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14 responses to “Addicts Get Social!

  1. Add me!!! Play everyday joset101489 feel free to visit my town..

  2. I know your proberbly really busy but if i send u my details for tapped out can u design it abit for me plse ❤

  3. Play every 4 hours: username is “20sburning”

  4. So I already have a saved game on my old phone. I just got a new phone. When I went to download the Simpson’s game I accidentally deleted my old game; which I’m up to around level 47 ish. My old phone still has the same progress that I’ve had. And I go through facebook. How can I get it back on my new phone?

    • If you used an account to login to the game you can’t delete your progress. It automatically backs up to EAs server. So all you need to do is log into your game

  5. Can someone direct me to the no vandalism add me page please?

  6. ****

  7. Hey everybody. I need neighbors. I play daily. *****

  8. add me****

  9. Add me xojellybxo


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