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Server Issues (4/15/20)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Seeing more and more comments popup about Server Issues.  I have my suspicions about this but I want to do a little poll to see if I’m right.

Also, I occasionally have a connection issue (Bart Screen of Death).  When this happens to me…I hard/force close the game and restart it.  This means I go into open applications and force close TSTO. If you don’t know how to do this on your device here’s a few links: Apple, Android, and Amazon.
Note: The Android stuff is general for all Android devices.  To get help for your specific advice do an internet search “How to Force Close an App On ____” and fill in with your specific device. 

Also, another note.  If you’re still having issues you can always Contact EA.  And here’s the quick link do that: Contact EA Directly

Also, here’s the current EA Outage Map…looking at this you can kind of see where my suspicion lies for the outages.


Anyway, if you’re having connectivity issues please take a moment do to the poll below:

Here’s the direct link if you’re having trouble seeing it on this post. 

Here’s hoping you’re tapping soon!

Why Does TSTO Re-download Every Time I Open My Game?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Happy final hours of Halloween! (finally!) While we all await the final countdown, and for something new to hit our games, I thought I’d take a minute this morning to tackle a very common question we see in the comments (and through email).  Here’s an example of the question:

“Can you please tell me why every morning for the past 2 weeks my game downloads everything again?
I’ve been playing this game for at least 5 years and it’s never done this. “

The answer, my friends, is pretty simple.  You need to free up some space on your device.

TSTO is a GIANT suck on the storage of your device and requires you to have roughly 5GB of FREE space to playUpdate 2021: This post was originally written back in 2018…We now recommend at least 15GB free.    When it redownloads the game every time you start to play it you simply need to free up some space so you have at least 5 GB free (preferably more) and it will stop.  Well, it’ll download one more time, but then it won’t do it again.  Well, it’ll do it again every time there’s an actual update but it won’t do it daily.

Nice and easy fix for something that, I’m sure, is driving a bunch of you crazy!

Onto the next update!

If You Are Getting Popups On the Addicts Site…READ THIS

OK. Let’s just be honest about it…there are a ton of bad folks out there trying to mess with our site, and every other site in the world.  It’s in the headlines. It’s all over the web…and yes…you may be getting some of the same annoying Pop-Ups while others who go to the same sites do not.

You may be screaming…”WHY ME?????”

Well…as it turns out, it could be partly “user error.”  If you are using any device in the iWorld (pads, phones, books, laptops) you are likely really OK when it comes to Malware. Apple actually does a pretty good job.  HOWEVER…it doesn’t protect you from pop-ups on web sites. If you don’t have pop-up blockers installed in your browsers…you might consider it.

But there are actually a couple of common sense things you can do, to get rid of those nasty popups and “YOU MIGHT HAVE WON AN AMAZON GIFT CARD” notices.

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Fine Arts Museum and Game Freezing

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just popping in with a quick note.  I’m seeing more and more comments come across about your game freezing when you unlock the Fine Arts Museum (first prize of Act 1) in Springfield.

A couple of tips to try first…..

-Make sure you have enough land open to place the museum in Springfield.  When you unlock it it’s searching for a plot of land to be placed on, if you don’t have one available the search won’t stop.

-Wait when you unlock it.  The game may seem frozen but give 30 seconds to a minute (in some cases longer).  My game appeared frozen for about 30 seconds but then it allowed me to place it.

-If it is, in fact, frozen, try a hard close and restart and wait again.

If those steps don’t help Contact EA.

Thanks guys!  Hope those tips help out!


Solving Current Server Connectivity Issue

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Loads of you have been complaining you’re not able to get into TSTO, you get the server error message.  This is happening to some of you, but not all TSTO players. (I’m currently

Addicts Community Member Ebron has been dealing with this too & she’s been graciously communicating back and forth with EA about the issue.  So I’ve been posting her comments in various posts (you can find some info at the top of this post)

Yesterday, Ebron posted a solution to fixing the server issues & was gracious enough to grab a screenshot of the solution as well…for those who don’t read every comment.  Here’s the solution:

Now I know this isn’t feasible for everyone…as not everyone has a second device they can use but this should help a majority of you.  Even if you borrow a friend, parent, significant other’s device to do this quickly.

For those that can’t do this…your best bet is to contact EA or go to their forum and add your “Me Too” to their post.


Servers Down

Updates: Just a couple little updates…

Some of you are reporting you’re back in.  Some are still out.  I’m one of those who still can’t get into the game…but hopefully we’ll all be in shortly.

4:30pm ET From AWS:

Update at 1:12 PM PST: S3 object retrieval, listing and deletion are fully recovered now. We are still working to recover normal operations for adding new objects to S3.

Update at 12:52 PM PST: We are seeing recovery for S3 object retrievals, listing and deletions. We continue to work on recovery for adding new objects to S3 and expect to start seeing improved error rates within the hour.

3:45pm ET:
I wasn’t clear in my post below, cause I honestly didn’t think it was too important, this is Amazon Web Services that’s down (East Coast Server).  EA (and many, many, MANY other companies) utilize AWS.  So this outage has little to do with EA.
You can check out this article:

You can also check AWS Dashboard for updates here:

Or their Twitter Feed @AWSCloud .  I’ll try to update this post with updated tweets from them as I see them.  The latest from about 3pm Eastern Time:

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Bringing back an Addicts classic…with fond memories of Cguy:

They’re up
They’re down,
They’re down and up and down
down, down, down
up, up, up,
The EA Distraction Show!

Admitedly the server outages are A LOT better than they were 3 years ago, BUT it’s still fun to bring back a classic Addicts song 😉

You may be seeing this in TSTO right now…

2014-01-29 21.25.47

Servers are down for many…

It appears it’s an issue with the East Coast servers (which impact more than just the East Coast), from what I’m gathering.  Hopefully they’re up soon…

In the meantime here are a few fun riddles to keep you entertained:

1) Why is this right?


2) Homer has with him Baby Maggie, his dog, and a jar of poisons that look like delicious candy. (Homer: Oh, why did I take my baby and my dog with me when I went to buy poison! And why do the poison has to look so delicious!?) He needs to get all three across the river. He can only take one of them at a time in his rowboat. He can’t leave Maggie with the poison. He can’t leave the dog with Maggie. He CAN leave the dog with the Poison. How does he do this?

3) Wednesday, Lenny and Carl went to a restaurant and ate dinner. When they were done they paid for the food and left. But Lenny and Carl didn’t pay for the food. Who did?

Have fun and hopefully we’re back up soon!

Addicts Housekeeping Notes: Osaka Post Updates, Airplane Timer & Cleatus

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a quick post about a couple of changes we made/issues we’re seeing from you guys in the comments….

First on the Osaka Flu


I’ve updated the post to correct my mistake about the payouts when you level up..Now that I’ve had this (leveling up) happen to me, and leveled up, I can tell you that when you level up you’ll add an additional Osaka Virus to your town.  So you can end up with a total of 5 Osaka Viruses roaming your town…

Now on the Plane Ticket Timer..


Many of you are noting that your Timer isn’t working.  You leave the game and it doesn’t continue to count down from the 20m mark.  Instead it restarts at 20m when you go back into your game.

Of course you should contact EA with any bugs you’re experiencing in your game, you can contact them here.

But an Addicts Reader has posted a solution that’s worked for them (I also put this at the top of the Norbert post):

On kindle hard close kindle. Start again. Open tsto. Keep game open until first 20 min cycle completes. Stay in your Springfield. Keep it active . Do not visit krusty land. Do not visit neighbors. This fixed it permanently for me. Only have a Kindle to check it on though.

Although they state this works for Kindles, try it on other devices as well if you’re having a problem.  See if that helps.  If not, contact EA.

And finally on missing Cleatus…


A few of you are reporting you’ve stored him initially and he’s disappeared. I would remind you to check your entire inventory for him (not just the character section), as there are times when new characters (and items) aren’t categorized yet.

If you’ve checked your entire inventory and you still can’t find him than contact EA, you can contact them here.

And that’s it my friends.  A few notes about issues we’re seeing!

I’ll be back in a bit with some more pressing Should I Buy posts…including the returning items that are leaving our games shortly…


Lingering Winter Event Bugs

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just popping in real quick with a couple of notes about issues happening in the game that we’ve been seeing over and over in the comments over the last week or so.  I meant to get this done last week, but work just got crazy so here it is now for those of you who haven’t already asked in the comments…

So main two things (and i’m sure more) are going around in the game right now…Martin’s Ice Castle Task and the XP bar getting stuck an an open box.  Here’s a quick look at how to address each issue…

Addict Tech Support

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EA Origin Servers are Having Issues…Merry Christmas!

22 December: Problems at EA

EA is having issues since 10:48 AM EST.

This is from the alert status at

No way of knowing how long the problems will persist, but it is creating a problem with logging into the game, give you a “YOU HAVE BEEN LOGGED OUT” message. Even using your proper Origin ID does not solve the problem.


Wait it out.  Do NOT go through the nightmare of trying to reset your password, or contact EA for help.  We will give you a notice when the issue is resolved.

So relax. Go watch a nice Christmas movie…or learn all of the words to “Here we come a Wassailing”…or better yet, MAKE some Wassail. It is LOADED with happy holiday booze.

Chillax. This is par for the course…

UPDATE– The system seems to be back up, sporadically. Make sure you use your Origin email and password… do not be freaked out by “your game has been logged into another device.”  It is just the system resetting and recognizing your padular device.


Error Logging In to TSTO

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Many of you have been reporting about issues you have getting into your game.  It tells you that you’ve been logged out and then when you try to log back in it tells you there’s an error and you can’t get back into your game. (And Patric wrote about some issues over the weekend)

We’ve seen this before…just a few months ago.  And it impacted a certain segment of the TSTO Server.  EA is aware of this too…in fact last week they made a post on their TSTO Facebook Page to indicate what to do if you’re impacted:


Those links are:


Initially I didn’t think too much of it (which is why I didn’t post about their post over the weekend).  As it’s happened before, and usually once EA is aware of it it’s resolved quickly.

However…it’s now becoming more widespread.  I’m seeing loads more reports of the lock out happening.  And in fact it just happened to me about 30 minutes ago.  My game worked fine all day…and then all of a sudden I was locked out.

However, I was able to get back into my game, by following the reset password method.  So I do recommend trying that.

It is concerning that it’s becoming more widespread, and hopefully EA can resolve the issue soon for everyone impacted.

And I know the question on everyone’s mind is….are they going to extend Halloween?  At the moment, I don’t think it’s widespread enough to cause them to extend the event.  It’s very rare that we see them extend an event unless nearly every player is impacted.  So the best thing I can tell you to do is try resetting your password, or contacting EA to get back into your game as quickly as possible.