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Hey hidey ho fellow tapperinos… Welcome to the very first blog to have a page dedicated to 2D Design in The Simpsons Tapped Out! What is 2D?  Well, it’s using the decorations EA gives us to create something original and unique in your town.   This section of Addicts is dedicated to all the 2D amazingness that has come about in our favorite game/addiction.  I am Wookieecorp (ripping arms out of sockets since ’77) and I am just one of the tappers who loves to create 2D art in my town.  In addition to this furry resident of Kashyyyk, this page also includes the premiere artisan of this craft, the one and only Bunny Dud.  Whether it’s doing creative lettering or images that may or may not have to do with The Simpsons, this section of Addicts is where you should go to find everything from How-Tos, Step by Step Directions for designs and much more.  If you have any questions or requests, just pop a comment below. I am very fortunate to be a neighborino of two of the most talented 2D Artisans currently doing these designs (and one of them is a co-author!)  so expect really cool things.

Please click on the links below to get started on what hopefully will be your new TSTO addiction or at a minimum, your new favorite thing to oooh and aaaah over.  Each image also has the link to the How-To and/or information about it.  Happy tapa-tapa-tapping!


TSTO Addicts Tapped Out Spooky 2D Contest (Closes 29 Sept @ 2359 EST) and the WINNERS

2D Challenge #1 (Closes 9 Sept @ 2359 EST)


Some Thoughts on 2D in TSTO

2D 101: Basics

2D 101: Decorations

Some Mounstrous Halloween 2Ds from our friend and colleague Shelfcleaner

Proof that Bunny is amazing at 2D


Flanders werewolf

StripeFreddy & JasonSnorkykang-and-kodosbumblebee-manmarge-maggie-2 sideshow-filled

Bart itchy & scratchyDuffmann Milhouse jack-n-sally frink-2 CBGEmperor Moe troy mcclureFat Tony

vanity-smurf YodaJub-JubTARDIS 0Bender 2D




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5 responses to “Art 2-D Too

  1. Hey Me… Sorry for the delay in responding… If you want to email to you are more than welcome to. I love seeing others designs and can promise they will be admired only. You really should throw a submission into the 2D contest in the next 3 days. Nothing like free donuts.

  2. I’m sorry but I’m not impressed. You could do way better by using other decorations. I’ve been doing art in my town for so long and i use way more decoration then you do. I hate the green bush you should use snapdragon. The caracters should be yellow now they are green. I’m sure all your art would look better by using more decorations.

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