Tapped Out Limited Time Event Walkthroughs

Curious about an event you might have missed?  Did an event just come out and you’re looking to make sure you complete it before it’s gone?  Check out our Limited-Time Event Walkthroughs Below!

Limited Time Events:

Episode Tie-Ins:

Event Date Character/Building Full Dialogue Turbo Tap
Covercraft 11/20/2014 Guitar Central Read More n/a
Simpsorama 11/5/2014 Matt Groening/
Writer’s Building
Read More Read More
THOH XXV 10/16/2014 Moog Moe Read More n/a
Clown in the Dumps 9/21/2014 Tuxedo Krusty/
Krusty’s Mansion
Read More n/a
Yellow Badge of Cowardage 5/15/2014 FIT Milhouse/
Macaroni’s Shed
Read More n/a
Days of Future Future 4/9/2014 Homer Graves/Maude/
Cremo Bot
Read More n/a
War of Art 3/19/2014 Pokey/Strupo Statue Read More n/a
Diggs &
Man who Grew Too Much
3/5/2014 Freedom Falcon/
GMO Pomatos
Read More n/a
Married to the Blob 1/8/2014 Kumiko/Swanky Fish/
Mr. Sparkle Billboard
Read More Read More
Yellow Subterfuge 12/4/2013 Oscar’s Obstacles Truck/
USS Tom Clancy Sub
Read More n/a
D’Ohmerland 9/23/2013 3 Eyed Sushi/
Hi-Glow Waste Barrels
n/a n/a
Whiskey Business 5/2/2013 Respectable Moe/ Limo n/a n/a
What Animated Woman Want 4/8/2013 Springfield Falls/
Swanky Fish
n/a n/a
Dark Knight Court 3/14/2013 Fruit Batman n/a n/a
Gorgeous Grampa 2/28/2013 Gorgeous Grampa/
Gorgeous Grampa Billboard
n/a n/a
Day the Earth Stood Cool 11/29/2012 Cool Brown House/
Cool Homer
n/a n/a
Penny-Wiseguys 11/13/2012 Fat Tony n/a n/a
Moonshine River 9/28/2012 Duff Racer n/a n/a

Limited-Time Characters:

Character Cost Event Full Dialogue Turbo Tap
Ghost of Maude Initally Free Haloween (13′ & 14′)
DOFF Episode Tie-in
Read More Read More
Booberella 100 Donuts Halloween (13′ & 14′) Read More Read More
Tribal Chief 150 Donuts Thanksgiving (13′ & 14′) Read More Read More
Mrs. Bouvier 140 Donuts Thanksgiving (2014) Read More Read More
Mr. Costington Free Christmas (2013) Read More Read More
The Yes Guy Free Christmas (2013) Read More Read More
The Grumple 120 Donuts Christmas (2013) Read More Read More
Kumiko Free Married to the Bloob Read More Read More
Shauna 90 Donuts Valentine’s Day (13′ & 14′) Read More Read More
Brandine 100 Donuts Valentine’s Day (2014) Read More Read More
Mindy Free Valentine’s Day (2014) Read More Read More
Tom O’ Flanagan Free St. Patrick’s Day (13′ & 14′) Read More Read More
Fr. Sean Won Easter (2014) Read More Read More
Shary Bobbins Won Easter (2014) Read More Read More
Hugs Bunny Won Easter (2014) Read More Read More
Rex Banner Initally Free 4th of July (13′ & 14′) Read More Read More
Abe Lincoln 150 Donuts 4th of July (13′ & 14′) Read More Read More
George Washington 180 Donuts 4th of July (2014) Read More Read More
Guiseppe Free 4th of July (2014) Read More Read More
Number 1 Free Stonecutters (2014) Read More Read More
Barbarian Free Clash of Clones (2014) Read More Read More

Sometimes…when they re-release a character….the old Walkthrough can be outdated.  So if you’re looking for a specific character with a specific Event, be sure to check out our Event Pages, since those ALWAYS have the most up-to-date info!  

Tapped Out Events

If you’re looking for walkthroughs from a specific Event (like a Holiday, or other Major Event) check out our Event Pages for specific details:

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Thanksgiving 2013

Christmas 2013
Superbowl 2014

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Saint Patrick’s Day 2014
Easter 2014
Stonecutters 2014

4th of July 2014
Clash of Clones 2014
Halloween 2014

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