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Hey hidey ho Tapperinos.  This section of Addicts is a place for you to let EA know any ideas you may have for the future of The Simpsons Tapped Out.    Please know we are not connected to EA in any way but sincerely hope they have at least one unpaid intern whose job is to troll the various TSTO sites across the web to see what we want.  Most likely wishful thinking but our addiction sometimes requires living in a fantasy world lol.  We look forward to seeing What our fellow Addicts Want..

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244 responses to “Tapaholic Requesterinos to EA

  1. Would really like to see a couple of things.
    1. Gates and signs can go above roads in a similar fashion as the monorail does. Allow placement over roads PLEASE! We got a gate we cant use in the Halloween event this year!
    2. The bridge.. Im so mad that you would make a bridge that is such a strange size, that we cant incorporate it into the roads! Why would an abandoned bridge be in the middle of nowhere! help us add it to our town in a fun and new way!

  2. It would be great to be able to move multiple things at once. When I place a building and then put roads around it and fill in the gaps with benches, pants, etc., (I don’t have a single open square of land, everything is 100% filled), I sometimes like to move things around. It would be cool to draw around what I want to move, and then “group” it all together so I don’t need to re-place every single decoration.

  3. I want the rigid four-square length of the land grid to be customizable for placing things like roads anywhere I want. Does that make sense? Like when placing road you have to place it on a pre-aligned grid of four square lengths. I hate that I’m prevented from placing road in the space I want, and having to rethink placing buildings.

  4. I would like too see Catfish Lake. Pretty large size too. With General Sherman. Maybe the bait shop with it. Have one of the tasks be Homer getting pulled around the lake by General Sherman.

    I would also like to see the soapbox derby track.

  5. It might be a huge undertaking- I don’t know- but it would really take the game to the next level if we had the ability to chat with or message our neighboreenos! I’ve added a lot of origin IDs using this website and I really wish I could communicate with some of them.

  6. Please, ea, more land to the East of town,opposite the ocean.

  7. The thing I’d like most to see in the game is a “send all to task button”, having over 100 characters and setting them each to their own 1 hour task is exhausting.

    The one item I’d wish they would add is the decoration of a boatload of donuts for the Squidport, but you should only get it for buying the $100 worth of premium currency. Or if you bought the store full the $50 version get an actual store to place in you Springfield. And it doesn’t even need to have a pay out or bonus but big plus if it did! At Christmas that’s to Gil’s deal the boat and building would also look festive. And an easy way to add up just how much money you’ve spent on the game based on the fleet of boats at sea or stores in town.

  8. CARS – you know the vehicles in the parking lot at Krustyland? Can we PLEASE have them made available in Springfield.

    I was thinking they would be a great prize for Friends Points. Leave them up indefinately to encourage people to play and visit neighbors.

    You could bundle 3 of the same vehicle, but in different colors as one prize. Come up with about 10 or so of these bundles and let them rotate through and constantly have something to win in Friends Points without the hassle of designing a prize – they already exist. And they would be popular because people have been wanting cars for a long time.

    They dont even have to be able to be place.on the roads, but that would be AWESOME!

  9. I would like dirt as a texture like roads and pavement. Also stretchdude, Cinderella and collector skins for Bart, Lisa and Comic Book Guy. What about Fat Tonys kid?

    • I have been hoping for dirty too.

      It would be great to have dirt and pavement in half width – only 2 squares wide – to use as paths and sidewalks and other uses.

  10. I’m rearranging my town and there area decorations I would like added to the game: picnic tables for the park/beach area; a zen garden and Buddha statue for the Buddha Temple.

  11. I’d simply like the ability to paste into the password field when logging into Origin. I use a password manager. I don’t know any of my passwords, except for the one I use to get into my password manager. Unfortunately, as you know, the game periodically logs you out. I’m forced at that point to go grab another device, log into my password manager on that, display my origin password, and then go back to the first device to log in… Yeah, a bit of a pain. I’m on iOS devices – does it work properly on the android side?

  12. I’d simply like the ability to paste into the password filed when logging into Origin. I use a password manager. I don’t know any of my passwords, except for the one I use to get into my password manager. Unfortunately, as you know, the game periodically l

  13. I really want some changes to visiting neighbors. I’d like the timer to reset at midnight. It would still be once a day. Or if not that then how about making it so that if you arrive to a neighbor before the time runs out it you don’t have to leave and come back. It drives me nuts when I get there with a few seconds left and it gets down to zero but in order for the 3/3 to trigger I have to go back to the previous neighbor and then come back again. It’s really frustrating to me. That’s why I think the midnight reset would be good. Also it would make it easier to not miss a day. Sometimes I don’t get a chance to visit until later at night but then I’m not going to want to visit again that late so I just don’t visit so that it can reset and I can do it earlier again on the third day. I know it’s nitpicking but visiting is a big part of the game

  14. I don’t know how to contact EA

  15. I don’t even have the gingerbread house in my invertry

  16. Yeah i think so she comes under Halloween characters

    • How did you purchase her? With her Gingerbread House? If so, you need to make sure that is placed in your town in order for her to be in the game as the two are linked.

  17. No i was talking about the other witch that came with a building the ugly witch can’t remember what she is called

  18. Do you know why I still don’t have the premium witch it was one of the first things I brought in the Halloween update at first I thought it might just take a while to process but now the update is over and I still don’t have her

    • Are you speaking of Witch Marge? If so, where is the Cauldron she comes in? Is it in your storage? Is it in your town? You have to place it in town to get her Witch Skin. If it is already in town, tap on Marge. Scroll left/right to see if the costume is on her. If not, check inventory under Characters to see if her skin is still hanging out there.

  19. Still not available on ASUS Transformer Pad TF700T from play store. Kinda stressful to uninstall, download new apk, reinstall and then update for every new version of the game. Especially when it’s not even for my own tapping pleasure :p, it gets tiresome. Whats the deal EA?

  20. So the tentacle tree has been released. But where is the (preferrably playable character) squirrel that shoots the acorn off of it with his laser eyes? nnnnuts :I

  21. Yeah because i was looking forward to getting ubo the most out of all the prizes

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