Everything You Need To Know About the Monorail

This post is meant to be an overview for new players when the unlock the Monorail.  It’ll give you the quick ins and outs, and how to of the Monorail.  For more posts and details check out these links:

All Posts About the Monorail
Monorail Event Page, links to every post written about the 2015 Monorail Event

Before I get into the details of the Monorail, let me first say as of this moment on July 26th, 2016…there is a BUG/GLITCH going around with this little update.  For some of you you are unable to use your Springfield Dump to collect junk.  This is going around, although not everyone is impacted many of you are.  Best thing I can tell you to do at this point is contact EA.

Oh and for the older players…before you freak out about the donuts missing from the Rail Yard…let’s wait and see what happens in the coming weeks.  Don’t run around like chicken little…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So the Superheroes Sequel update brought something many of you have been requesting back to Springfield…a genuine bona-fide electrified six-car monorail!  That’s right now EVERYONE has a chance to get the famous Springfield Monorail in their pocket sized Springfields!

So here’s the deal, this post is really for those of you who missed the Monorail Event or played the event but never got the Rail Yard.  Those of you tappin’ pros who’ve had the Rail Yard for awhile now this isn’t the post for you.  You already know how the Rail Yard works..and most likely you’ve got an extensive track collection in your town already.  So for those of you whom already have your Rail Yard and tracks, consider this your “down time” in TSTO.  Spend it reorganizing your town and working on your Rail Yard tasks to earn the Tunnel.  And just hang on tight until the next big thing hits us…

For those of you who are new to TSTO, or those who just don’t have the Monorail yet…let’s break it all down for you.


Let’s start with a couple of the most important questions…..

How Do I See the Monorail Tasks?  It’s Not Showing In my Game! 

The Monorail tasks won’t trigger until you’ve reached level 20 (or higher) in TSTO.  So if you’re not seeing it yet check that XP meter it’s possible you’re just not there yet.

For those of you who have reached level 20, try a hard close and restart of TSTO. You can even try uninstalling and reinstalling.

How Long Do I Have to Complete This?

From what I can tell this is a PERMANENT addition to the game.  Meaning there is no rush to complete it…and everyone will get it eventually.  So if you’re only on level 10 right now, don’t worry this will be waiting for you when you reach Level 20.

Now, let’s take a look at the questline that pops up for you once you’ve reached Level 20:

A Rail of One City Pt. 1

Homer: This town is filthy!  We built all these dumpsters and garbage cans but no way to empty them.
Apu: I used to lure in customers with the smell of hot dogs. But the stench of week-old decaying meat…it just can’t compete with the smell of all this trash.
Cletus: I used to be able to find my house on account of all the trash piled up in front of it.  But now that’s every house.  I got no idea which one is mine.  I’ve been wandering around on the streets for weeks.
Homer: We all have, Cletus.
Lisa: We need to build the town dump.
Homer: Good idea, sweetie.  Is there room right next to Flander’s house?
Build Springfield Dump- Free


A Rail of One City Pt. 2
Homer starts

Make Homer Pick Up Trash- 30s.  Earns $3, 1xp

At this point Lyle Lanley pops into Springfield (literly poofs in…)

A Rail of One City Pt. 3
Lyle starts

Make Lyle Lanley Put on a Musical Extravaganza- 30s.  Earns $3, 1xp
Make Springfielders Join in the Musical Extravaganza- x3. 30s, Earns $3, 1xp
Make Homer Pickup Trash- 30s, Earns $3, 1xp

A Rail of One City Pt. 4
Homer starts

Make Springfielders Raise Money for the Monorail- x3. 30s, Earns $3, 1xp
Make Homer Pickup Trash-
30s, Earns $3, 1xp

Same as it Ever Was
Lyle starts

Note: Lyle will disappear after the dialogue for this part…again *poof* 

Make Springfielders Run Gil Out of Town- x3.  30s, Earns $3, 1xp
Make Homer Pickup Trash- 30s, Earns $3, 1xp

A Rail of One City Pt. 5
Homer starts

Gather Junk Around Springfield- x150. Using the Dump send Characters on 30s tasks to Gather Junk.  Can send: Lisa, Milhouse, Ned, Quimby, Cletus, Willie, Uter, Brandine, Dewey Largo (Premiums earn 75/30s, Freemiums 50/30s)
Make Homer Not Have to Pick Up Trash- 30s, Earns $3, 1xp

A Rail of One City Pt. 6
Lisa starts

Place the Dilapidated Rail Yard- FREE
Gather Junk Around Springfield- x500
Trade in Blueprints Until you Unlock the Metal Depot- x20

A Rail of One City Pt. 7
Lisa starts

Recycle Junk at the Metal Depot- x50
Trade in Blueprints Until you Unlock the Plastic Depot- 1,520 

A Rail of One City Pt. 8
Homer starts

Recycle Junk at the Plastic Depot- x50
Trade in Blueprints Until You Unlock the Glass Depot- x5,000 

A Rail of One City Pt. 9
Homer starts

Recycle Junk at the Glass Factory- x50
Trade in Blueprints Until you Unlock the Monorail Station- x12,000

2016-07-26 16.06.37

So here’s the deal…you’ll need to Gather Trash, Metal, Plastic and Glass and use those items to hand in projects at the Rail Yard.  From the Rail Yard you’ll get Blue Prints.  Those Blueprints will equate to you unlocking different prizes for the Monorail.

2016-07-26 15.44.59

Here’s a look at what you unlock and when:

2016-07-26 15.45.17

metaldepot_menuMetal Depot- 20 Blueprints

plasticdepot_menuPlastic Depot- 1,520 Blueprints

glassdepot_menuGlass Depot- 5,000 Blueprints

standardstation_menuMonorail Station- 12,000 Blueprints

trackstraight4x2_menu trackstraight2x2_menu trackscurvese_menu trackcurvese_menu5 Track Pieces- 17,000 Blueprints Varies as to which ones you’ll get

trackstraight4x2_menutrackstraight2x2_menutrackscurvese_menutrackcurvese_menu5 Track Pieces- 22,000 Blueprints Varies as to which ones you’ll get

standardstationmodule2se_menu standardstationmodule1se_menu standardstationmodule3_menu standardstationextension_menu4 Station Pieces- 30,000 Blueprints

trackstraight4x2_menutrackstraight2x2_menutrackscurvese_menutrackcurvese_menu10 Track Pieces- 38,000 Blueprints Varies as to which ones you’ll get

trackstraight4x2_menutrackstraight2x2_menutrackscurvese_menutrackcurvese_menu10 Track Pieces- 46,000 Blueprints Varies as to which ones you’ll get

standardstationmodule2se_menu standardstationmodule1se_menu standardstationmodule3_menu standardstationextension_menu4 Station Pieces- 55,000 Blueprints

railyard_menu unlock_sebastiancobbRail Yard and Sebastian Cobb- 70,000 Blueprints

Once you’ve completed this prize track you’ll move onto the weekly Rail Yard prize track, where once a week you can earn tracks, donuts and other prizes…

2016-07-26 16.07.57

And the weekly works just like you’ve been doing….collect the materials to hand in at the Rail Yard to follow that prize track.

So How Does it All Work?  How Do I Collect the Items? How do I hand them in? 

2016-07-26 15.45.06

Well the beauty of this for you is we’ve got LOADS of posts about the Dump, Metal, Plastic and Glass Depots..as well as posts about the Rail Yard.  If you can think of it…we’ve most likely already answered it.  Here’s a look at the posts we’ve made on the subject:

Springfield Dump
Metal Depot
Plastic Depot
Glass Depot

And here’s the rundown on the Rail Yard itself..

Basically you collect Trash, Metal, Plastic and Glass and turn those into the Rail Yard to collect Blueprints. As you can see from the image above it’s requiring Trash for everything.  So collect 750 Trash and hand it in to earn 18 Blueprints.

Those blueprints get you closer to the prizes!

Quick Tip: DO NOT Build Monorail Tracks in/over water.  9 times out of 10 this will cause your game to crash.  So avoid the water with the tracks.

And that’s it my friends…everything you need to know about the Monorail!  How to get it and earn more tracks to build the ultimate Monorail in Springfield!

What are your thoughts on the Monorail coming back?  Were you excited to see it return?  Did you miss out last time?  Ready to build the ultimate Monorail?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


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  1. So what do I do with the station pieces once I have them all? I don’t understand the purpose of the

  2. I see other people having more than one station for the monorail but I only have the first one. Any idea on how to get the other 2 stations?

    • Hi there, I have 3. Don’t know anymore how I got them. I think it was just going through the garbage cycle. But I am wondering if the other 3 which I missed (Northpole, Krustyland, Magic) will ever be back. I set my tracks up with 6 cycles all coming together at Mainstation. I’d love to have 6 Monorails on the go.

  3. I’m new to the game. But on level 47 now. How do I get the monorail? Or can I even get it?


    Do anyone have a idea how optimize my rails? I have a tottaly no equal number of curved rails against straight ones…..there is a way of swap them or sold to make something with it?

  5. This question was asked a little bit ago, but I didn’t see it listed as awaiting moderation (i posted it via my ipad safari app & not the tsto addicts app as I am this time. Sometimes the ipad safari app after signing in to my WP account makes the comment disappear)

    My wife’s Springfield has the Springfield dump & she’s sent characters to collect trash & play minigames enough to have 39000 trash, but Lyle never popped up & none of the missions to work towards getting the railyard to turn in blueprints to get the other recycling buildings & monorail station. She had wanted other ways of getting donuts besides the finding maggie mini game & she doesn’t have a high enough bonus % to KEM farm. I suggested to do the monorail cycle but she told me she doesn’t have anything besides the springfield dump. I looked & saw she didn’t even have any missions pending either (Homer is busy with heists right now, but she’s been playing for about a year now & the railyard missions should’ve popped up as she’s level 142 and has the springfield dump).

    What are we missing that would trigger this so she can work towards getting her monorail & ultimately doing the monorail cycle to get 5 donuts with each cycle?

    She’s playing on her ipad & iphone, btw.

  6. Hi TSTO addicts community!

    A while back I bought Uter and the Hungry Hun and was really pleased to find out afterwards that Uter helps with monorail.

    Are there any other premium characters (apart from the obvious ones listed within the monorail Depot task windows – Hippie, Dewey Largo and Jesse Grass) that would help with monorail too?

    I did search the posts and comments but I couldn’t find any about this. Sorry if the question has already been answered.

    Thanks for your help guys.

    • So far i have

      Dewey Largo
      Jesse Grass
      The Hippie (of Uriah’s heap)

      I think that’s everyone as my Springfield is pretty big and i’m level 939. But not certain 100%.

      • Yes, those are the four (first four you list) premium characters that earn 15 instead of 10 materials. And the Hippie, while not premium, can earn 10 of any material.

  7. Anyone else notice that there’s no weekly cap anymore??

  8. Super Mega Bigtime D’oh!

    I’m wrapping up the Homerpalooza Event and I was dumping lawyers in a friend’s town when I saw the Monorail tunnel. I thought “What?! When did that happen? I don’t have that!” I had heard that it was going to happen, but then I don’t remember anything about it after that. I did some research and found it involved the Springfield Dump. I knew I had that, so I scrolled around mySpringfield what seemed like forever and finally found it. I had maxed out collecting all the recyclables, etc. but never handed them in for track pieces. I vaguely remembered that I had wanted to try to start over when the week reset on Tues early AM (West Coast,) but it seemed like there were continuous events after that and I never got a chance to work on the Rail Yard. Then I kinda just forgot about it. So, I’ve handed in my recycling and I will be focusing more on the Monorail and getting those tunnels. mySpringfield is a mess and I need to redesign/rebuild, but hopefully at some point myMonorail will be a crown jewel, traversing mySpringfield like a good mass transit system should…

  9. I have the monorail tunnel to get into SH. How do I get another one to have the train leave SH?

  10. Hi, I tried to browse comments backwards to find an answer for this, but I couldn’t find any, and I see that other people have the same problem..
    I followed the questline until “Place the Dilapidated Rail Yard- FREE”. There’s no quest for that, and I can’t find the Rail Yard anywhere. I’m already lvl 33, so it’s not that. Is there a solution for this, or is it a new bug, that needs to be reported? Please help, I’m desperate to get my monorail :/

  11. Hi all, I can’t see an answer from looking, and wondered whether we can make extra station peices? I got all the stations first time round and now both tunnels, but now want to expand my mall-o-rail and can only find a few bits in my inventory. I can remember getting these with blueprints back then. Thanks to all at addicts – I love your work!

  12. I’m wondering, is there a “cap” on track pieces and stations ? This feels never ending haha. how many stations are there as of now? I’m coming up on the second tunnel piece as of now!(:


    • It does go on forever. My monorail now takes about 8.5 minutes to complete the entire cycle…and I have hundreds of pieces in storage. I mostly just complete it every week now for the “bonuts.”

  13. I have more than 200 curved track pieces in my storage box and am getting more each week. Is there anything I can do with extra track?

    • David M Anderson

      Just keep trying to add as many different combinations of tracks as you can check out mine at 52 david828359

  14. Hello I just have three stations, any idea how to get another?

  15. is there a reason I have not be able to continue the quest as finishing ‘Same As It Ever Was’? I’ve run Gil out of town and then nothing.

    • Same I finished Part 5 and then nothing. There’s just nothing for about 2 months now. I’m not getting the next quest or the dilapidated rail yard, it just stopped

  16. I hate the “surprise” rails they give! I have a ton of the half circles but rarely any straight tracks, I feel like just giving up on the whole monorail thing, it’s just too frustrating.

  17. How do I connect the monorail from SH to Springfield?? It’s one piece off no matter how I arrange it? Frustrating lol

  18. I have the monorail tunnel into Springfield Heights, but when do I get the tunnel back into Springfield?

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