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Here at TSTO Addicts we gather our Tapped Out knowledge from a variety of sources.  One way, of course, is by playing the game (always the best way to figure things out!).  We also use other great TSTO sites for reference.  We’d like to take a moment to recognize those sites and to provide you with more resources to answer your Tapped Out questions and problems if we aren’t able to here.

EA Tapped Out Forums
EA Tapped Out Help
TSTO Topix
Reddit Tapped Out
Tapped Out Wiki
Simpsons Wiki

Do you have a Tapped Out Site?  Want to be included on our list?  Send us a comment below and we’ll be happy to add it!

Happy Tapping!

104 responses to “Tapped Out Links

  1. Kaskodel neveikia

  2. does anyone know what the beast animation rest/active tabs does in crawls bar. i click on it and nothing changes

  3. Just wondering….. what if you “think” you have a good idea for an event?…. does EA take ideas like that?

  4. Does the TOTALLY inadequate zoom-out function drive anyone else to distraction? I’ve been trying to find a way to contact EA support to ask about this issue, I want to build a huge extension to my town but it’s so frustrating not being able to see more than a handful of land when at full-zoom out. Anyone got any ideas who’s best to contact on this?

    Many thanks! Xxx

  5. Good morning Happy Tappers!! I’m an avid tapper myself been building for over 3 yrs and within the last year or maybe more I joined the TSTO ADDICTS THREADS from Bunny, Wookie, etc… For the last week I haven’t been receiving any emails? Have I been banned? Has someone locked me away in burns prison with no Internet access? Please help!! I love knowing what events are coming next and what to spend my hard earned donuts on (and what not to!)
    Feeling left out 😣😭😭

    • Nope has nothing to do with us, it’s something on WordPress’ end. I would advise checking your Spam and seeing if the emails went into there. Every so often that happens. If that’s not the case, I’d contact WordPress and let them know you’re not receiving them..

  6. Flemming Hoyer Hansen

    ☆ Reg. Judgement Day Pt. 2 ☆


    I have:
    1) Collected antimatter – 1,500
    2) Made alternate Homers throw antimatter into the Black Hole.

    ….and then I CAN’T get any further 🤔

    Reg. task no. 3 ~ “Use the PolyVac to beat Mecha Hawk” ~ I have triede to do the requested jobs over and over again – with NO result! 🤔
    Why can’t I finish the task??

  7. My game is really messing up every time I go to my neighbors and try to hit the little skeleton guys and then I leave it logs me out of the game every single time and I have to go back to the exact same neighbor hit one skeleton and then leave and it logs me out again it’s been happening for six months I do not know how to get a hold of you guys I don’t even know how I found this or if this is the right place but can you find someone to help fix my game I will not pay for any more donuts until this problem is fixed I’m pissed

    • Terrie…sorry, but we aren’t EA support. It sounds like a memory issue with your padular device…have you upgraded to the latest OS versions?

  8. Is there going to be a second tunnel for the monorail

  9. With Soilent Red bldg update, I had a glitch. Got about 12 buildings and they are over my other buildings. Will there be a fix?

  10. I am unable to login today, is anyone else having this issue?

  11. Hello Everyone, I have. Been playing for awhile now.. and I have never had any problems so I started my game yesterday and it said needed update and I went to play store to get update and the update is pending. And now my icon is gone from my tablet as well, please help love to play game and don’t want to lose all the items and game status.. sincerely whiteroxy945

  12. Hi. I have seen some tsto designs where objects are in/on the water.
    Is there anyone who knows how to do this ?? I would Like to design my squidport , so it looks Like there are Stairs . Hope you Can help
    Good Day to all 😊

  13. I can’t get homer 908 paddling what do I do? And I get all my requirements for more monorails and then my points are gone

  14. Can I start another tapped out and keep playing my original game as well?

    • Yes… when the screen appears to go in with your old game, click logout and then you can start a completely new one. You’d need to connect that game to a seperate origin account to save your progress and switch between the two games.

  15. Charles Montgomery Burns

    Can I somehow purchase tapped out and for GameBoy or Nintendo D’s?

  16. Can I somehow purchase tapped out and play without WiFi?

  17. Since the last update*** sorry autocorrect

  18. Hi there…

    Since the last about my springfield falls stayed green.. Is this a glitch or what? Thanks in advance….

  19. When I am going up to the next level on the fire it tells me what I need for the next level, right? What the fire is suppose to spawn isn’t changing. I am on the second round of story telling for bunnies. It is still spawning snakes. Earlier this morning when I was suppose to be getting snakes, it was still giving me more skeletons. What’s up??

  20. Can I have donuts please and like a lot of donuts

  21. About how many days will it take to get an email back from EA? It’s such a critical time in the game and has been over 24 hours? Thanks Bunny and keep tapping 🙂

    • While I’m not Bunny I can tell you it can sometimes take several days.

      • My mistake Alissa, lol. Bunny responded to me I thought I was wrighting to her. Thank you for the reply still, I’m just impatient to get back to playing 🙂 well I will hurry up and wait then. Follow up on your blogs and the rest of the site in the meantime. Thanks and happy tapping 🙂 🙂

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