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Holiday Whodunnit Bug/Glitch Round Up

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Christmas is upon us in our pocket-sized towns…and in true TSTO fashion, it’s not without its share of issues.  Seeing lots of comments on various posts reporting issues, and some folks missing comments/posts about other issues, so I wanted to have one centralized post covering it all.  So here’s your Holiday Whodunnit Bug Report!  Use this post to comment about issues you may be having and as a reference point to find any potential solutions (or ways to report) for problems you may be seeing.

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Post Event Collection Issues (No Syringes/DNA/etc)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a very quick note on trying to collect event currency post-event ending…it’s currently NOT an option for many players.  The timer has run out, and the collection has ceased.  Instead of getting Syringes (or other act currency) you earn cash, thus preventing you from unlocking that last prize you were working on.

While it sucks, it’s not completely unexpected.  The event is over.  The timer has run out, and thus the ability to collect currency has ended.  That’s why I literally say, on every single event is ending post for the last 8+ years, do not count on getting borrowed time.  Finish the event before the timer runs out, to prevent these issues.

Is this a glitch?  Possibly.  It’s also possible it’s just part of the coding.  Your best bet is to contact EA about it.  There is currently nothing we can do, or tell you to do to fix it.  If you contact EA they may be able to do something about it, but they’re currently the only ones who potentially could fix the issue.  There’s no quick fix on our end we can help you with.

For those stuck with the task in their task book, wondering if it’ll go away.  Hopefully.  Hopefully, when the next event hits it’ll clear that task off your task book, but again all we can tell you to do is wait and be patient.  Other than that, the next option is to contact EA.

Sorry if you’re in this situation, and sorry there’s nothing we can do to help you with it!

Bug Report 5/20/21: Login Issues/Verification Code

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

As many of you have noticed since the most recent update there have been some changes to the login screen for TSTO.  Most notably, the need for a verification code to log in.

According to EA this is a widespread code issue…and they’re working to resolve it.  In the meantime they offer these suggestions to try and get into your game if you’re having issues:

  1. Restart the application, via a force-close and launch (make sure it’s not still running in the background when restarting the app), and then requesting a new code
  2. Restart the device, launch the app and request a new code
  3. Keep trying!
  4. When using Code Login,  ensure the email address is correct, and that you are entering the code fairly quickly after receiving it.

I can attest, these steps did work for me last night when I couldn’t get back into my game after switching over to my “B” town to pull event info.  I tried the verification code they sent and it didn’t log me in.  So I hard closed and restarted TSTO, requested a new code, and thankfully that one worked.

I also suggest if you need to log in/out of TSTO to switch towns, be near a computer, or alternate device, when logging into your game so you can check your email.  If you try to check it from your device it’ll force you to request a new code, unless you have notifications from that email (that show the body of the email) on your device and can access them while TSTO is still running.

Also, the code doesn’t last very long.  So you do need to be quick when entering it.

This is SUPER annoying, especially if you’re someone who switches between TSTO towns on one device (like me)…but EA is aware of it and working on a repair for the coding problem.  Hopefully, it’s fixed sooner rather than later.

There’s more info from EA (and others) on EA’s Answers HQ here:

P.S. I have been completely swamped at work the last couple of days, and very behind on posts.  I was hoping to have the SIB for Tyler up this afternoon, but I just don’t think that’s going to happen.  I will have it up for the first post tomorrow though.  I appreciate your understanding, every once in a while real life keeps me a little extra busy.  🙂

GLITCH FIX: Nothing To Tap In Neighbor’s Town

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

HUGE shoutout to Clay Kennedy for discussing this fix in the comments of yesterday’s Open Thread!  And another shoutout to Graham-S for bringing it back to my attention!

If you’ve experienced nothing to tap when visiting a neighbor’s town here’s a potential FIX for it.  While this won’t help you immediately have something to tap in their town, it can prevent your town from having this same issue when someone is visiting you.  (also this will hopefully call attention to the issue so EA can fix it)

It all comes down to the Simpsons Gingerbread Couch….

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Just Popping In Real Quick…Missing Character Tasks and Thoughts/Questions For the Next Addicts Live!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Happy Hump Day!  The week is almost over…hallelujah!

Anywho, just popping in real quick to address one thing I’m seeing popping up in the comments and give you a chance to get involved in the next Addicts Live episode! Continue reading

Santa’s Wonderland Box Glitch

Update: This appears to have been fixed!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a quick note that it appears that the Santa’s Wonderland box is glitched.  It seems as though, for some players, when you still have 1 item left in the box it disappears.  This shouldn’t happen, and if it’s happened to you it’s a glitch.

The best thing I can tell you to do is report it to EA.  You can do so here. Hopefully, this will be patched soon.

In-Game Update: Sunglasses Patch

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Looks like EA has just released the long-awaited (well since Friday) patch for collecting Sunglasses!  The task no longer requires the SH Theater, instead, characters will be sent to Springfield Elementary.   

I’m sure this is welcomed news for many of you!

Happy Tapping!


60 Free Donuts From EA!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Sorry guys, I meant to post this yesterday but it’s the weekend and my brain just kind of checked out.

Seeing loads of you asking about why we’ve gotten donuts from EA.  So here’s the deal.  Some of you, pretty much only those of you on iOS, will see this when you log into your game (or you saw it already)…

EVERYONE received the 60 Free Donuts…but not everyone saw the message in-game.  For whatever reason, Android users didn’t get the popup, but the donuts were awarded.  (which is what’s causing the confusion for some players)

The donuts are basically an apology and a thank you from EA for the game being screwed up recently.  Between the Bart Screens and the massive donut buying glitch (mostly the donut buying glitch).

Both issues seem to be resolved at this time, and EA’s trying to make it up to everyone…even if you weren’t impacted!  So a kudos to EA for the goodwill to the players! Hopefully, this is a sign EA’s working to get back in the good graces with the TSTO Community and we’ll see good things in updates ahead!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

In-Game Update: THOH XXX Patches and Repairs

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So I’m a little late to the party on this…my apologies.  I was picking kids up from school, feeding them dinner, and getting them ready for bed.  But this evening there was an in-game update…as many of you commented…that repaired a few things (Wailing walls and donuts)…

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