Addicts Get Social!


Are you on Facebook, Twitter or Flickr?  So are we!   Here’s where you can find TSTO Addicts:




So find us, follow us, like us & hit us up!  What are you waiting for?!

14 responses to “Addicts Get Social!

  1. Add me!!! Play everyday joset101489 feel free to visit my town..


  2. I know your proberbly really busy but if i send u my details for tapped out can u design it abit for me plse ❤


  3. Play every 4 hours: username is “20sburning”


  4. So I already have a saved game on my old phone. I just got a new phone. When I went to download the Simpson’s game I accidentally deleted my old game; which I’m up to around level 47 ish. My old phone still has the same progress that I’ve had. And I go through facebook. How can I get it back on my new phone?


  5. Can someone direct me to the no vandalism add me page please?


  6. Hey everybody. I need neighbors. I play daily. *****


  7. add me****


  8. Add me xojellybxo



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