TSTO Town Designs

Need a little help designing your Springfield?  Wondering just how 3D deigns are made? Curious about what your fellow Tappers have done in their towns?  You’ve come to the right place!  Here’s where you can find how to design just about anything in TSTO!  So let’s get those creative juices flowing!

Design Guides (Step-by-step design guides from the Addicts to help enhance your Springfield)
2D/3D Design Guides (Get creative with 2D and 3D designs for your Springfield.  Here’s where you’ll find step-by-step guides from Bunny & Wookiee on just how to create 2D and 3D art in your town)
Springfield Showoff (Your TSTO designs!  We LOVE them!)

Don’t forget to join our Flickr photostream to show off your town with your fellow tappers!

13 responses to “TSTO Town Designs

  1. Hi is there anyone who could go into my town and redesign it? my little brother blew up the town today and I could use help redesigning it. Ive done some work on it but it needs a lot of help

  2. I need a new look but help to make it look good I have a lot of space that needs to be field also wood still like to have my blue house farm built into the build

  3. Lee A Collins

    Could u organise my town please

  4. Hey friends! I’ve been playing tapped out for a few years now (on and off). At this point in my springfields existence, it’s so unorganized and just hard to even look at. What buildings should I put into storage? I’m sure I don’t need all the random/low xp structures and need space for xp farming and deco. I’m ready to put it all in storage and re-strategize my Springfield. Level 77 atm. Freemium player cuz I’m a broke azz. Thanks in advance fer da tips friends.

  5. Is there any way to get help for a design like I know what I want to do but canf get it to seem to come together would love if someone else who can could help not sure if anyone can thanks

    • Do you still need help? If yes, just add me.
      My ID is dctrl666. I’m a level 939 player and have quite a nice town, I guess .
      After you added me, I can visit your SF and you could write me here what you are going to design, so I might help you.

  6. is worth it if i buy mystery box a lot emm .. because i always get the same thing right now im level 55 each level up hee wrote new when i buy same thing always i get
    CHARMERS 1979

  7. Burns player club, casino chips stuck on 120, are they different chips to collect am confused lol

    • Cards and chips are two different things. Chips are red, you earn them from tapping gamblers, doing tasks at the casino and at Moe’s. Cards are earned by unlocking prizes, crafting and buying premium items.

  8. Please add more color or design blocks to zip up our town. Also more flowers.

  9. i didnt know where to put this, but is there anyway to see the designs of the other Springfields? matter fact i should first ask, does “other springfields” vary for each player? anywho i had loved the Sqidport design layout of my “other Springfield” and was using it as a guide but i noticed a few levels back my “other S” changed….and its soooo ugly

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