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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just started playing The Simpsons Tapped Out (TSTO)? Not sure where to start?  Or Maybe you’re an experienced Tapper but seeking out some new Tips and Tricks to make your Springfield even better?  Well you’re in the right place!

Here are the Addicts Collective Tips, Tricks & Lessons learned for Tappers new and old alike!

New Tappers Guide (Quick access to Addicts posts written with the Newest of Tappers in mind)
 (Complete step-by-step walkthroughs for each level, event and character in TSTO)
Conform-O-Meter (Complete guides to maxing out your Conform-O-Meter rating in TSTO)
Springfield Heights (the collected Addicts Posts about Springfield Heights)
Krustyland (the collected Addicts Posts about all things Krustyland)
Money Mountain (all things Money Mountain, How-to, Walkthrough etc)
Tapped Out Events (Complete guides to all of the TSTO Events…Halloween, Christmas, Episode-Tie-Ins, etc)
Ultimate Premiums Guide (Is that Premium Character worth your donuts?  Check out our COMPLETE Premium Pros and Cons guides)
Design Guide (Looking to “spice” up your Springfield?  Here’s where you can find the Addicts tips and tricks to designing a Better Springfield)

General TSTO Tips and Tricks:

Keeping Track of Characters
Volume and Notifications
Gil Gunderson
Squidport Tile Glitch 
Channel 6, Cletus’s Farm, Open Air Stage Glitch

Neighbor Basics
About Neighbor-eenos
How Do I Add Neighbors?
Deleting Friends
How Many Neighbors Can I Have?
Why Can’t I Add Friends?
Helping Your Neighbors The Most
Visiting Neighbors
iOS Deleting Friends Help
Origin Desktop (adding and deleting friends made easy)
Using another EA App to help Delete Origin Friends

Donut Basics
What Do Donuts Do
Donut Costs
Free Donuts
Can I use Game Money to Buy Donuts?
Bonus Level & Free Donuts

Cletus’s Farm
Can I Cancel Corn?
Will Planting Triffids End My Game?
How Long Before My Crops Die?

How Do I Build A Bridge?
How Do I Get A Lemon Tree?
How Do I Get the Jebediah Springfield Statue?

Common Task Problems
Why is A Task Locked in My Character’s Task box?
Can I Cancel A Task Once It’s Started?
No New Tasks Are Coming Up To Help Me Progress In A Quest

In Game Games of Chance Odds
Homer Buddha
Mystery Box
Laffy Meal
Springfield Downs
Sideshow YOU

Earning More Money
How Long Till Earning Money in TSTO is Easier?
How Can I Easily Work Out My Bonus Multiplier?
How Can I Collect Money Easier?

All Things Krustyland

Tappers 101
I’m at Level 30 but I’m Only Able to Build Buildings for Level 26
Building Bridges
Help Me Find My Character!
Knocking A Character Out of A Task, With Out Using Donuts
I Was At Level 37 and Now It Says Level 27!
What to do When the Servers are Down
Setting the Confirm Donut Spend Button

Common Game Problems
How to Fix Game Crashes
Unable to Connect To Server
Krustyland Glitches
Contacting EA
Troubleshoot with the Addicts

Looking for more help?  Have a specific question?  

The Addicts staff and the community of Tappers are ALWAYS here to help 24/7/365…you have a question, we’ll find the solution.  Leave your questions on our Question and Answer page and we’ll be happy to help you any way we can!

Most common App questions (Technical Troubleshooting) can be answered by checking our our Help Me! Page.

Happy Tapping!

33 responses to “TSTO Tips & Tricks

  1. Don’t have any friends playing and need help finding people to be friends with in tapped out!

  2. Probably not a common question, but the “spooky camp fire”? Mine says at level 1, how do I raise it? I’ve had characters tell spooky stories, but it stays on level 1. Thanks.

  3. Everyday player :

  4. It’s fun

  5. Not sure if this is the best place to post this but if new players are looking for a tip on where to spend their precious donuts…

    Donuts are precious, we all know that. When you are just starting out they’re probably even more precious. And I still remember how difficult it is to get that cash rolling in. I know too that everyone will have their favourite characters they want to save up for but my advice is to be patient, the donuts will come!
    My opinion is that the tire fire is probably the best buy you can make when starting out. This wasn’t always the case. It always gave a pretty good bonus multiplier but there are 1 or 2 better out there. The reason I think it’s the best now is that they have added a 24hr payout to it. Not only does it multiply all your cash with a 2% bonus but it also gives a big chunk of cash every day.
    If I were starting the game afresh knowing what I know after playing the game for 2 years or more, it’s what I would buy first. And it’s an iconic addition to your Springfield. A real Win-Win.

  6. Dylan Barriault

    Avoir 10 000 beignes en un seul coup

  7. I don’t know if anyone can help but i just recently started back playing Simpsons. And i was wondering how to get the Springfield heights. Im level 30 and in the wild west part

    • Level 30 is where it starts. I would say just keep working the questlines you have open in your task book. It should trigger soon…

  8. It says to complete level 13 I need to complete a quest but how do I do that?

  9. Hi is anyone having problems getting black diamond tower? My crafting level is on 3 I have crafted everything that earns club card points but am still 600 cards short of completing?

  10. Game lag – play on a kindle and it was reccomended i try clean master phone boost. it tells me when the ram can be boosted several times a day and has helped the performance of my kindle – especially on tapped out – a lot. There is still lag when visiting neighbors tho. but not as much!

    • To nannyfodder , I have the same problem,even put on clean master. I still have problems, I have a Kindle HD Fire and I use my daughter’s IPad to go through my friends towns since mine crashes all the time. Guess what I’m getting for Xmas 🙂

  11. Hey bunny alissa wookie
    got alittle glitch fix if you can not clean garbage and game crashes when you click building just put it in storage then replace in same space … you should be able to now clean once it gets dumped on! you only loose one blueprint not a bunch of time uninstalling callin EA ect … well if it can help one mi guess it was Excellent(burns voice)

  12. Why are my balloons flat in Krustyland. Can’t popthem for tickets for over 2 months now?

  13. My question isn’t really about the game per say but a couple months ago I had an app called tsto tips and tricks or something like that. It would always link me to this site and has everything you need to know about the game and some people would just write about stuff related to the Simpson’s. Ie. Comic con. There was always new articles for everything going on in the game. Only problem is I cannot find it in the play store!! Does anyone know what I am talking about?!

  14. Does anyone know if there is a page that shows all the quests and the order in which to complete them. I am getting random quests that don’t seem to be finalised. Is there any way of getting a breakdown of who completes what quest on what level and what is required by that character. I have just noticed millhouse has completed maverick part 2 but don’t remember him doing part 1.

    • They’re just random quests that popup when you’re towards the end of the levels in the game. There’s no rhyme or reason to them, and often you’ll get the same quests that pop up over and over. It’s basically to keep you engaged in the game when there are no main quests to do..

  15. Hey please tell me how to add a id name the game won’t let me do it . It keep asking for email

    • Are you asking how to add a friend? If so, it is just a default to ask for an email. You can type in the ID name too in the same box.

  16. Ok thanks Alissa.thats what I thought just wanted to make sure..and thanks for all the info you put out.. Can’t tell you how many times I go to TSTO for help,info,and a good laugh 🙂 I just love what you guys do!! And sorry if I posted on the wrong thread. I thought I was on the question and answer page (it’s been a long week)

  17. I switch between two devices to play,iPhone at work(don’t tell my boss)and iPad at home..I always log off one before I log on to the other.i always get the “need to log on to your other device before you continue” and when I hit play now. I get the ” some progress might not be saved are you sure”I have always been fine,but will I lose my town? What is the right thing to do?

    • I switch between several devices and I’ve never had a progress issue. But if you’re really worried about it before you close down the app from a device (if you know you’ll be logging in from another device soon) go to your neighborscreen , tap on bart and milhouse and hit logout. That way you can ensure it’s saved properly before using the other device. Then if it still pops up just ignore it and hit continue. 🙂

  18. Bob is lazy

  19. Every time I visit ‘other Springfield,’ if I go immediately to the entrance of squidport, I will always find sideshow bob there. Has anyone noticed or mentioned that before?

    • Yah. It is pretty common to find him there. Funny thing is in my other game he always appears on the same spot but opposite side. So along the edge of the land, even walking on the side nothing is on. Lol.

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