their prizes will be closed off.  So be sure to earn those final Freeze Rays (or Carbon Rods/Pie Bombs) before time runs out!

Should you save Criminals/Felons?  From what we can tell….EVERYTHING will disappear once Issue 4 starts.  However, if you have nothing to lose by saving them…save them.

Will Crafting End?  Yes.  Crafting will end once Issue 4 starts…so collect what you’d like before time runs out!

What items will leave the store?  Once Issue 4 starts the Tar Pits and the Fruit Bat Signal will leave the store.  So if you’re thinking about picking up either of those do so before Issue 4 starts.

What happens with Issue 4?  We’ll have to wait and see….

What do you think Issue 4 will bring?  Are you ready for Issues 1-3 to be over?  Have you collected all the prizes?  Which items have you picked up?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!