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HomerSo our old Q&A post was about 3 years old and full of thousands of comments (nearly 10,000..) so I decided it was time to start a new Q&A thread.  Comments on the old thread are now disabled BUT they’re still there are viewable for anyone looking to see something they previously asked.

You can find the old Q&A Thread here

Got a game specific question about The Simpsons Tapped out?  Post your question below and we’ll do our best to answer it as soon as possible.  Don’t want to wait?   We have thousands of posts, we’ve been at this for awhile, and we’ve aimed to answer many of the most common questions already, so check out the search feature or start browsing the site to see if your question has already been answered.

Please Note: This is not an EA run website, so while we will do our best to answer any questions you may have we may not always to able to “solve the problem”. If you’re having a major problem with your game your best bet is to always reach out to EA Customer Support.  You can reach EA by tapping the Get Help button in your game, of visiting their support site here.

Here are a few Tapped Out and TSTO Addict FAQ’s to get you started:

I’m New To TSTO Where’s the Best Place to Start?

Believe it or not we have a comprehensive game guide for brand new tappers!  You can check out all the details for new tappers on this page.  It’ll include loads of how-tos and tips and tricks to get you started.

I’m New to TSTO Addicts, How Do I Navigate The Site?

Check out this post to learn how to navigate TSTO Addicts.

Do all of the buildings earn money?

No. While almost all of the buildings earn money there are a handful of buildings that do not earn money but have other tasks. Cletus’s Farm does not earn money as the other buildings do instead it earns money through growing crops, Channel 6 earns money through news broadcasts and Open Air Stage earns money through characters performing. While Springfield Downs earns money through betting on the Dog Races.
Town Hall, Moe’s Tavern, Springfield Elementary & the Police Station do not earn money. However, your neighbors can vandalize those buildings with spray paint while visiting and you earn money from cleaning up the spray paint.
Finally, Springfield Retirement Castle is the one building that does not earn money, has no tasks to earn money, and cannot be vandalized. However, it’s a building you must purchase in order to get Grandpa Simpson.

Of course there are more, that I’m sure I don’t have on this list..but the bottom-line is, no.  Not all of the buildings in Springfield earn money.

Where can I find a map of all the available land in Springfield?
Up to date as of 3/14/19

Click to view larger


How many characters have been introduced in TSTO to date?

As of 3/14/19 there are 403 playable characters (not including skins) and 144 NPCs.

What Is XP Farming? KEM Farming? Donut Farming? How Do I Get Free Donuts?!

We’ve got a couple of posts on this…

The complex breakdown of KEM/Donut Farming is here

The quick simple breakdown is here. 

Where Can I Find Information About Previous Tapped Out Events?

We’ve got a whole section of the site dedicated to TSTO Events.  You can find it here. 

Where Can I Find Information About Donuts, Premium Items and Tips to Earn more?

Check out our Premium Guide, here.

Where Can I Find A Chart of What Bonus % Premium Items Earn?

You can find that here.

Where Can I Find a Character of Duel Character Tasks?

You can find that here. 

Where Can I Find Design Guides for Tapped Out?

We’ve got loads of them!  Check out the Design Guide Tab in the menu to see Showoffs, 2D, 3D and other fun designs!

When Was the Last Tapped Out Update?

Check out our update post for dates and details, you can find it here.

Still have a question?  Ask away…we’re here to help! 🙂

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  1. Hi, I’m just after reaching level 60 and it told me it was the final level. But in my friends worlds I see up to level 939. Are there more storyline quests after level 60? Or what?

    • Level 60 is the last of the new item and quest levels like you’re used to, well kinda. There’s a mountain decoration that pops up as you go and upgrades at certain levels – search Homerlayas – and you’ll still get level-up sprinkles. When you do eventually hit level 939 instead of a donut a pop it’s the pick-a-box game like the reward for Where’s Maggie

  2. Very upset 11 year veteran of this game here, ive finnally reached my space limit, i never even thought there was one but after 11 years, now when i go to buy a square they all say they require a free space token, and as we alp know they dont just hand those out with every event or even make them buyable with real money, in the 11 years ive played ive MAYBE recieved a total of 9 free land tokens through the daily challenge bonus prizes, but thats the only place ive seen them, i contacted ea about it and they told me there was nothing they can do, they suggested “freeing up space” ut thats not a option concidering Things that I placed on the very 1st day of playing I still have in the same spot to this day.. idk what ti do, im really freaking out, please help

  3. Help please? I did a stupid thing and blew up my town. So I’m slowly putting things back but I’ve lost a couple of things. I’ve lost the Rich Texan and I’ve lost my herd of bison. How do I get these back please?

    • Susan Johnson-Dehn

      You can try and contact EA..They may be able to roll your town back if you know the date and time before you nuked it. You’ll lose what you’ve done to “fix” things. It’ll take a few days to get it to happen, but it’s worth a try if you’d like to.

    • I’ve done that before on purpose for a fresh look. Not to worry everything should still be there somewhere. If not contact them they’re good at helping.

  4. Randy L Waybright

    Where is everyone? Been checking this site for info on the next event but, nothing has been posted. Is there going to be a Xmas event?

    • There will be a Christmas event. Alissa and I will try to get together this weekend to review the spoiler packet and have the info ready to share with you when we can.

    • Lisahadathought

      Nothing has been posted because the Christmas update will probably hit next week. There is usually a biweek on updates except for rare occasions. Just be a little patient, it’s coming.

  5. Susan Johnson-Dehn

    Has anyone else been having issues with the game not actually knowing you’ve cleared and restarted 24 hour jobs for characters? I know I’ve cleared characters and restarted their 24 hour job, and go back in game at the 4 hour mark to continue with the event crew and have one or more of a 24 hour characters to clear again there that I know I sent on a job 4 or more hours earlier..I’m glad to get the extra dollars but now I have to send them on shorter jobs. It’s frustrating 😒.

  6. Jeffrey d creel

    Anyone else missing donuts? I went from 586 to 56 and EA has been no help with no response

  7. Hello! With this new Halloween update I’ve noticed that the bridge connecting Springfield Heights to the land that came with the Northward Bound event has disappeared. Is this in every game and is anyone having issues with Springfielders getting stuck over there? Thanks!

  8. My money has turned red. Anyone else have that issue? It stopped at $4297975234. With 477 characters my money accumulates quickly. Any idea what is going on?

  9. I have a quest that won’t finish, all characters are freed up.
    Moving In Hex-Filled Circles, Part 3. Fat Tony finished his task. I have had Princess Opal read Tarot Cards 3 times but it still hasn’t finished, I even had her do the task with the Fortune Teller twice and that didn’t work either. I put both the Tarot Table and her building in storage, then restored them, that didn’t work either. Any ideas what I can try next?

  10. Hey I am on level 105 and no other tasks are popping up , just the money mountain & the tree. I know there must be more tasks because I have seen people on level 900 + , so how do I get more tasks??

  11. Isn’t there another way to earn trash, besides the recycling plant jobs? I could have sworn there was someone you could set to a task, or a game you could win maybe, that let you earn excess amounts of trash.

    • I can think of two more.
      *** PolyVac: where you shoot down robots, etc. (you also can get Mobile Phones. But I think if you’re max’d out on the Phones, you don’t get any)
      *** Surveillance Post: where you got the night-vision thing going. This is the same bldg where you can toggle the Spy Animations. (for this place, although I’m already max’d out, still pays out Mobile Phones also)

      • Mobile phones aren’t “trash”/recyclables…they’re Springfield Heights “currency.” In addition to earning those things through the relevant SH buildings, you can also earn mobile phones and the other types of SH currency at the Googleplex movie theater. (That’s what I use when I have to earn some kind of SH currency for a daily task, since I’m all maxed out on each of those types of currency and can’t earn them by sending characters on SH tasks.)

    • If by “trash” you mean recyclables, the other way is by having Little Lisa’s Recycling Plant. You can use that to earn recyclables, and, in turn, monorail pieces and donuts.

  12. What do we know about the 10byr Anniversary donut statue?

  13. Hy guys, i’m a New player and i just bought a mystery yearbook and got ” baby gareld”. When i want to claim this item it says “LogicWrapperRequirement: Visible conditional requirement! ” and i don’t know what to do about it :(. can someone please explain how to get my item?

  14. I’ve can currently level up in less than 2 minutes because of the loop I’m stuck in. Cleared out Krusty Burger from yesterdays challenge. Got 112514 xp and all the cash. Noticed everyone walking back into KB. Closed the game and killed it on my iPad. Opened it and there was everyone ready to collect on again. I’ve been going between my friends and the game for the last half hour and leveled up 31 times. All the current game characters were busy doing the current game so I can still play that. I can’t however do anything else because almost 300 other characters are in KB again and again. While it’s kinda cool to be able to get over 500000 xp in less than 2 minutes I would like to move forward. Just wondering if anyone else is having this issue. Ever since this current game update I’ve had problems like this. I had all the weird bushes and trees and backs of characters in the upper left “tap” icon but that stopped. Now this. While I was typing this I am now at level 582. Any thoughts?

    • That happens not infrequently on “send all Springfielders” tasks. To get out of the loop, store the Krusty Burger they’re in. That will release all the characters and then you can put the KB back and go on with your game.

      • Thanks! I stopped playing for about 4 years and completely forgot that little fix. I believe you are one of my 939 neighbors so nice to meet you and thanks for the time and help. ✌️

    • Christine Lassonde

      Clear all the tasks and then store the building. When you bring it out of storage that should fix it. I had a similar issue with a KwikMart and that’s how I solved the issue….good luck! MksMommy19

  15. David Larangeira

    Unrelated, are they ever going to finish road to riches?

  16. Hello,

    Since Monday whenever I try to send characters to do Dog Day tasks the game shuts me out. I have reached out to EA and they have not been very helpful. I have deleted and reinstalled the game, turned the phone off and on, etc but it doesn’t help. Has anyone else encountered this and if so any tips? I really do t want to miss out on the remaining Dog Day prizes.

  17. I have a task that states Homer needs work a plant shift but it does not show up. I am pass level 11 so it should show up but doesn’t. Any suggestions

    • Do you have all the nuclear power plant parts out?

      • Hi. Yesterday I sent characters to do some jobs and now that they are finished I tap them but I can’t collect the money and send them back to do other jobs. It is happening with several characters, they have the green checkmark but I can’t do anything with them. Any suggestions?
        Thank you in advance.

    • I have the same issue I’ve emailed ea and it still isn’t fixed. Probably have to wait until the app updates again

  18. When ever I go to buy something from the yearbook when it randomly generates my prize the screen goes white and kicks me out of the game. I have tried Soo many times and it won’t give me a purse. I have donuts to spend so it’s very annoying

  19. Has anyone else lost content or donuts in the last two days? When I went to play the game yesterday all my donuts and the new land I mined in Springfield Heights had disappeared. Plus the Christmas quest was back and the current one restarted. I am missing everything I got from the Christmas quest on. The game unpacked all the Christmas stuff I put away and put the lights back on my houses. Very disappointed.

  20. Hi everyone. Ever since updating to the new Hell on Wheels event, the game wont load on my iPad Pro. I keep getting the ‘cannot connect to server’ error. I deleted the app and tried reinstalling, however as soon as it starts downloading the updates, the ‘cannot connect to server’ error comes up. Restarting the app again results in the same error, and the option to log into my EA account doesn’t come up. Force restarting the iPad doesn’t make a difference either. Ironically the game is working perfectly OK on my old iPad. Both devices are on the same iOS version. The game was working perfectly OK on my new iPad Pro before this event hit. Any ideas what else I can do to get the game loading?

    • I don’t have an answer for you, unfortunately, but I will say that I have no trouble playing on my iPad Pro (I think mine is from around 2019, or maybe 2018, if that helps). Have you tried clearing cache/data?

  21. Lisahadathought

    Now this may be my fault because it did say barbarian castle but I thought since it showed the barbarian guy, I would get him too. Does he show up after the 16 hour build? I checked and it’s not a skin or at least it’s not on Homer’s list. Was I ripped off?

  22. Hi why is it I have so much money but can’t buy land with it ??

    • Only some of the land tiles can be purchased with in game money. Other tiles require special currency, such as land tokens, Springfield Heights currency, and land deeds.

  23. Hey tappers I was wondering if anyone knows why I can’t put a road in a certain area in my Springfield, there isn’t anything around that would be in the way. Any ideas?

  24. I would like to know what LogicWrapperRequirement: visible conditional is? I see this on some of the jobs.

  25. Is here a way to stop the animation for the collection of money and XP. It is slowing up my system. Thank You.

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