While it will always be a work in progress, consider this page your Tour Guide of The Simpsons Tapped Out! The TSTO Walkthroughs will guide you through each level of the game and provide you with valuable insight on what you’ll need to progress through a level.

Happy Tapping!

Level Walkthroughs

Premium Walkthroughs
(Premium characters)

Expansion Walkthroughs

Miscellaneous Walkthroughs

Limited Time Event Walkthroughs
Events/Episode Tie-Ins/Limited-Time Characters)


84 responses to “Walkthroughs

  1. What are the broken/cracked tokens used for? I just purchased the donut bundle that includes cracked tokens and a character and now I don’t see the tokens in my inventory 🤷🏻‍♀️

  2. Little Lisa’s Recycling Plant gives out blueprints as a reward, what are they used for?

  3. Zoo Walkthroughs

  4. Quiero rosquillas

  5. Je voudrais des belles de l’argent gratuit dans les Simpson

  6. Cool

  7. Hogy kell csinlalni h legyen tobb fankod?

  8. Quero 99999999999 rosquinhas

  9. Well I just got the big robot in act 3 so I noticed I can get evil homer the one that schemes. But idk how can anyone help ?? Did I mid my chance to get him ??

  10. Megan adlamnoel

    Im in springfield heights but it took away my ability to buy items using my furniture and or coffee cups. I tried looking up online and it says i need to go through it again or something . im so confused. Please help . im in the red sayin im over my amount to buy but cant! It doesnt show up in the store.

  11. Jennifer Green

    I placed the new railway station. I made one track but when I try to get more garbage to recycle the dump won’t open when I tap on it.

    • Any answer to this issue? Having the same problem. Looks to be some kind of loading error for Springfield dump.

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