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Here at TSTO Addicts we have the most AMAZING Community of Addicts Tappers!  We LOVE getting to know more about you guys, sharing our stories with you and seeing your towns and designs!

So click around and get better connected with the TSTO Addicts Community!

Addicts Open Thread (Weekly Chats with your fellow Addicts!)
Addicts Forums
(A great way to connect to other Addicted Tappers!)
Caption This! (Your funny TSTO images and the Captions YOU’VE created for them!)
From the Mouths of Addicts
(Your words about TSTO, The Simpsons and Beyond!)
What the Addicts Want (Your ideas for what YOU would love to see in TSTO!  We LOVE your ideas, keep them coming!)
You Might be An Addict If (The funny ways we’re ALL Addicted to TSTO!)
TSTO Anonymous (Have an Addiction to TSTO?  Us too!  Here’s where we host support “meetings” to enable each other!)
Tapped Out Links (Here’s a collection of our Friends at other TSTO sites)


98 responses to “Tapped Out Community

  1. Consistently getting kicked out, then the 1878.2MB up date 5 times a day eating data and on top of that I spend donuts In a game I can’t get into??? Pissing me off what a rip-off this game is…..


  2. did any one lost TSTO money in last few days? I lost a lots of money in last two days. Money keep dissapear when i playing the game


  3. Hello

    add me pls

    Lvl 107


  4. Add me Justgottam661. Level 700 everyday player


  5. Ok, for,those of you too lazy to look around for sights to tap, I’ve dumped a dozen purple houses right by the airport. It’s ugly, it messes up my plans, I removed roads and pushed props to the side, but I do this for your vacation convenience.
    I started noticing a lot of my friends were only tapping one or two buildings and it took awhile to realize it wasn’t a bug.


  6. Just letting people know, if they haven’t already got there: the final level is level 939. The area code. When you reach this level, you get the 3 donut choice thingy for every 1 000 000 level points. My Homerlayas are complete now as well but they were co plete a couple hundred levels before this. I’ve been at this level quite while now ad have made loads of free donuts as a result. Hope to see everyone here one day!


  7. Add me if your persistent player CoZmicShReddeR

    I play daily and love looking at other people’s built up towns!


  8. Anyone know how to get the various extensions/pieces for the monorail stations (not the tracks)?


  9. Add me. Daily player. Level 182


  10. Ok … there was an Android update for my tablet today. Now when I go into my Simpsons game, I can’t zoom out as far as used to. Is anyone else having this same problem and if so, have you been able to fix it?


  11. So is it just me or does anyone else have the problem of logging in to your town and after trying to carry out on to the next task or challenge you seem to get kicked off over and over no matter how often you try to log back in? I already uninstalled and reinstalled he app, but I see no difference? Seems like a sever problem any ideas or thoughts on how to fix this problem? Please help me, I’m stuck!


  12. Add me cobi187


  13. Karen hardaker

    Add me karenandpa80 please


  14. The aspirational items are gone from my store. Were they deleted from the game?


  15. I’m going to delete this game I’ve played it for 2 years and it gets dumber and dumber . Quests over and over and over it is so boring


    • It’s the simpsons, it’s supposed to be dumb. Game mechanics are much more difficult to design, test, and debug than many realize. The last game I worked on took two years to do that part. For a game like this, I can understand why they picked a process and stuck with it because content wins out over mechanics in this genre. Maybe it’s just not the game for you.


  16. Hey, daily player looking to add more friends.
    Level 56!


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