Tapped Out Level Walkthroughs

Need help working through a Level of TSTO?  Want to know which characters to keep free for upcoming quests?  Checkout our complete Tapped Out Level Walkthroughs below!
The Tutorial: Level 1-5
End of Tutorial to Willie’s Shack: Levels 5-10
Power Plant to the Gilded Truffle: Levels 11-16
Springfield Police Station to Krabappels Apartment: Levels 17-22

Levels 23-50
Levels 51-60

Level Updates, as we know them, end at Level 60.  For more information check out this post.

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44 responses to “Tapped Out Level Walkthroughs

  1. Hello. Can someone help me please. There’s a quest for homer about some stones. You have to tap the stones in a certain order!! What is that order ??!! Please

  2. Alison Jayne Bird

    Where are the rewards please?

  3. I’m currently at level 103.. I have 56 million dollars and I play everyday..***

  4. How do I spend the furniture, I don’t see anymore places to use it? Please help

  5. bow-for-my-tie

    Hey, I wasn’t sure where to post this but for those who want Maggi… if you reach lvl. 26 Marge starts a task to get her. You just have to place the play-dough factory ( for free, takes 6 sec) and then you have her! It’s really nice. I just started playing and saw that there was an event to get her and I was worried I had to pay in donuts to have her. 🙂 🙂

  6. Hi I’m on level 58 and not a lot of tasks pop up unless there is a update guess you have to buy *** huh

    • No you don’t. Right now the max level is level 59, until EA adds another level. Beyond that it’s just waiting on updates for events etc

  7. I would like to know how to cheat to get up levels on simpsons tapped out

  8. I also need help to get hibberts family practice and the general hospital plz

  9. No level 50 walk through?

  10. Alissa I finally got enough money to do the quest Hibbert Family Practice but doing When Worlds Collide requires $150000 and I have yet to hit the max prize at the track and I don’t have enough friends, buildings and others quests to get that kind of money. Seriously I’m building stuff as soon as I get the money for it, any suggestions on how to make money faster will be greatly appreciated, thx

    • Some people turn to house farming, but honestly… it is all about time. Short tasks pay out the most in the long run. Especially those from Premium Characters, if you have any. So spend a few days on repeat 1-4 hr tasks over and over and over to help boost and increase. Also, check out our Premium Guides and info on how to boost your Conform Bonus %. That REALLY adds up when you have items out in your game adding additional payout to what you have already.

    • Hi all I was wondering if u you all would like to help me I can’t get Mr burn’s manor but I’m on level 26 is there any chance I can get it while I’m on level 26

      • You need to progress through the questlines….that’s the only way to unlock it. You XP level needs to also work with your game play level. So if you haven’t finished the quests for 25, 24,23 etc it won’t popup.

  11. I’m at lvl 27 and I was unable to and still am unable to get the Burn’s Manor…do you need to either unlock a certain piece of land or do you need the required $200000 to buy it for the quest to start. Please help because I’ve done the first part of the quest chain: Executive Lackey Part 1 and now it’s stuck, it won’t continue…what am I doing wrong??

    • What are the current tasks in your task book? Everything that you need to complete at this time…

      • Squidport Pt11-Build the Flying Dutchman; Hahahahaha Sucker-Reach lvl 24 & Build Hibbert Family Practice; Moog Pt5-Reach lvl 25 & Build Burns Manor, Have Burns Host Erotic Masquerade & Make Moog Invade Burns Mansion; When Worlds Collide Pt3-Build the Writers Building and the quest chains related to the Superhero Event

        • The issue is you have too many old quests. Try clearing out the When World’s Collide & the Hibbert Family Practice one. Those should help retrigger it.

  12. I love when two questlines coincide (like level 43 and the Duff Pavilion, and level 44 and the Crypto Barn) because then I actually finish the other ones on my way to catch up lol.
    One question though, is EA capping the levels at 50, or is it just a place holder on the site?

  13. Lol, I’m at level 38 but have missions from lvl 28 right now. But I’m playing all the time so it’s not that surprising :).

  14. Hey, just levelled to what should have been level 50, anyone notice it did make you level 50 just gave you a pick a box pop up? When is their going to be more quests?

    • Only 48 levels have been released to date. Once you complete the XP bar to the level, every time you fill it, you get the chance for free donuts. When level 49 comes (and only EA knows when this is), you will now automatically update to it. I suspect EA may have something in store for this coming week but only time will tell.

  15. I’m at level 39 but I was just starting the quest for stuff from level 34?? how do I catch up to the right level?

    • The number at the bottom is your XP level. The Game Play Level is where you are on walkthroughs. The two tend to be in different points depending on how YOU play. Just keep going through the quest lines and you will eventually catch up. 😉

  16. Level 39 going on 40, with my latest questline the Patty and Selma one. I’ll get there. Eventually.

  17. Huge thanks for all the walkthroughs with dialogue! Will you be able to post one for Level 42 soon?

  18. Please add my friends. They are daily players.


  19. Just curious where’s a list for the Prices for the Locked In Springfield Dollars and not Donuts stuff.

  20. Where’s the other part to level 32? The walkthrough about minigolfing…

    • It’s all in 1 walkthrough now, so it’s just Level 32. You can find it here We’re also still just finishing up the turbo tappin’ on Level 32, adding graphics, but you can find that version here. 🙂

  21. Awesome job guys keep it up!

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