Welcome to Krustyland: The Krustiest Place On Earth

Update: The Superheroes 2 Removal Update from July 26th, 2016 changed the level requirement of Krustyland from Level 20 to Level 25.  So you won’t start Krustyland until you’ve reached Level 25.


A TSTO Addict’s dream: A Hub for All Things Krustyland!  Here’s where any and all posts relating to Krustyland will be gathered so the addict in you can have them right at your fingertips!  This page will change as new content is added to the game (and the blog).

The Krustyland Posts:


Main Walkthrough (starts at Level 20)
Part 1 (start to Part 15…placing Sideshow YOU)
Part 2 (Part 16- 30….Gift Shop to Haunted Condo)
Part 3 (Part 31- end…Flea Dipper to Tooth Chipper)
Level 43: Turbo Tap (Princess Penelope & the Wheel)
Premium & Side Quests (Tavern, 1 Plate Buffet, Log Ride & Sherri & Terri)

Basic Info:

Can That Go In Krustyland? (Guide to what items can/cannot go in Krustyland)
Navigating the Krustyland Menu
Navigating the Krustyland Inventory Menu

Rides & Attractions:

Complete Ride Guide
Sideshow YOU! (free donuts!)
Crashed Police Car
7 Duffs
Bumblebeeman Taco Truck
Tunnel of Love
Twirl N Hurl
New Krustyland Stuff (Wheel, Buffet, Log Ride & Duff Fountain)


Krustyland Visitors
Who Shows Up in Krustyland?
Character Tasks in Krustyland
Princess Penelope

Premium Guides:

Should I Spend Donuts on Mount Krustmore?
Should I Spend Donuts on Eyeballs of Death?
Should I Spend Donuts on Scratchy Mascot?
Should I Spend Donuts on Itchy Mascot?
Premium Decorations for Krustyland
Should I Spend Donuts on the Unoriginal Log Ride?
Should I Spend Donuts on the Duff Fountain?
Should I Spend Donuts on the One Plate Max Buffet?


Building Bumper Cars in Krustyland
Showoff: Forgotten Krustyland
Showoff: Seven Duffs and Bumblebee Truck
Showoff: Krustyland 2

Here’s how building and rides effect your bouncy ball status.
You can find out decorations impact your Krust-o-Meter here.
Going premium?  Check out how the Krustyland Premium items impact your Krust-o-Meter here.
Level 39, Taco Truck, 7 Duffs & Cop Car
Level 43, Krustyland Update

Addicts Opinions and Fun:

Wookie’s Potential K-Land Awesomeness
Krustyland in 3D
Diary of a Wookiee: Krustyland in Hollywood
Diary of a Wookiee: Krustyland in Florida
Field Report from Springfield in Hollywood


51 responses to “Welcome to Krustyland: The Krustiest Place On Earth

  1. Sabrina Bratton

    When will there be new tasks and stuff in krustyland really like this game but on a standstill


  2. I wish they would do some events for Krustyland or at least add more items for the park. But who knows, maybe once they start running out of ideas for springfield events they’ll consider doing more with KL. That’s my hope.


  3. Ok I’ve been play the Simmons tap out now for 4 years and I do krusty land every day and still don’t have much on there


  4. My quest in Krustyland disappeared and never gotten another quest in many months.


  5. Will there ever be more items available for krustyland?


  6. I’ve reached level 21 now almost 22 and still no prompts for Krusty to begin krustyland 😦 please help


  7. I can’t build the tooth chipper because everytime I click the tick to place it, I get thrown out the game.


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