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Here at TSTO Addicts we have the most AMAZING Community of Addicts Tappers!  We LOVE getting to know more about you guys, sharing our stories with you and seeing your towns and designs!

So click around and get better connected with the TSTO Addicts Community!

Addicts Open Thread (Weekly Chats with your fellow Addicts!)
Addicts Forums
(A great way to connect to other Addicted Tappers!)
Caption This! (Your funny TSTO images and the Captions YOU’VE created for them!)
From the Mouths of Addicts
(Your words about TSTO, The Simpsons and Beyond!)
What the Addicts Want (Your ideas for what YOU would love to see in TSTO!  We LOVE your ideas, keep them coming!)
You Might be An Addict If (The funny ways we’re ALL Addicted to TSTO!)
TSTO Anonymous (Have an Addiction to TSTO?  Us too!  Here’s where we host support “meetings” to enable each other!)
Tapped Out Links (Here’s a collection of our Friends at other TSTO sites)

106 responses to “Tapped Out Community

  1. Add me as a friend: jayskt
    I Play daily

  2. Zaid Doghojoqah

    I won the buck Mitchell character by the shattered tokens and the quest bucks given not started, why?

  3. How do I start the sir-loin-a-lot challenge for homer?

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