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HomerSo our old Q&A post was about 3 years old and full of thousands of comments (nearly 10,000..) so I decided it was time to start a new Q&A thread.  Comments on the old thread are now disabled BUT they’re still there are viewable for anyone looking to see something they previously asked.

You can find the old Q&A Thread here

Got a game specific question about The Simpsons Tapped out?  Post your question below and we’ll do our best to answer it as soon as possible.  Don’t want to wait?   We have thousands of posts, we’ve been at this for awhile, and we’ve aimed to answer many of the most common questions already, so check out the search feature or start browsing the site to see if your question has already been answered.

Please Note: This is not an EA run website, so while we will do our best to answer any questions you may have we may not always to able to “solve the problem”. If you’re having a major problem with your game your best bet is to always reach out to EA Customer Support.  You can reach EA by tapping the Get Help button in your game, of visiting their support site here.

Here are a few Tapped Out and TSTO Addict FAQ’s to get you started:

I’m New To TSTO Where’s the Best Place to Start?

Believe it or not we have a comprehensive game guide for brand new tappers!  You can check out all the details for new tappers on this page.  It’ll include loads of how-tos and tips and tricks to get you started.

I’m New to TSTO Addicts, How Do I Navigate The Site?

Check out this post to learn how to navigate TSTO Addicts.

Do all of the buildings earn money?

No. While almost all of the buildings earn money there are a handful of buildings that do not earn money but have other tasks. Cletus’s Farm does not earn money as the other buildings do instead it earns money through growing crops, Channel 6 earns money through news broadcasts and Open Air Stage earns money through characters performing. While Springfield Downs earns money through betting on the Dog Races.
Town Hall, Moe’s Tavern, Springfield Elementary & the Police Station do not earn money. However, your neighbors can vandalize those buildings with spray paint while visiting and you earn money from cleaning up the spray paint.
Finally, Springfield Retirement Castle is the one building that does not earn money, has no tasks to earn money, and cannot be vandalized. However, it’s a building you must purchase in order to get Grandpa Simpson.

Of course there are more, that I’m sure I don’t have on this list..but the bottom-line is, no.  Not all of the buildings in Springfield earn money.

Where can I find a map of all the available land in Springfield?
Up to date as of 7/8/16 (I’m working on the new one and it should be up just after the next update…just in case they add more land)

Click to view larger

TSTO Land June 2016

What Is XP Farming? KEM Farming? Donut Farming? How Do I Get Free Donuts?!

We’ve got a couple of posts on this…

The complex breakdown of KEM/Donut Farming is here

The quick simple breakdown is here. 

Where Can I Find Information About Previous Tapped Out Events?

We’ve got a whole section of the site dedicated to TSTO Events.  You can find it here. 

Where Can I Find Information About Donuts, Premium Items and Tips to Earn more?

Check out our Premium Guide, here.

Where Can I Find A Chart of What Bonus % Premium Items Earn?

You can find that here.

Where Can I Find a Character of Duel Character Tasks?

You can find that here. 

Where Can I Find Design Guides for Tapped Out?

We’ve got loads of them!  Check out the Design Guide Tab in the menu to see Showoffs, 2D, 3D and other fun designs!

When Was the Last Tapped Out Update?

Check out our update post for dates and details, you can find it here.

Still have a question?  Ask away…we’re here to help! 🙂


737 responses to “Questions and Answers

  1. Jackie Galloway

    I’ve completed the investorettes quest, but the Fleet-a-Pita hasn’t opened up – how do I unlock it?


  2. I have had Comic Book Guy with an admiration sign for more than a week now. I can’t click on it. He can’t work. I just can go the Coffee Shop and let him do some coffees. The shop itself is bugged; I can’t see any sign when coffees are done. And it takes a few clicks to collect them. Of course, I have opened-reopened the game, there’s no game update and reset the tablet. Any ideas?


  3. Bought the ghost ship last time it was re-offered. However, the sea captain I have isn’t able to do any jobs on it. Not sure what to do. Please advise. Thank you.


  4. Does anyone else have to always log in every time you open the app?


  5. Hello! Does anyone know whether it is possible to change your tsto’s username?


  6. Hello everyone, every time I close the app and come back hours later to clear tasks and such, it makes me put my age and confirm to terms. Not only that but it makes me log completely back in and then re downloads as if it’s an update. It’s not a one time it’s literally EVERY SINGLE TIME!! It makes me not even want to play anymore because they whole process takes forever. Is this happening or happened to anyone else? How do I stop it? I also deleted and reinstalled the app and that help for about a week.


    • This happens is your tablet/phone runs out of storage memory.
      TSTO demands about 0.8 GB on my iPhone and a staggering 1.5 GB on my iPad.


    • Hi, I’m having the same problem too. I have 2.6GB of free space on my iPhone though. I contacted EA towards the end of last year and they said they are working on a fix but I guess nothing yet?


  7. Hi Webmasters,
    Please check your site for viruses. For the past few days I’ve gotten a “you’ve won” pop up when I open your site. The pop up tries to forcefully redirect me to their spam site unless I close the window. This is usually a virus on the server and not my tablet.
    Good luck clearing it. I do enjoy TSTO and getting your inside scoops.


  8. Hi Is there or will there be a way to get rid of some of the bart royale stuff?
    Ive ran out of room and i hat stuff being in my inventory.

    Thanks paul


  9. What’s the deal with all these updates? Two days ago there was a full update that allowed me to zoom way out and get a vastly increased overall view of the town. It was awesome! Finding buildings to tap in Neighbours’ towns was a breeze, and it gave me a brilliant perspective on their designs. I thought EA had really aced it. Then today, another full update – and I had this horrible, sinking feeling that we were going to go back to the old close-up style. Sure enough. So, was it a trial to gauge feedback? I have no idea, but after seeing a vision of a possible future, I hate the “old” TSTO.


  10. Harvest Perfection at Cletus’ farm quest is not working please fix


  11. I can’t get into my store to get anything. When I click on something it says retrieving store and never goes away. What can I do to stop this?


  12. Can we expect new friend level prizes? If so, when?


    • The Friend Prize “circus” has been inactive for about a year.
      Reactivating it will however entice me to visit my friends very regularly. At this point it is a waist of time to do that.
      (Just my opinion. You now what Dirty Harry feels about opinions.)


  13. Hey! I was just wondering how big it’s possible for my town to get? I’m at the stage now where when I try to buy land, it’s not available to the right of my town, only to the bottom which is ruining my alpine forest region! Lol.



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