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HomerSo our old Q&A post was about 3 years old and full of thousands of comments (nearly 10,000..) so I decided it was time to start a new Q&A thread.  Comments on the old thread are now disabled BUT they’re still there are viewable for anyone looking to see something they previously asked.

You can find the old Q&A Thread here

Got a game specific question about The Simpsons Tapped out?  Post your question below and we’ll do our best to answer it as soon as possible.  Don’t want to wait?   We have thousands of posts, we’ve been at this for awhile, and we’ve aimed to answer many of the most common questions already, so check out the search feature or start browsing the site to see if your question has already been answered.

Please Note: This is not an EA run website, so while we will do our best to answer any questions you may have we may not always to able to “solve the problem”. If you’re having a major problem with your game your best bet is to always reach out to EA Customer Support.  You can reach EA by tapping the Get Help button in your game, of visiting their support site here.

Here are a few Tapped Out and TSTO Addict FAQ’s to get you started:

I’m New To TSTO Where’s the Best Place to Start?

Believe it or not we have a comprehensive game guide for brand new tappers!  You can check out all the details for new tappers on this page.  It’ll include loads of how-tos and tips and tricks to get you started.

I’m New to TSTO Addicts, How Do I Navigate The Site?

Check out this post to learn how to navigate TSTO Addicts.

Do all of the buildings earn money?

No. While almost all of the buildings earn money there are a handful of buildings that do not earn money but have other tasks. Cletus’s Farm does not earn money as the other buildings do instead it earns money through growing crops, Channel 6 earns money through news broadcasts and Open Air Stage earns money through characters performing. While Springfield Downs earns money through betting on the Dog Races.
Town Hall, Moe’s Tavern, Springfield Elementary & the Police Station do not earn money. However, your neighbors can vandalize those buildings with spray paint while visiting and you earn money from cleaning up the spray paint.
Finally, Springfield Retirement Castle is the one building that does not earn money, has no tasks to earn money, and cannot be vandalized. However, it’s a building you must purchase in order to get Grandpa Simpson.

Of course there are more, that I’m sure I don’t have on this list..but the bottom-line is, no.  Not all of the buildings in Springfield earn money.

Where can I find a map of all the available land in Springfield?
Up to date as of 3/14/19

Click to view larger


How many characters have been introduced in TSTO to date?

As of 3/14/19 there are 403 playable characters (not including skins) and 144 NPCs.

What Is XP Farming? KEM Farming? Donut Farming? How Do I Get Free Donuts?!

We’ve got a couple of posts on this…

The complex breakdown of KEM/Donut Farming is here

The quick simple breakdown is here. 

Where Can I Find Information About Previous Tapped Out Events?

We’ve got a whole section of the site dedicated to TSTO Events.  You can find it here. 

Where Can I Find Information About Donuts, Premium Items and Tips to Earn more?

Check out our Premium Guide, here.

Where Can I Find A Chart of What Bonus % Premium Items Earn?

You can find that here.

Where Can I Find a Character of Duel Character Tasks?

You can find that here. 

Where Can I Find Design Guides for Tapped Out?

We’ve got loads of them!  Check out the Design Guide Tab in the menu to see Showoffs, 2D, 3D and other fun designs!

When Was the Last Tapped Out Update?

Check out our update post for dates and details, you can find it here.

Still have a question?  Ask away…we’re here to help! 🙂

1,113 responses to “Questions and Answers

  1. Do Daily Challenges not give donuts anymore? A week has passed without any challenge that gives donuts with me, even after the daily swap


  2. So I have the injury 500 but not the tracks. Is the any way I can get the tracks?


  3. How can I get more land tokens? No where on the game does it give me the option to buy. I have millions of dollars and it won’t tell me how to aquire more land, and the game rarely gives me a token as a reward for a task. I have no more space on my game for new content.


  4. I have an incomplete Zoominator and Itchy and Scratchy 500 track . Is there anyway I can buy / complete these?


  5. Joakim Krane Bech

    Uh, I just logged in to my game and all of a sudden all the Christmas decoration was out! Have I been hacked? Or is this a common glitch? Anyone experienced this before?


  6. I am trouble finding lady duff. I have mexduffman and duffman . How can i get lady duff?


  7. Hello!
    On the daily challenges pop up, it has the daily challenges, rail yard project board and road to riches progress boards but it seems there’s a spot for a 4th task manager. Does something go there or am I not far enough in the game yet? I’m only level 111.
    Thank you!


  8. Patricio Mendez

    (Building warning), How much buildings and decorations can i have in my city?


  9. My characters are stuck on buying milk for over a week now, how do I get a fix for this?


  10. Hey is anyone else missing sideshow you in their game?


  11. Why cant Homer drink at Moe’s to fulfill the quest “A Woman’s. Work Pt. 3”. When I try, I am taken to Homer’s list of jobs, but “Drink At Moe’s” isn’t anywhere in the list. I suspect it may have something to do with the order in which I have performed quests, since I often postpone all or part of a quest because it would take a character away from the jobs I want him to perform, or drain resources at a time when I need them for other tasks. It might be something technical, which would require someone at E.A. to examine my saved game in detail, but it is an extremely irritating bug!


  12. Adrian Proctor

    Hello peeps,
    I’ve been paying for around 18 months now and have a query for someone. I first arrested Bob back in January or February of this year and he has not put in an appearance since then. The quest is still there in the tasks section and I keep getting reminders all the time, I still waste time looking for him but to no avail, he steadfastly refuses to come out of hiding. What am I missing, apart from Bob, someone give me a clue please………..


    • Not entirely sure, but have you checked the town hall to see if he shows up there?
      I had one character missing, but was in the town hall. Once I clicked on them again, they were back.


  13. I keep trying to log in and it gives me a error mode I even changed my password what is going on


    • Last time I had a similar issue, I had to make sure I downloaded the most recent update from the Google Playstore…even though updates are supposed to be automatic.
      Also, might not hurt to completely turn off the device and “reboot”. Had that work for a totally different issue that was driving me nuts. Good luck.


  14. Hello guys!

    First of all, thank you so much for the help you have been giving us! 🙂
    Second I bought the “Summer Games Chairman” yesterday and PUFF today I don’t have it…. But the 150 donuts are gone……
    What can I do??
    Thank you very much!

    PS – I’m getting tired of this game, and I think this is going to be the last straw…..


  15. When is the exact cut off for this event. Do i have till 12:00am as soon as its the 16th or till 11:59pm at the last minute of the 16th? Any help is greatly appreciated and sorry if this is repeating question thats been answered a bunch already.


  16. This morning, all my characters who’s jobs were complete were released… I don’t know what I tapped, but I received their income. . . As well as the income from all the buildings I own! Any insight or advice how this happened? Was it possibly a fluke?


  17. Hiya guys. On the neighbours screen, obviously everyone is at a different level/progress.. but Why do some neighbours have a blown up bit on theirs? And some just the springfield and boat dock etc. Is it because they have nuked their springfield before??


    • Lisahadathought

      I think it depends on how long you have been playing the game. At one time Krustyland was separate from Springfield. Ea decided to combine the two, bringing Krustyland over to Springfield. During this update they gave us Itchy and Scratchy Land too. Older players show the destroyed park.


  18. Since the latest update I have no sound, either music or effects. I have reinstalled the app but no change, any advice?


  19. Or the screen freezes sometimes


  20. I noticed on the Simpson tap out that the sound doesn’t play on the game I just noticed today is it a glitch?


  21. Bobbie Meyers

    I just noticed my Yearbook is gone. Tell me this is a glitch and not permanent.


  22. I cant get abandoned warehouse is this happening to anybody else too ?
    Any help ?


  23. Stephen Domzalski

    Do you think there will ever be an end to daily bonuses that involve textiles, pharmaceuticals, ads, etc. I am over run with jetskis and golden palm trees . Enough already!


  24. Why the new event doesnt show at my Springfield?


  25. Is anyone else experiencing a glitch with the Grand Canals? Specifically #5 – placed on the waters edge, the pavement(?) then pops up on some of the canal buildings but often disappears when I reopen the game. Any ideas as to why?


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