2D/3D Designs

Town too boring? Looking too much like all your other neighbors? Why not add a few unique items that YOU create to give your town a custom look, not too mention it will make your neighbors envious….

You can check out some design inspiration here:

2D Designs

3D Designs

Springfield Showoff…Your Towns, Your Designs!

Addicts Design Guides

Here’s a little more from Bunny about the differences in 2D vs 3D:

Images, designs, and/or words that 
lay flat in your TSTO towns. This could be as simple as writing a name to the extreme of using over 1000 decorations to make an intricate photo across your land. The items seem to flow seamlessly into your land. These type of designs usually take up just the area you predetermine. You can also use the “wording” to leave a small message to a neighbor (if you are not in contact in one of the blogs/social sites already). Something like, “Hi, Joe!” It adds a little more options and a fun way to communicate that is currently not available in the game for us (hint hint EA).




Decorations that seem to almost grow out/pop out of your land. Rising anywhere from a little bit to several stories into the air. You can make a building look like it is on a higher level than the surrounding ones, make water appear to flow from a mountaintop down into a lake below, make steps leading up up up into a location or down down down under ground. You can also make extra building or structures that you are wanting, but are not available in the game. Like a parking garage, addition to a house, or extra wings/rooms for the hospital. Many times this type of design takes up a large amount of land due to you need the space to make the “step-up” or “step down” to another level.



You can always mix the 2D & 3D together.



Either way, they add a unique look to your town. The possibilities are endless. They also help to make your town stand out from the others.

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  1. Esteban Villalobos

    Visiten mi página de instagram: @los simpson springfield Tapped , también me pueden agregar en el juego como : villacolorex, soy nivel 939

  2. Esteban Villalobos

    Visiten mi página de instagram: los simpson springfield Tapped , también me pueden agregar en el juego como : villacolorex, soy nivel 939

  3. Do people do this for others? I’m sick of my springfield being a mess and I have neither the patience nor creativity to make it look amazing. I’ve gotten my krustyland perfect, but just can’t do my springfield 🙁

    • If I had the time and it was OK for me to go into another players game, I would have fun making these for others. 😉

      You should still try to do a basic one using the tutorials. Try something small and simple and see what happens. 😉

      • So no one does these for others?
        Would be a genius business idea

        • Lol. Many have asked me. It’s just very risky on both players parts to give someone access to your town. They could sale everything and use all your donuts and $$$.

          So access by anyone other than EA is frowned upon. Though if person was sitting next to me, I’d feel safer. Keep an eye on them. Lol

      • idontwantanewID

        any comments how to fix this up a bit? this is my first shot at 2D..

        • Looks really great.

          Biggest challenge is rounding out corners and still making it flow OK. You did well.

          EXtra options IF you want to try them….
          If you have any propane tanks you can use them for the white in his eyes.

          The top left corner maybe curve in a lil more up top.

          Try newspaper dispenser for red in the nose instead of trash bins.

          Those are just some side options. Outside that… seriously… great line work and coloring. Awesome job. 😉

      • Hello,
        Would you like to do it for me?
        A remodeling??

    • Little late, but I’d love to

    • I’d love to… what are u looking for….

  4. For those interested in all things 2D and 3D, I found this interesting bit on part of Intel’s site. Here’s the URL: http://iq-realsense.intel.com/mindblown/

  5. ive created a simple design

  6. Where is the instructions for the picture with the Buddhist building and the whit house? I want to create the stairs and can’t find the link on the step by step instructions

  7. These are Amazing! I had to “borrow” a few of the ideas I’ve seen here..It’s given me quite a bit of inspiration. Thanks to you all. I am So glad I found this site. The people are wonderful and the content is Fantastic!
    A HUGE thanks and BRAVO to the Admins and contributors of this page!

  8. Bunny, I like all the 2D & 3D stuff…

    Q: When the special themed events happen, how much stuff do you buy so that you have “enough” for future possible designs? Kinda hard to guage for a newbie that wants to eventually add that aspect.


  9. Please tell me that you have an MA in Art or Design or something! You are blessed with such talent.. By the way, I am new to this site & so far I am really impressed. Great vibes :)…….X

    • Me? No, no degrees. I just always created things since I was really really lil. I have pictures in my head and try to find ways to put them to paper, or in this case, into my towns. Lol.

      Thanks for the compliments. 😉

      I have fun with what I do. We all love it here. Always try to keep this a fun place to be…that is what a game should be…FUN! 😉

  10. The designs here are so impressive. I am totally in awe of them. The Frink design is breathtaking. Thanks for sharing :)…..X

  11. Is there a section on how to do basic 3D designs please. They are more tricky than they look! Thanks X

  12. WOW and WOW. Some of these designs are just fabulous. The one of Frink just takes my breath away. Thank you all for sharing 🙂

  13. Ant the giant medium-sided ant

    Hey guys. I tried to make a 2D Fry in my town but I’m not so happy with the results. I couldn’t find a way to post a picture on here but I could use some tips on 2D construction and the like. I’d also like to make Blinky too if you have any suggestions on that one :). Thanks for all you guys do.

    Ps how do I make an account on here?

    • So many questions. Awesome! For pics, are you looking to just link them or send them or take them? We can help with all.

      2D help…to be honest it’s all trial and error until you get a feel for what works. If anything, email us a screenshot and I’d be happy to offer advice. TSTOADDICTSBLOG@GMAIL.COM

      Gravatar help.

  14. Hey, what’s the focus for 2D Day? I understand what tomorrow is… 😉

  15. Bunny, was trying to make a martini glass out of snapdragons…it didn’t turn out so well…made a little box but that was too dull…have other ideas but this spring weather we’re having today is calling me outside…I expect to get some work done in my KL this evening…hope I don’t need to “stitch” it…
    Hope you are well now!!! 🙂

    • So…you are saying that you want ME to take care of it for you? Pssssh. Typical man. 😛

      • Noooo…I didn’t see “stitching” in your description of what you wanted…NONONO…don’t you go outta your way for me…besides, all I was thinking of doing is to spruce up the Love Tunnel…you know what I mean, so that wouldn’t need stitched…unless stitching is what you’re after this week…you can leave me out if you like!!! I only started my park in early January so I’ve not had as much time as most others…you have spoiled me with your kindness, Bunny…thank you thank you thank you!!! 🙂
        On another note, is it okay if I ask people(my neighbors) to come to your site to say “Hey”…??? I already made the “sign”… will change it but I just thought y’all might welcome some free advertising since maybe half of my peeps are from elsewhere, before your site went up…
        Again, thank you, Bunny…really. 🙂

        • Everyone is welcome here 🙂

          Invite any and every one. Lol

          I’m here to help and happy to whenever I can Freak. You know this. 😉

      • I just got Squeaky voiced teen in my weekly mystery box!!! Woohoo!!!
        I forgot to tell you I used bunnies for quotation marks in the sign and also, after I got that donut from your town this morning, EA ran me off with the “Social butterfly” message…so I’ve not done any visiting since…

  16. Be vehwee vehwee careful if passing through my state, Bunny…it’s wabbit season til the end of this month…

  17. Can you list all of your “the addicts” user names? Or are they listed somewhere on the sight?
    I would love to add you all and see what your springfields look like.

    Thank you!

    • Sorry, my town is currently full and I have many pending or I’d love to add more. My B town is undergoing a remodel. I’ll be posting pics of its progress soon. 😉

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