Welcome to Krustyland: The Krustiest Place On Earth

Update: The Superheroes 2 Removal Update from July 26th, 2016 changed the level requirement of Krustyland from Level 20 to Level 25.  So you won’t start Krustyland until you’ve reached Level 25.


A TSTO Addict’s dream: A Hub for All Things Krustyland!  Here’s where any and all posts relating to Krustyland will be gathered so the addict in you can have them right at your fingertips!  This page will change as new content is added to the game (and the blog).

The Krustyland Posts:


Main Walkthrough (starts at Level 20)
Part 1 (start to Part 15…placing Sideshow YOU)
Part 2 (Part 16- 30….Gift Shop to Haunted Condo)
Part 3 (Part 31- end…Flea Dipper to Tooth Chipper)
Level 43: Turbo Tap (Princess Penelope & the Wheel)
Premium & Side Quests (Tavern, 1 Plate Buffet, Log Ride & Sherri & Terri)

Basic Info:

Can That Go In Krustyland? (Guide to what items can/cannot go in Krustyland)
Navigating the Krustyland Menu
Navigating the Krustyland Inventory Menu

Rides & Attractions:

Complete Ride Guide
Sideshow YOU! (free donuts!)
Crashed Police Car
7 Duffs
Bumblebeeman Taco Truck
Tunnel of Love
Twirl N Hurl
New Krustyland Stuff (Wheel, Buffet, Log Ride & Duff Fountain)


Krustyland Visitors
Who Shows Up in Krustyland?
Character Tasks in Krustyland
Princess Penelope

Premium Guides:

Should I Spend Donuts on Mount Krustmore?
Should I Spend Donuts on Eyeballs of Death?
Should I Spend Donuts on Scratchy Mascot?
Should I Spend Donuts on Itchy Mascot?
Premium Decorations for Krustyland
Should I Spend Donuts on the Unoriginal Log Ride?
Should I Spend Donuts on the Duff Fountain?
Should I Spend Donuts on the One Plate Max Buffet?


Building Bumper Cars in Krustyland
Showoff: Forgotten Krustyland
Showoff: Seven Duffs and Bumblebee Truck
Showoff: Krustyland 2

Here’s how building and rides effect your bouncy ball status.
You can find out decorations impact your Krust-o-Meter here.
Going premium?  Check out how the Krustyland Premium items impact your Krust-o-Meter here.
Level 39, Taco Truck, 7 Duffs & Cop Car
Level 43, Krustyland Update

Addicts Opinions and Fun:

Wookie’s Potential K-Land Awesomeness
Krustyland in 3D
Diary of a Wookiee: Krustyland in Hollywood
Diary of a Wookiee: Krustyland in Florida
Field Report from Springfield in Hollywood

55 responses to “Welcome to Krustyland: The Krustiest Place On Earth

  1. I read (I think on this site), that players who don’t have Krustyland yet can still collect tickets when visiting neighbors & they will save up for you when you do get KL. Well, that doesn’t seem to be true anymore, atleast it didn’t work for me. So don’t waste your time looking for tickets at your neighbors. 😕

  2. OMG!!! Like, what the heck happened to Krustyland?!? Why is it blown up and why can’t we travel to the disaster zone?

    Everything is everywhere and the it’s confusing as heck having everything jumbled up in town. Anyone with any suggestions, please help! Lol

  3. Why did they blow up Krustyland and why is it on this side of the mountains? Is it going to go back to its own place again?? I really don’t like it in town. It’s too big and now it’s a mess because I had it perfect over there, partially tempted to store the whole thing! The jobs list is all crazy with the Krustyland jobs and princess penelope no longer makes money—only tickets! I was thankful for the land tokens, but it’s ok if Krustyland goes back to where it came from. 😁

  4. Sabrina Bratton

    When will there be new tasks and stuff in krustyland really like this game but on a standstill

  5. I wish they would do some events for Krustyland or at least add more items for the park. But who knows, maybe once they start running out of ideas for springfield events they’ll consider doing more with KL. That’s my hope.

  6. Ok I’ve been play the Simmons tap out now for 4 years and I do krusty land every day and still don’t have much on there

  7. My quest in Krustyland disappeared and never gotten another quest in many months.

  8. Will there ever be more items available for krustyland?

  9. I’ve reached level 21 now almost 22 and still no prompts for Krusty to begin krustyland 🙁 please help

    • The Superheroes removal update last week changed the level requirement for Krustyland to Level 25. So you won’t start it for a couple more levels.

  10. I can’t build the tooth chipper because everytime I click the tick to place it, I get thrown out the game.

  11. Are there going to be any more updates for krustyland or squidport?

    • That is like asking what is on their list for launches for the next year. Lol. We don’t know. We can speculate, but they always pull out surprises of what they drop. All I can suggest is to contact them and make requests of items you DO want to see.

  12. Never mind

  13. I got five donuts in sideshow you but I guess I didn’t wait long enough and I didn’t get them.

  14. I should of asked this question here instead of at the duff fountain
    Premium guide any I’ll ask it here
    Is Krusty Land Dead they never update it no quests story lines
    Hell even decorations don’t get added any more
    Is it dead like squid port I hop not

  15. HI, I just reached level 48 and recently got Roger Myers Jr, after that a ! is permanently over Krusty prompting me to build KL which I have ignored since the beginning, I´m not a huge fan of KL as you can see.
    So, is the ! going to stay on Krusty forever until I build the KL shuttle???
    Would you recommend me to build KL??? Is it worth it??
    If at this point it is mandatory to build it to move forward then I guess I have no choice but if it can be postponed/not mandatory for the game it would be great. Thanks

  16. I hope they do more with krustyland because i simply want to expand the land and have more buildings.

  17. Michelle Thewissen

    Why is it (or how is it determind) which charecters show up in Krusty? I’ve never reallly paid attention to Krustyland but it seems like it’s time to make something out of it. But it sucks that only like 4 charecters from springfield join me to krustyland?

  18. Has anyone noticed that Sidesow You has changed? Maybe a Krystyland Event coming later this summer?

  19. When I visited my Krustyland today I noticed a road on the far left-hand side. Has this always been there and I just haven’t noticed or has something changed? Anyone else noticed the same?

  20. Potentially stupid question here (and I realize I’m asking it in the middle of y’all trying to help with the level 52 update and Money Mountain glitch . . . so whenever someone’s got a chance to lend a brain . . .)

    Barring the premium characters and items that have their own questlines, once I’ve hit five star everything in Krustyland and completed all quests (Princess and the Pea-Brain and Tooth-Chipper) – is there any reason NOT to just convert tickets to dollars every 30k? It doesn’t look like I can build multiples of anything that generates tickets, right? Does adding more … anything generate more visitors to tap?

    I’m thinking maybe leave a little reserve on the off chance that any future event has a limited time offer that’s not donut-based, but I just want to make sure I’m not missing anything here. Barring future releases or personal desire to make it pertier, my Krustyland is “done” and just another source of income for Springfield, right?

    • Meh it’s one of those if you wanna do it go for it things. Personally I like leaving K-land tickets in my game cause you just never know when EA might drop something for K-Land.

    • It’s not a stupid question
      I’ve sake the same one to myself
      I’d save your tickets in fact I still collect them
      I mean it looks like Krusty Land is dead
      But you never know they could update it
      And I would be pissed if I got rid of my tickets
      And an update hit really not worth the risk
      Keep collecting tickets in case

  21. Is anyone else having a problem with the Krustyland ticket exchange? I got my 30k tickets and I want to exchange them for cash. I go to click on the Krustyland entrance (where I’ve completed this exchange in the past) and I no longer have the option to exchange. Anyone else? Moderators, any tips?

  22. I’m not sure if this is the correct place to post this or not. All of a sudden my Sideshow You balloon popping game in Krustyland doesn’t work. There’s no balloon over top of the building anymore and when I click on the building it makes the balloon popping sound but it doesn’t do anything.

    I don’t know if I should uninstall and reinstall the game first or clear my app data first but either one of these takes a really long time to reinstall all the updates so I guess I’ll just flip a coin and try one or the other first. Going back and forth from Springfield to Krustyland did not fix it either, by the way. I hope I don’t have to contact EA. If anyone has any advice please let me know. Thanks.

  23. Hi, I’ve been trying to find a list of all Springfield items that may also go into Krustyland, but I don’t seem to find any, not on your site, not anywhere. I need to clear some space on my Springfield and the destroyed holiday wheel gave me the idea to put some stuff into Krustyland instead of in storage. Do you have any such list? Thanks in advance and great site!!

    • It is not all itemized like the Springfield section as they keep moving it. The info is more on the Random Changes posts.

      Outside of that, just hop over to Krustyland and go to your storage menu…you will see what you can put there. Items you can’t, it will tell you.

  24. How big can krustyland get?

  25. MOOG! I don’t know when Moog shows up, but you can make about $400/minute with him. Keep doing “Go for a bit of the Ole In-out” task over and over, and you can average about 9 times per minute (slight delay in between taps). The task is 6 seconds and pays $35 and 1 XP.

  26. So I reached level 43, I have all the rides, I placed lots of balloons but krusty’s big wheel is still not available. Is there something else I’m missing?

    • Have you placed Itchy and Scratchy Studios? You’ll have to place a build that and then you should unlock the wheel 🙂

      • I did have the studios, but it didn’t unlock the wheel until after krusty talked to Roger Myers. So glad I have it now, and thank you for looking into it for me!

  27. I’ve seen a crane in one of my neighbour’s Krustyland. Do you know how I can get one too? Thanks Helen

  28. Rebecca Martinez

    It takes oh so long to save up tickets for each mission how can I speed up the progress?

  29. I noticed that some of my neighbors have “blinged-out” Krustyland shuttles in their Springfields. I don’t see that upgrade in the quest line, so was it a limited-time item? Thanks in advance! 🙂

  30. I saw one of my neighbors with Krustyland at level 12… maybe in this walk through you can say when the Krustyland missions comes about… *wink wink*

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