Red Blazer Realty Guide

We here at Addicts would like to provide you with as much up to date information as possible.  Thanks to Addicts writer Bunny for putting this guide together!

In case you didn’t know, the purchase prices of the buildings in the top 8 Tier Levels.  decrease in price until they hit their base cost. (New multipliers are 4X, 4X, 3X, 2X, 1.6X, 1.4X, 1.3X, and 1.3X.) The starting point/most expensive is the building at the top level (like the New Level 58 Buildings). Many are just starting on their TSTO tapping adventure, some are a few levels behind. For what ever reason it may be, below is an updated list of the current costs to purchase a building. The list is here to help you in your quest for information.

The building price guide is broken into sections: Springfield, Squidport, and Krustyland. You will also notice the 8 upper level Springfield buildings will have their base price listed next to them, their current pricing, and the multiplier that created the current cost (base cost x multiplier=current cost). This will help when the next level is released. These lists will ONLY contain buildings (and a few decorations required for quest area).

Springfield Listings

Squidport Listings

Krustyland Listings


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  1. How do I ope general hospital quest

  2. Did they add an additional multiplier with this latest update?

    • No… that page is being updated… go to the actual individual buildings… like springfield… you will see all the correct payouts. The cover page isn’t done yet.

  3. Thanks for explaining Bunny. I’m still fuzzy on the multipliers but your explanation cleared up the other stuff for me. Thank you!

  4. I’m sorry, but this is all very confusing to me. I’m not sure why it’s not clicking for just me, as it seems no one else is asking…but are you saying that the prices of buildings goes down; thus, those of us who already have buildings can expect late arrivers to pay less than we did? What are the multipliers multiplying? What are they related to? Am I the only one who doesn’t get this? Calgon, take me away!

    • Lemme see if I can explain through an example to help…

      Think of it like this… If you WANT a new iPhone the MOMENT it is released… it is gonna cost you. It is at it’s FULL markup price (most every product in life has a base cost). EVERYONE wants it right now and the price isn’t even really looked at. So people buy buy buy to be first to have it and play with it. If you wait a few months, that same phone is not so popular, maybe another came out… so it’s price is lowered. If you wait a year, it may now be dirt cheap as no one really pays mind to it anymore and 5 more new phones has since them been released.

      It basically is one of those things that if you get it RIGHT NOW, you will pay to do so. If you wait, it’s cost will go down and down and down til it hits the lowest price it can go (base). It has nothing to do with “late arrivers” as I intentionally leave my game 2 or 3 levels behind because the money earned in that game is not as high as my other. THAT is what it comes down to. If you are at the top most level and got it all, you may not care of cost as you are DYING for something to spend that $$$ on in the game as it just sits there otherwise.

      So for the game… EA sets a “lowest price possible” for a building. This is the base cost. The cheapest EA is willing to expect for the item. So to figure out the cost of an item. They release it into the game at the HIGHEST price point. The one they expect players to pay if they want it right now.

      Base Price (in red) x Current Level Multiplier (next to the top 8 Levels in guide) = Current Cost in game (in black next to the base cost)

      Short story long… if you wait, you will pay less. But if you have the money, just buy it now. 😉

  5. What’s the lowest price for the Ziffcorp Sign?

  6. I was wondering is there a more detailed write up abt this cost of buildings? I still could not understand how it works.

    • What more info do you need? It is all in there.

      A building is released and it starts at 4X its base price (price in red). As another new level comes out, it moves down. Then again and again and again, until it no longer has any multipliers and hits its base price. There are currently 8 Multipliers in place for the top 8 levels (46-38)

      So right now we are on level 46, so all buildings are 4X their base price. Level 45 4x, Level 44 3x, Level 43 2x, 41 1.6x….etc.

      Each new level bumps the previous ones down a notch.

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    • It’s in the behind the game section 🙂

      Hmm we never had Facebok login for comments….maybe it was something that was turned on over the switch but once all of our data transferred to the new site it reset it back to normal. I’ll look into it 🙂

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