Complete Tapped Out Character Guide

This page is a constant work in progress but here you’ll find the complete guide to all of the TSTO Characters, their tasks and how/when they arrive in the game.

Here’s a Complete List of Characters That Have been Added into the Game:

Last update September 30th, 2016

This list contains characters only and does not include Costumes (skins) or NPCs (Non-Playable Characters).  For a list of costumes, and the characters they apply to check out this post.  For NPCs, check out the list below the main character list on this page…

(P)= Premium Character            (L)= Limited Time Character
(*)= Costume Available for that Character

Agnes Skinner
Akira (P)
Amber Simpson (P) (L)
Arnie Pye (P)
Artie Ziff
Baby Gerald (L)
Barney (P)*
Bart Simpson*
Barbarian (L)*
Becky (P) (L)
Belle (P)
Brandine (L)
Buck McCoy (P) (L)
Bumblebee Man (P)
Cecil Terwilliger (L)
Charcoal Briquette (L)
Chief Wiggum*
Citizen Solar (P) (L)
Coach Krupt (P)
Cocoa Beanie
Comic Book Guy*
Cookie Kawn
Crazy Cat Lady (P)
Cregg Demon (L)
Dame Judith Underdunk (L)
Declan Desmond
Dewey Largo (P)
Doggy Smithers (P) (L)
Don Vittorio (P)
Dr. Colossus (P) (L)
Dr. Crab (L)
Dr. Hibbert
Dr. Marvin Monroe (P)
Dr. Nick (P)
Dr. Robert Terwilliger (L)
Drederick Tatum (P)*
Duffman (P)*
Fallout Boy
Fat Tony
Fr. Sean (L)
Fatov (L)
Francesca Terwilliger (P) (L)
Frank Grimes (P)
Frankie the Squealer
Freddy Quimby
French Waiter (P)
Furious D (P) (L)
Gabbo & Arthur (L)
George Washington (P) (L)
Gina Vendetti
Ginger Flanders (P) (L)

Gino Terwilliger (P) (L)
Giuseppe Granfinali (L)

Greta Wolfcastle (P)
Groundskeeper Seamus (P) (L)
Groundskeeper Willie*
Gummy Joe (L)
Hank Scorpio (P)
Hans Moleman (P)
Helen Lovejoy
Herb Powell (P)
Jacqueline Bouvier (P) (L)
Janey Powell
Jasper (P)*
Jay (L)
Jesse Grass (P)
Jessica Lovejoy (P)
Jimbo (P)
Johnny Tightlips (P)
Jub-Jub (P)
Kang (L)*
Kearney (P)
Kearney’s Other Son (L)
Kent Brockman*
King Winter (L) (P)
Kodos (L) (P)*
LadyBot (P) (L)
Laird Ladd (P) (L)
Lance Murdock
Laura Powers (P)
Lindsey Naegle
Ling Bouvier (P) (L)
Lisa Simpson*
Luann (P)*
Lucille Botzcowski (P) (L)
Lucious Sweet (L)
Lugash (P)
Luke Stetson (P) (L)
Lunch Lady Dora
Lurleen Lumpkin (P)
Maggie Simpson*
Manjula (P)
Matt Groening
Marge Simpson*
Maude Flanders (Ghost) (P)(L)
Mayor Quimby*
Michael D’Amico
Milo (P) (L)
Mindy (L)
Molloy (P)
Mona Simpson (L)
Mooch Bart (L)
Mr. Costington (L)
Mr. Teeny
Mrs. Muntz
Mrs. Quimby
Mrs. Sinclair (L)
Mutant Rabbit (L)

Ned Flanders*
Number 1 (L)
Number 51 (L) (P)
Old Jewish Man
Old King Coal (L)
Paris Texan
Patches & Poor Violent (L)
Patty Bouvier
Policeman Eddie
Policeman Lou
Petroleus Rex (P)(L)
Plopper (P) (L)
President Lisa (P) (L)
Princess Kashmir (P)
Princess Penelope
Principal Skinner*
Prof. Frink (P)*
Radioactive Man (P) (L)
Ray Paterson (L)
Rev. Lovejoy
Rich Texan (P)
Richard Nixon (P) (L)
Robo Burns (P) (L)
Rockstar Maggie (P) (L)
Rod Flanders
Roger Myers Jr
Roscoe (P) (L)
Ruth Powers
Sea Captain
Sebastian Cobb
Sherri and Terri (P)
Sideshow Bob*
Sideshow Mel (P)
Snow Monster (P) (L)
Sophie Krustofski (P) (L)
Space Coyote (P) (L)
Space Mutant (L)
Squeaky Voiced Teen (P)
Stacy Lovell (P)
Stephen Hawking (L)
Superintendent Chalmers
Teddy Roosevelt (P) (L)
The Collider (P) (L)
The Fracker (P) (L)
The Grumple (L)
The Scout Master (L) (P)
Todd Flanders
Tribal Indian Chief (L)
Uter (P)
Windlad (P) (L)
Wise Guy
Zutroy (L)

By my count there are 210 total playable characters.  This total does not include the NPCs below, or costumes for characters.

Non-Playable Characters
Annual Gift Man Fire Eater Pet Mutant Seedling
Birthday Spuckler Formless Terror Pet Snake
Blue Funzo Freedom Pink Funzo
Bob Clone Short Frink’s Robot Dog Pokey
Bob Clone Tall Frog Prince Purple Funzo
Bob Clone Thin Frosty the Hitman R.O.S.A.
Bonestorm Santa Handsome Pete Robot
Bulldozer-saurus Helter Skelter Senile Zombie
Bunny #24601 Homer Dog Shuffling Zombie
Burns Monster Human Statue Snarling Zombie
Candy Kevin Imaginary Bear Snowball II
Capital City Goofball IRS Drone Springy
Casino Nessie Juggler Squawky
Chippy K9 Officer Star Spawn
Chirpy Boy & Bart Jr King Snorky Street Cleaner
Christmas Racoon Leprechaun Talking Krusty Doll
Clawing Zombie Lumpy The Raven
Crazy Zombie Mayan God Tumbleweed
Dancing Reindeer Mecha Hawk Turkey
Disco Zombie Mime Two-Nicorn
Drone Model Donut Western Snake
Dubya Spuckler Mojo Whitney Spuckler
Egg Council Guy Mutant Peacock Yupprechaun
Evil Homer Norther Irish Leprechaun
Fiddler Pet Mutant Plant

There are currently 73 Non-Playable Characters…

Looking for more?  Want to know about some female characters that aren’t yet in the game, but we think they should be?  Check out The Real Housewives of Springfield!

Also check out Mad Men of Springfield
The Kidz Aren’t Alright


52 responses to “Complete Tapped Out Character Guide

  1. Is this up to date or still last updated in 2016? Thanks! 🙂


  2. Queenofdiamonds

    Will any of the mutant characters return to the store? I’m missing the green blob one, the only character I don’t have for some reason and it’s bugging me!


  3. OccasionalTapper

    I’ve seen this weird misshapen character that does a spinning jump kick. It’s head kinda looks like a smiling fortune cookie. It also has white sneakers and no upper limbs.

    What or who is this?


  4. Hello! Does anyone knows who is and how do i get that big lady that chews a light pole sometimes and other times walks around in a pink towel rubbing herself with a bath brush? I’ve taken some prints but i don’t know how to put them here.


  5. Hello
    I was doing the quest line cor Nelson mum and it got to the point where I need to get the rich Texan and one other character I just looked in the store and they have disappeared can anyone help?


  6. What is that new robot who showed up after the thanksgiving 2016 update? Is that for a future story line?


  7. Thanks for all the hard work you do. Your site is a must whenever a new event comes out.

    This is an extremely useful guide, but I’m only counting 208 playable characters shown (as of Sep 30). I figured out one of the missing Sgt. Skinner (L).


  8. Hello I’m Kevin Karcher I’m new here & I want to ask this
    I would like some help on getting one of favorite Simpsons Women
    Characters Mindy Simmons & Madam Chaos building into the game early
    this is a very hard Character to get
    please help me thanks.


  9. My mosr favourite eppisode in the world is the simpsons,its My favourite show in the whole inter world. Please keep on making them.


  10. What are the lettes for the number1 skit


  11. Can I still get the Bubbleman ??? I’ve read he gives away Pacifiers. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Happy 2016 !!!!!!!


    • There’s no Bubbleman.


    • The only way to get binkies is to tap Imaginary Friends in your town or your friend’s towns, by sending Maggie on a task, tapping the Slide Factory every 6 hours to get 135 of them or by doing the Maggie Questline. Also, Number One can produce 15 lattes by going on the task “Control the Latte Market” for 60 minutes and Cookie Kwan can produce 1000 Realstate with the 8 hour task of “Advertise Springfield Heights”. Happy Tapping 🙌


  12. Aloha! Need help with Gina Vendetti. Can’t find her in the list above & no results with custom search link on the site. Bought her during the Halloween Event. (Kinda regretting it now, especially since so far all her tasks are done indoors) & haven’t been able to unlock her last 2 quests. The first of the two I can’t unlock is “Practice knife tricks” Still shows locked. Doesn’t say it “Requires anyone or anything”. Nothing triggers it. All characters free of tasks/quests & available, doesn’t trigger it to start either. Please help.



  13. Not sure if my comment posted.

    Am i able to get Sideshow Bobs family still? (Missed the event)


  14. Who’s the stripper chick with the cowgirl boots on in the b-list celebrities group and how in the world do I get her? I have EVERY single other character but her and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to do so. I think she has something to do with Shotgun Pete’s.


  15. Hi, how can I see the character sets that I have obtained? I just completed the Flanders family, and I noticed that I could collect $1000 but I forgot to click collect. Is there a way to go back and collect it?


  16. Hi! What character does a job that makes him look like Joker from batman while holding some sort of a bucket? I saw this from my neighbors and I’m guessing it’s Kearney, idk. But I think it’s a kid. And what task is it?


  17. What character uses the “therapy” lounger? I saw a neighbor using it but can’t recall who’s job it was and now I can’t find it!

    Btw, love, love your website…I check in almost daily!


  18. Hi there! Is there a guide to show which buildings you can store to cancel a character’s action? I forget which ones bring them into the game. Thank you!


  19. Hi again, I think it would be good to link people like Frink, Dr Nick, SVT, etc to their “Should I buy” pages. All of the information anybody is looking for on a character is there. Basically you’ve done all of the hard work but not linking to it here makes it more difficult to find.

    Thanks again


    • Many of these we were updating and in the progress of cleaning up when the event hit. Once it slows down…we will clean them up again. 😉

      Just other things took priority. The way the page looks now is actually really new.

      Liked by 1 person

  20. Hi, thanks for Hugo, that’s great.
    2 of my favourite characters are Prof Frink and Dr Nick (sadly no character pages for either) and I’m saving (it’s gonna be a long haul!) to buy either/both of them but wondered whether either/both are fully voiced characters as it might influence my decision.
    Thanks as ever for all your hard work and sage advice.


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