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HomerSo our old Q&A post was about 3 years old and full of thousands of comments (nearly 10,000..) so I decided it was time to start a new Q&A thread.  Comments on the old thread are now disabled BUT they’re still there are viewable for anyone looking to see something they previously asked.

You can find the old Q&A Thread here

Got a game specific question about The Simpsons Tapped out?  Post your question below and we’ll do our best to answer it as soon as possible.  Don’t want to wait?   We have thousands of posts, we’ve been at this for awhile, and we’ve aimed to answer many of the most common questions already, so check out the search feature or start browsing the site to see if your question has already been answered.

Please Note: This is not an EA run website, so while we will do our best to answer any questions you may have we may not always to able to “solve the problem”. If you’re having a major problem with your game your best bet is to always reach out to EA Customer Support.  You can reach EA by tapping the Get Help button in your game, of visiting their support site here.

Here are a few Tapped Out and TSTO Addict FAQ’s to get you started:

I’m New To TSTO Where’s the Best Place to Start?

Believe it or not we have a comprehensive game guide for brand new tappers!  You can check out all the details for new tappers on this page.  It’ll include loads of how-tos and tips and tricks to get you started.

I’m New to TSTO Addicts, How Do I Navigate The Site?

Check out this post to learn how to navigate TSTO Addicts.

Do all of the buildings earn money?

No. While almost all of the buildings earn money there are a handful of buildings that do not earn money but have other tasks. Cletus’s Farm does not earn money as the other buildings do instead it earns money through growing crops, Channel 6 earns money through news broadcasts and Open Air Stage earns money through characters performing. While Springfield Downs earns money through betting on the Dog Races.
Town Hall, Moe’s Tavern, Springfield Elementary & the Police Station do not earn money. However, your neighbors can vandalize those buildings with spray paint while visiting and you earn money from cleaning up the spray paint.
Finally, Springfield Retirement Castle is the one building that does not earn money, has no tasks to earn money, and cannot be vandalized. However, it’s a building you must purchase in order to get Grandpa Simpson.

Of course there are more, that I’m sure I don’t have on this list..but the bottom-line is, no.  Not all of the buildings in Springfield earn money.

Where can I find a map of all the available land in Springfield?
Up to date as of 7/8/16 (I’m working on the new one and it should be up just after the next update…just in case they add more land)

Click to view larger

TSTO Land June 2016

What Is XP Farming? KEM Farming? Donut Farming? How Do I Get Free Donuts?!

We’ve got a couple of posts on this…

The complex breakdown of KEM/Donut Farming is here

The quick simple breakdown is here. 

Where Can I Find Information About Previous Tapped Out Events?

We’ve got a whole section of the site dedicated to TSTO Events.  You can find it here. 

Where Can I Find Information About Donuts, Premium Items and Tips to Earn more?

Check out our Premium Guide, here.

Where Can I Find A Chart of What Bonus % Premium Items Earn?

You can find that here.

Where Can I Find a Character of Duel Character Tasks?

You can find that here. 

Where Can I Find Design Guides for Tapped Out?

We’ve got loads of them!  Check out the Design Guide Tab in the menu to see Showoffs, 2D, 3D and other fun designs!

When Was the Last Tapped Out Update?

Check out our update post for dates and details, you can find it here.

Still have a question?  Ask away…we’re here to help! 🙂


932 responses to “Questions and Answers

  1. i am on level 352, and have almost 200 million. I use the find Maggie and rail yard to get free donuts-is there any other way?


  2. I have an extra squeeky voice teen in my inventory-one in the game and one in inventory, and i cannot get rid of it. Any idea how to get rid of it? It just bugs me.


    • No way to get rid of it. He’s stuck in your inventory forever (or until EA releases the ability to delete things from your inventory). Don’t feel bad, I have a Stewart the Duck that’s been stuck there for at least 4 years now…


  3. Do you guys have a list of how many total characters are there? With how many NPCs and how many earners? The most updated? I would like to know where I am relating to character ownership..

    Ps. The site is great! Thanks for your efforts!


  4. Hello guys, can someone tell me how to get Sideshow Bob 😕 I’m on level 110, and few days ago I have finished a quest where I had to arrest him for three times. Now what? I’ve been reading about it but can’t figure it out. Is there going to be a new quest with him or what? 🙄 tnx


  5. hello guys, I need some help … I’ve added 92 donuts and I’m looking for a good way to spend these donuts … I was thinking of buying the mysterious box of Valentine’s Day, would it be a good buy? What can I do with these 92 donuts? (I am looking for a way to make the donuts yield enough and who knows how to earn more)


  6. Lyle lanley is driving me nuts! Why won’t he dissappear? I’m well into monorail.. I have kobb, tunnel, ect.. He screws everything up for unemployment tasks.. Freakin Lyle 🙄


  7. I have a large group of characters stuck in a 4 hour job at krusty burger. I can’t get them out. When they complete the task, they go right back to the job. If I go to town hall, I can’t even pay donuts to get the out. If I shut the game down and go back in it still doesn’t work


  8. Heather Fancy Rosengren

    What is the current item limit for someone at the final level? I truly wish they didn’t count trees as an item.


  9. Does anyone know whether Golden Goose Realty is likely to be available anywhere if you missed it in the mini-event?


  10. Does someone know in which folder Bluestacks saves the town screenshot (the stitched one taken with the new feature)? Tried to find it via Windows search function, couldn’t find it 😦


    • Edit: Problem solved. For other people having the same issue:
      In Bluestacks, go to “Settings”>”Media Manager”/Import of Windows Data, then you will see the Simpsons screenshot file. Then just select “export to Windows” and select a folder to save to. 😊


  11. Since the “Love Springfieldian Style” quest started, my screen is zoomed way in, and will only zoom in more. Makes it nearly impossible to do anything, since I can see about two buildings, three at max, at a time.

    Anyone else have this issue? And if so, has anyone figured out a workaround? I’ve already uninstalled and reinstalled, and submitted a bug report to EA.


  12. After the Love Springfieldian update the “Park Engineer” lost his 12 and 24 hour tasks; has anyone else experienced this? Is there a fix?


  13. Did anyone are missing donuts after the update?


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