Levels 23-50

Need help working through a Level of TSTO?  Want to know which characters to keep free for upcoming quests?  Checkout our complete Tapped Out Level Walkthroughs below!
The Tutorial: Level 1-5
End of Tutorial to Willie’s Shack: Levels 5-10
Power Plant to the Gilded Truffle: Levels 11-16
Springfield Police Station to Krabappels Apartment: Levels 17-22

Level Character(s)
w/out Dialogue
23 Kent Brockman Channel 6
Post Office
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24 Dr. Hibbert Hibbert Family Practice
Springfield General Hospital
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25 Smithers Burns Manor
Pimento Grove
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26 Ralph Wiggum Wiggum House
El Chemistri
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27 Lenny & Carl Buddhist Temple
Adult Education Annex
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28 Fat Tony
Legs & Louie
Businessman’s Social Club
Fat Tony’s Compound
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29 Agnes Skinner Sknner House Read More Read More
30 Herman Herman’s Military Antiques
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31 Wolfcastle Wolfcastle’s Mansion
All Night Gym
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32 Rod & Todd Sir Putts-A-Lot
Calmwood Mental Hospital
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33 Eddie & Lou Springfield Wax Museum
The Sunsphere
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34 Chalmers Springfield High School
Springfield Knowledeum
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35 Patty & Selma Spinster City Apartments
Springfield DMV
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36 Dolph Noiseland Video Arcade Read More Read More
37 Kirk Bachelor Arms Apartments
Office of Unemployment
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38 Judge Snyder Springfield Courthouse
Springfield Grocery Store
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39 Sanjay Sanjay’s House Read More Read More
40 Miss, Hoover & Cocoa Beanie Ah Fudge! Factory Read More Read More
41 Bernice Hibbert Vulgari Jewelry Store Read More Read More
42 Roger Myers Jr Itchy & Scratcy Studios Read More Read More
43 Princess Penelope Krusty’s Giant Wheel (Krustyland) Read More Read More
44 Database Honest John’s Computers Read More Read More
45 Artie Ziff ZiffCorp/Ziff Sign
Indoor Tennis Courts
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46 Mrs. Muntz Classy Girls Strip Club, Moonbounce Read More Read More
47 Freddy Quimby Quimby Compound Read More Read More
48 Janey Gold Navy Read More Read More
49 Michael D’Amico D’Amico Summer Home
Old Abandoned Warehouse
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50 Helen Lovejoy Municipal Pancake House Read More Read More

Levels 51-75

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7 responses to “Levels 23-50

  1. I’m level 51 and I completed the Itchy and Scracthy Show quest line with making all the kids watch Itchy and Scratchy. I have waited for a while, but the next quest has not started yet. Do I have to build Krusty’s Giant Wheel in Krustyland to start the next quest?

  2. In my daily challenge they give me a mistery box, it dissapeared why,

  3. I have a question on how/what order quest are unlocked. Meaning: Do I have to build certain houses to get certain high level houses to unlock? I was noticing that in my daughters Springfield she is level 27 and would normally be able to unlock The Wiggum house but the game is not letting her start the quest for it. Is this because she did not yet build the Orange house? If there is a “set” structure to this can you please build a flow chart showing the steps. Meaning: If you build this then you get that? I get that you have the level interaction and the level requirements, but IF there is a way of showing this type of relationship of what to build in order to get another to unlock can you please show this or maybe explain it?

    • You’ve got to complete the game play and xp levels to move up. So your game play has to match the XP otherwise you won’t unlock the next level.

  4. Monica Bledsoe

    I got earl and I cannot place him in my town. Why is that?

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