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Solving Current Server Connectivity Issue

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Loads of you have been complaining you’re not able to get into TSTO, you get the server error message.  This is happening to some of you, but not all TSTO players. (I’m currently

Addicts Community Member Ebron has been dealing with this too & she’s been graciously communicating back and forth with EA about the issue.  So I’ve been posting her comments in various posts (you can find some info at the top of this post)

Yesterday, Ebron posted a solution to fixing the server issues & was gracious enough to grab a screenshot of the solution as well…for those who don’t read every comment.  Here’s the solution:

Now I know this isn’t feasible for everyone…as not everyone has a second device they can use but this should help a majority of you.  Even if you borrow a friend, parent, significant other’s device to do this quickly.

For those that can’t do this…your best bet is to contact EA or go to their forum and add your “Me Too” to their post.



infinite Loop Bug (FIXED)

UPDATE: Appears this bug is now fixed!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So I’ve left work and I’m driving to pick up the Tiny Addict (don’t worry i pulled over)  and I’m seeing a ton of comments from you guys about a new update and an infinite loop bug that’s happening with the dialogue.  It’s impacting the ability to play TSTO. (Pretty much everyone is impacted by it)

I’ll dig into this when i get home, but for now use this post to report issues or anything you’ve heard about it.  Just to keep everything together on one place.

I’ll add more when i can…

Excavation Payout Potential Issues..

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Popping in with something real quick…a few of you are reporting it appears that your Excavation Papyri payouts have decreased.  I did a little digging around, and the base is still 36 Papyri (that change was made June 2nd) BUT it appears that somewhere along the lines the payouts have dropped when it gets to the multipliers.

My Panini Press is fully updated, which means I should have a 50% increase on my Papyri payouts…so it should be 54 each dig (50% more of 36), but instead I’m getting 47.

It appears that this is a bug of some sort.  I don’t see any intentional changes in the files.  The base is still 36 and the upgrade payouts still increase by 10% to 50%.

The bottom-line, you’re not going crazy.  Something is going on, but it doesn’t appear to be an intentional change. Seems like it’s a bug and hopefully EA will correct it soon.

(Note: there was an update yesterday.  That update increased the Excavation payouts for Specimen and Tachyons…did not touch the event currency payouts)

Lingering Winter Event Bugs

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just popping in real quick with a couple of notes about issues happening in the game that we’ve been seeing over and over in the comments over the last week or so.  I meant to get this done last week, but work just got crazy so here it is now for those of you who haven’t already asked in the comments…

So main two things (and i’m sure more) are going around in the game right now…Martin’s Ice Castle Task and the XP bar getting stuck an an open box.  Here’s a quick look at how to address each issue…

Addict Tech Support

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Error Logging In to TSTO

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Many of you have been reporting about issues you have getting into your game.  It tells you that you’ve been logged out and then when you try to log back in it tells you there’s an error and you can’t get back into your game. (And Patric wrote about some issues over the weekend)

We’ve seen this before…just a few months ago.  And it impacted a certain segment of the TSTO Server.  EA is aware of this too…in fact last week they made a post on their TSTO Facebook Page to indicate what to do if you’re impacted:


Those links are:


Initially I didn’t think too much of it (which is why I didn’t post about their post over the weekend).  As it’s happened before, and usually once EA is aware of it it’s resolved quickly.

However…it’s now becoming more widespread.  I’m seeing loads more reports of the lock out happening.  And in fact it just happened to me about 30 minutes ago.  My game worked fine all day…and then all of a sudden I was locked out.

However, I was able to get back into my game, by following the reset password method.  So I do recommend trying that.

It is concerning that it’s becoming more widespread, and hopefully EA can resolve the issue soon for everyone impacted.

And I know the question on everyone’s mind is….are they going to extend Halloween?  At the moment, I don’t think it’s widespread enough to cause them to extend the event.  It’s very rare that we see them extend an event unless nearly every player is impacted.  So the best thing I can tell you to do is try resetting your password, or contacting EA to get back into your game as quickly as possible.

10/5 In-Game Update: Patches Galore! (Hideaway Bonus % & Monster Timer FIXED)

NOTE: it looks like the has FINALLY hit the UK Kindle stores…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a quick note…a short while ago EA released a server side patch in our games.  This patch..RESTORES THE BONUS % FOR THE BEACH HIDEAWAYS!  Yes, now it’s back to paying the 20% per hideaway (if fully upgraded).

This patch has also, it appears, corrected the Monster Timer Glitch.  Thank goodness because it was getting old!

I’m checking to see if anything else change, those were the two I noticed right away.

So thank you EA for fixing the issues quickly.  Although it’s frustrating they were there to begin with….

But in the end…I guess my angry socks worked 😉


Addicts Question Corner: Halloween Act 1 & Glitch Round Up

IMPORTANT: DO NOT HARD CLOSE YOUR GAME (meaning shut down the app)!  Hard closing impacts the Monster Timer…hopefully EA fixes this soon…

Note: ALL of the Halloween Event Posts Can Be Found On the Halloween Event Page Here

NOTICE #2– this one from Patric–
There is a patch coming from a mini-update that will return your XP % Back to Pre-Glitch levels. Close and restart, if you haven’t seen it. Post here.

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

I get it…a lot of you are angry.  Your frustrated.  Your game isn’t working right.  You feel cheated.  You’re mad as hell and you’re not going to take it anymore.  I get it, I really do.  I’m angry too.  I even wore my Angry socks today…


Hopefully that at least made you crack a smile..or even a little laugh…(and yes, those are the socks I’m wearing today…those are indeed my feet lol)

Issues/Bugs/Glitches/Problems/Lack of Game to download….are not new issues for this game.  And if you’ve been playing as long as I (or Wookiee, or Bunny, Or Patric) have, you’ll know we see them all the time.  And well..

They suck.

It sucks when it happens.  We hate when y’all are impacted by them…even more we hate when we’re impacted by them.  (Wookiee’s currently experiencing one of his own…again)

So let’s compile a list of all the issues and tackle some of your burning (get it..because of the angry socks hahaha) questions and see if we can put our colletive minds at ease.  (as well as hold EA’s feet to the fire to fix some of these bugs…)

Included in this post are…
-Game Lockout (your ID/Password doesn’t work)
-Missing Acorn Kirk
-Monster Timer Issue
-Downloaded the update, don’t see any changes
-Missing from Kindle markets
-Spawn rates
-Neighbor actions
And more!

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Alert: SH 4x Currency Ended Early (FIXED)

Update 2:15pm ET: Of course all things update in the game when I’m out of the office…lol.  Looks like EA has released a server side patch that has corrected the 4x Heights Rewards.  They’re now back..and leave on the 4th.  So use it while you can!
You’ll see the dialogue restart once you go back into Springfield…and that’ll retrigger the 4x rewards.  Thank you to everyone who reported this..and thank you to EA for resolving it before lunchtime in California…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Morning guys..just a quick post until I get into work…always fun waking up to 200 comments overnight lol. Y’all had me thinking an update hit while I was asleep.

Anyway it looks like the 4x earning currency at SH ended prematurely.   There were all kinds of alerts and notifications that it would end on the 4th…today is the 3rd..and it ended this morning.

Not sure what’s up but I’ll dig a little further when I get into work.  For now know it’s not just you…and hopefully EA will correct this ASAP.

Update: Just got into work and it appears it’s not every player that’s impacted.  As my game is still currently paying out 4x on my SH buildings. (note: some are commenting their buildings are paying 4x but the mini games are not…so double check your buildings.  If it’s showing 8 for premium and 4 for freemium it’s still at 4x)
My best advice is to contact EA and let them know your game is impacted, since it’s not impacting everyone.  They’ll have to determine what area is impacted by this…remember you can contact them via the get help button in the game.  It’s located in the top right corner when you open up your store…

Another Update: What’s interesting is the files indicate it ends October 3rd at 7:00 GMT.  Which seems to have happened for many…except the popups all showed October 4th.  So EA’s got an issue somewhere.  Not to mention it hasn’t ended for everyone.  So really…I dunno what the heck is going on.  But EA’s gotta get this sorted…you can’t say one thing in game and then change it completely.  Not cool.  For those trying to remember, here’s the in-game popup (and in case EA’s reading this):


Here’s the other notification (which by the way still popped up for me in my game about 5 minutes ago…)



Addicts Housekeeping: Comment Screwup

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a quick note.  Some of you may have noticed over the last couple of days that the comments on some of our larger threads (Open Thread, Labor Day post etc) have been all screwed up.

Replies weren’t showing up where they should have and comments were disappearing all together.

I can assure you this was not us.  We weren’t deleting your comments (or any threads).  WordPress had a massive bug that was causing these issues.

Fortunately all is resolved now and comments are appearing back to normal.  So if you replied to someone it’s showing up once again.  🙂

Sorry for the inconvenience!  And thank you for your patience as we worked with WordPress to resolve it (note: it wasn’t just our site impacted.  They said they received loads of other reports).  Just happy all is back to normal now…well as normal as we get around here! 😉

The Bug Report….5/20/16

Updated with information about a Glitch at Moe’s

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Some bugs have been fixed…some are still looming.  Some aren’t bugs at all…..

Let’s take a look at the latest bug report updates and details….(remember this post is where we initially listed it all)

And for those who don’t like to read everything…here’s what we’ll be covering:
-Gil Deal still Missing
-Lockout Glitch
-Level up XP
-Not enough space
-Longshot Skinner (Fixed)
-EA reps…
-Moe’s Tavern Glitch

raphael_fumigate_springfield Continue reading