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Here at TSTO Addicts our goal is to provide addicted tappers, new and old, with a resource for all things Tapped Out.  The TSTO Addicts team will try our best everyday to provide you with the most recent and up-to-date info about Tapped Out, as well as countless tips and tricks for making your gaming experience better!

We are not EA, we don’t work for EA, FOX or any TSTO affiliates.  We just enjoy playing the game, and are also really helpful!  We’ve aimed to answer many of the most common questions already, so check out the search box or start browsing the site to see if your question has already been answered.  If you’re having a problem playing TSTO, and don’t see your question already answered, just post your question here or on the Questions page and we’ll do our best to find the answer for you.  If you’ve found an answer to a question or problem, and would like to share it with others, feel free to add it to the comments here or on the Questions page (don’t worry we’ll be sure to give you credit!).  You can also reach us via e-mail at anytime: TSTOAddictsblog@gmail.com.

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Remember this site is meant to be fun, so everyone is encouraged to share your opinions (positive or negative) but please check the hate at the door!

Happy Tapping!
Wookiee, Patric, Safi & Alissa

The faces behind the posts:

 Alissa PNG
Alissa (yes that is my REAL name): I’m in my early 30s and the baby of the blog (but not by much!).  I’m the “head addict”, in that I started everything you see here (with the help of an old childhood friend).  And I strive every day to make it the fun place you know and love!
Born and raised in the “fist bumping” state of New Jersey, where I currently reside with my amazing husband, daughter, Riley (a.k.a the “Tiny Addict”), and son, Sam (a.k.a the “Baby Addict”).  I’m a (sometimes) proud graduate of Rutgers University…with a degree in English.   As for my “real job””…I know, I have a job besides this blog?  Really?! Surprises me too!… I do sales and marketing for a metal manufacturing company.
My husband, Riley, Sam, and I are avid baseball fans, and spend loads of time during baseball season going to games 🙂

Birthday: June 19th
Favorite Simpsons Character
: I love them all…but like Marge my favorite would have to be good ole’ Homey.   Such a lovable oaf!
Favorite Episode: “Homer At Bat”.  I giggle every time I watch it, especially now when I see the Simpsonized Cartoons of Donnie Baseball, The Rocket, the Strawman…and others.
Favorite TSTO time of year: Christmas!!!!
Favorite TSTO Character: Duffman…mostly because I love when he says “Duffman is here to refill your beer!”
Favorite TSTO Building: Duff Stadium.  How could I not love a baseball stadium?!
Favorite TSTO task: Hank Scorpio’s Test Flame Thrower!  It makes me giggle every time!
Aspirations in Life: Take over the world?  Does that count?  🙂
Embarrassing Confession: While on my honeymoon in Jamaica a few years ago, I was forced to go “off the grid” (and to keep it that way my husband locked my phone in the safe!), meaning no tapping and no blog!  I would literally be on a float in the middle of the Caribbean Ocean, 80-degree weather, drink in my hand and turn to my husband and say “I wonder how the blog is doing…”  “I hope they didn’t blow up the blog”
Check out Alissa (Riley & Sam) on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/addictsalissa/
More about Alissa (including how Addicts started) can be found here

Wookiee PNGWookiee Avatar in real life

Note from Alissa: Wookiee is a full-time student, working on his masters, and works full-time As much as he’d like to, his schedule doesn’t always allow him the flexibility to write posts for Addicts these days (although you never know when he may pop in with a post or two).  He is still very much a part of this site (and always will be), just mostly behind the scenes.  He does try to make appearances on Addicts Live when his schedule allows, and that’s generally the best way to find him on this site.  You can also find him on his weekly Podcast, Laugh it Up Fuzzball.

Wookiee:  30 something father of three.  Served almost 14 years in the USAF and going to school to be a history teacher (hence all my free time for this mess).

Real Name: Joey or Joe (or Joey Joe Joe Junior Shabadoo)
Birthday: May 16th
Favorite Simpsons Character: Comic Book Guy.  I am an uber-geek at heart. Star Wars, comic books, science fiction, fantasy, cosplay, occassional Trek.  He is everything that is good with the world (besides the obesity lol).
Favorite Episode: Season 4, Episode 12 (Marge vs. the Monorail)This is arguably the best episode.  It was written by Conan O’Brien AND Leonard Nimoy made a cameo!
Favorite TSTO time of year: Halloween
Favorite TSTO Character: The Rich Texan (just his sayings make this an easy one for me. After all, “America’s not a place for seatbelt-wearing cowards.”
Favorite TSTO Building: Abe Lincoln’s Cabin.  I’m a huge history buff so having one of the Best. Presidents. Ever. in my town is righteous!
Favorite TSTO task: Without a question, CBG’s 12 hour Cosplay Task. Although not a trekkie, anything that pays homage to my fellow geeks and/or sci-fi has my love.
Aspirations in Life: To write fiction for a living and to someday record an album of my own music.  It hopefully is obvious I like to write words but I also really love to sing.  If you ever want to know what auditioning for The Voice is like, let me know, I seriously auditioned for it in December 2013.  Sang Broken Road by Rascall Flatts (originally by The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band) and was told I sing well but that I wasn’t what they were looking for.  Guess I’ll stick to my “day job”.
Embarrassing Confession: I have scheduled my TSTO tasks around my real life AND sometimes prefer the company of other Addicts to family and friends.

More about Wookiee (including how he joined Addicts) can be found here
Check Out Wookiee’s Weekly Podcast here


Patric (a.k.a Cranky Old Guy): Patric J. Miller  has a long, storied background in broadcasting and multimedia production, including writing and arranging the music for the Emmy Award winning Claymation Christmas Celebration for CBS and Atlantic Records. It was there he became enthralled with animated story-telling, as well as meeting  Simpsons creator Matt Groening’s brother-in-law, animator Craig Bartlett (Hey Arnold!, PeeWee’s Playhouse, Jim Henson’s Dinosaur Train), part of his six-degrees-of separation from Bart Simpson.
Happily married for almost 35 years, with 5 daughters (I’ll let that sink in), and 4 grandkids, Patric continues to explore a rich tapestry of interests and vocations outside of the “Tapping World.”

Birthday: January 1st (Baby New Year!)
Favorite Simpsons Character: 
Marge. She is the glue of the family, and the moral compass of the whole town of Springfield. Her only failing is her greatest asset….loyalty. Oh. And she’s hot. Great bod!
Favorite Episode: Really? One out of 27 years? I like the early ones, because we were just getting to know the Simpsons as a family- and the episodes had more of a “family sit-com” feel. HOWEVER…one of my favorites ever is “Missionary Impossible”- (S11E15) It has EVERYTHING…Guest Stars – Betty White, Fred Rogers, Yo-Yo Ma, the Teletubbies, Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, Elmo, Mulder and Scully from The X Files, Hank Hill from King of the Hill and Bender from Futurama and even FOX’s Rupert Murdoch!  It has Homer trying to “help a third world jungle village” (sound familiar?) and has one of my favorite catch phrases of all time (that my entire family has adopted),”SAVE ME JEEBUS!” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Missionary:_Impossible
Favorite TSTO Time of the Year: Christmas. I love seeing our towns in snow. Now if we could get them to be snow at night….I’d be a happy guy.
Favorite TSTO Character: I used to be a Dr. Nick guy…but now, without a doubt, it is “Old Jewish Man.”  I have adopted a bunch of his TSTO dialogue in real life (“YOU smell like cobbler!”) and have adopted “no pants Thursdays” as an homage to his “Drop His Pants for a Change” task.
Favorite TSTO Building:
Well…I’m going with a “dark horse” here…not the obvious one. I like the Springfield Country Club, because it is the centerpiece for my country club golf course…which is part of the expansive resort/casino area. I love the golf course…because I love golf.
Favorite TSTO Task: Well…judging by how long she has been baking in her bikini…perpetually…I was going to choose Mindy’s “Work on Tan” task. But, my actual favorite continues to be Mona’s “Feed the Birds”…because it is with Grandpa…and I have them situated, so it looks like they are feeding pigeons into a black hole.
Aspirations in Life:At my “advanced age,” my time and inclination for aspirations are narrowing. I have done a lot in my life…and other than “aspire” to writing a best-selling book or two…I guess I would have to aspire to the one thing I wanted to be as a kid…a Pirate-Fireman-Astronaut.  There’s time left…
Embarrassing Confession: I once faked an “upset stomach” to escape the morning festivities of my sister’s wedding (which she was having in a state park) so I could drive 20 miles to a grocery store to “get some Pepto Bismol” but actually wanted to use their “free WiFi” to complete an update before the timer ran out. I made it back in time for the wedding, and nobody was the wiser.

A handful of Links to Patric’s Life, And the plethora of side projects and other stuff I do in “my spare time.”

http://www.crankyoldguy.com – Wisdom, Ramblings and Rants from a guy old enough to know better
http://www.friendsofbuyijja.com  – the non-profit we started to help a rural school in Buyijja, Uganda
http://www.claymationchristmasmusic.com  – A link to the Music and Story behind my work on the Emmy Award Winning CBS Animation Special, Claymation Christmas Celebration. California Raisins anyone?
http://www.dopplegangtheband.com – A link to the music of our old band, put up during our “reunion concert.”
http://www.beyondgodandscience.com  – my “WooWoo site, dedicated to explaining my thoughts and research on external consciousness after my NDE in the Mid 90s

Safi (aka Super Safi): Safi started out as a contributor for Addicts, but joined the staff full time in the Summer of 2017
I’m a Canadian Addict who is a huge The Simpsons fan. I watch and re-watch every episode, collect the collectibles, comic books, trading cards, puzzles, and most other merchandise. I knew about The Simpsons Tapped Out and was very eager to get it before I started playing, but didn’t have a compatible device. When I got my iPad on July 31st, 2013, Tapped Out was the first app I downloaded. Been frequenting TSTO Addicts since the first week of October 2013 and regularly commenting since December 2013.
Outside of The Simpsons, I’m a huge Batman fan, Wayne Gretzky fan, sports fan (Toronto Blue Jays, Montreal Canadians, Toronto Raptors, Toronto FC, New Orleans Saints), and enjoy watching TV shows (The Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones, Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Gotham, Suits, Modern Family, New Girl, etc.).

Birthday: April 24th
Favorite Simpsons Character: 
I’d have to go with Milhouse Van Houten, just barely edging out Ralph Wiggum.  “Remember the time he ate my goldfish, and you lied to me and said I never had any goldfish? Then why did I have the bowl Bart? Why did I have the bowl?”
Favorite Episode:“Homer at the Bat” (S03, E17) – As a fan of The Simpsons and baseball, this was a great episode. It featured a couple of future Toronto Blue Jays in Jose Canseco and Roger Clemens, both of whom would later be faces of the ‘steroid era’.
Favorite TSTO Time of the Year: As a predominantly freemium player who only purchases premium characters when they go on sale, my favourite time of year is Black Friday. Love those donut rebates. I tend to save up year round and buy as many characters as I can at Black Friday.
Favorite TSTO Character: Sideshow Mel – He was my second premium purchase and first premium character, purchased during the Black Friday sale in November 2015 (if you’re curious, my first premium purchase was the Canadian Flag for 5 donuts in June 2015).
Favorite TSTO Building: Aesthetically, I’d have to go with Duff Stadium. Who doesn’t love a baseball stadium.
Functionally, I love the feature of sending all characters en masse at the Office of Unemployment.
Favorite TSTO Task: Any of Duffman’s “Party Down at …” tasks. I don’t care if it’s at school, church, Moe’s or the penitentiary. Thumbs Up to Party Down!
Aspirations in Life: To quote one Homer Jay Simpson, “All my life I’ve had one dream: to achieve my many goals”.
Embarrassing Confession: This one time, a website moderator asked me for my most embarrassing confession and I couldn’t think of anything. I must confess, it was so embarrassing.

Inactive Addicts

Note From Alissa and Wookiee: One question we get asked a lot is “Where’s Bunny?”.  Bunny was an integral part of this site from the start until the summer of 2016.  Since then Bunny has stepped away from the game (she hasn’t played in years) and this site.  She has her own reasons for doing this, despite our encouragement for her to continue. We wish her all the best.


From time to time  you’ll see posts from an Addicts Contributor, Totbox.  Here’s more info about them…


Totbox: Greetings seekers of unnecessary knowledge, You might know me best from the Totbox’s Throwback Thursdays (and sometimes Tuesdays) posts. Creativity is my life force and that is why I enjoy making Musing posts. Hoped you enjoyed and continue to enjoy my posts through the remainder of our/my current space/time :p

Favorite Simpsons Character: (Wise Guy) Raphael. I love his unpredictable appearances and his sarcastic/dry wit which to me outmatches Comic Book Guys.
Favorite Episode: “Who Shot Mr. Burns (part 1)” is my answer if there was a gun to my head. “Homer the Great” (Stonecutter episode) would be close second.
Favorite TSTO time of year: Halloween, Tree House Of Horror, It’s something I look forward to each year. Whether it lives up to my expectations is another story.
Favorite TSTO Character: I’ll have to go with Maggie, flying with her red balloon, plus the Where’s Maggie Game. Got to love that tiny tot. 🙂
Favorite TSTO Building: Office of Unemployment (for it’s functionality). (I bet you thought it was the school for Tots) :p
Favorite TSTO task: No matter where/how-long he’s doing it, Duffman’s partying down dancing.
Aspirations in Life: Find a creative companion, continue making people think and smile, and do nothing that I don’t have to, yet get everything that I neglected done before my last day.
Embarrassing Confession: plenty of moments to choose from (but I’ll bring up one of the happy embarrassing moments). In high school, there was a new substitute teacher named Mrs. Outhouse. She introduced herself and told the class she heard all the jokes and wanted us to get it out of our systems. “So, anyone have something to say, say it now” a silence fell, as the entire class turned to me. Blushing I said “no, I’m ok”.
Well, that’s all the space/time I have to share for now, enjoy your continued journey -Totbox :p
You can checkout Tot’s Thursday (and sometimes Tuesday) regular Throwback feature here

Addicts Gallery..A Collection of Photos from our Trips together and our families

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134 responses to “About TSTO Addicts

  1. it’s nice to see my profile still in the mix of contributors, though it has been years since I made any additional contributions 😅
    I spend most of my strange musings on a different social media platform that sounds like an exercise app for cows, but it’s more geared toward unicorns (👈 people that use the app should be able to figure the mildly cryptic message out) 😛


  2. Id like to know why the Simsons Tapped Out game seems orphaned: as no new story lines or game events have been created for some time now. Why won’t EA create new theamed quests even for hallmark hollodays? Is this it or?.


  3. Hey guys,
    Love the work you do on this site. More than helpful 🙂 I am relatively new to the game (about 8 or so months) and the help I have received by refering to this site has been greatly appreciated.
    Keep up the good work and you guys have a fan in me 🙂
    Gav (from Australia, where our toilets flush the other way, we discipline our foe with a giant boot, and koalas hang out on helicopter skids 😉 )


  4. Hi there. Do u have an instagram page of this site? A place where fans can publish things etc with # and stuff…


  5. Is bunny around on the blog anymore? Haven’t seen very many posts hope she is well..


  6. I’m sorry I don’t know where to the isla, but I was ring if u guys really xperiencing any issues trying to log in. It keeps coming up with a error retry message, I got in once, left the game, came back and i was signed and I can’t etc back in


  7. Patric!!!! You’re THAT Claymation Christmas guy?!?! I’m 34 now, my mom taped that for me on VHS. I played that tape year round for a good 15 years until the camels sang “star of wonder, star of night…” at a very slow non jazzed up pace (i.e. wore out the tape!) My son, now 15, has since watched it on You Tube many times (because I’ve never been able to find where to buy an actual copy!) The two Dino’s, here we come a-waddling, the camels…I freaking love the camels!!!!! So many of my favorite Christmas songs are because of that show!!! You have NO IDEA!!!!! I was even a California raisin for Halloween when I was 4, until my stuffing fell out…then I was just a trash bag! I still try to watch it every year! Now here I am getting tips as a 4 year tapper…small world! But seriously, that Claymation Christmas special needs to be digitally remastered and played yearly for everyone, just like it is in my house! Thank you so much for working on it because for me, it was a huge part of what made a little girl smile!!!!!


    • Melissa, yes…I was THAT guy. And it makes my heart sing to know that my music brought you and your family joy for years.
      The good news, is that they have re-released it on DVD and is available from Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Vintons-Claymation-Christmas-Halloween-Celebrations/dp/B00009WHRM

      I get letters every year, asking where people can find the album…but, as of yet, we have been unsuccessful in getting Atlantic to re-release it. We’ll see…

      Great to hear from you. You made me smile this morning.


      • Decades!!!! 3 decades!!!! 30 years!!!! Omg! I wonder if I can buy a digital copy, if not…DVD here I come! We Three Kings is my all time favorite Christmas song ever and it is because of your show! I’m not even sure I had heard it before then! Your Carol of the Bells is another favorite, it’s my bar! When others try it and mess up I’m like…here watch this, now do it right! Atlantic needs to get on board, similar to our toys from the 80’s being re-released because we’re all having kids, we want to share this stuff with our kids! Oh squee, I’m off to Amazon! Ty, ty, TY!!!!!!!!


        • I am actually smiling, ear to ear… If you go to the claymationchristmasmusic.com site, you can listen to some of the songs that didn’t make the show…and I actually like more than the show music. If you have trouble…I can send you some MP3s by email. You’ve earned them. LOL.


          • Headed there right now. I just had to listen to Kings and Bells real quick online again! Even though they were recorded 30 years ago the sound quality is just perfection! Can’t wait to see what was left out. Can we get a 30 year anniversary special for Christmas 2017!?!?! Please!!!!


          • So, I’m reading everything you worked on! I feel like I’m typing to my version of Beyoncé! This is just nuts! You play how many instruments?!? You were a camel, one of the camels I’ve loved since I was like 5 years old!!!!!! I’m dying, I’m just dying!!!!


            • LOL….settle down. Yes. It was a lot of fun. A different time…and a different life. My daughters actually sang “Oh Christmas Tree” on the TV show when they were 8 and 10. So…you can guess how old they are now! My wife “sang” one of the geese. The whole thing was pretty amazing and fun, during a time when we were all just kind of making it up as we went along. New methods of recording, new methods of syncing audio to video…and a ton of really random ideas for ways to trash Christmas carols!


          • I just listened to all the tracks and read the whole website! I never knew there was an album! I love the Silent Night one in particular! I’m sorry you had to deal with all the bs that “the business” brings with it. I know it’s not a monetary reward, but I’m sure there are a ton of other kids out there (well, now adults!) like me, who for them, this is our Rudolph or Its a Wonderful Life! And, this many years later I don’t think the raisin help or harm the integrity of the show or the music. It’d be so easy for them to release digital copies, so here’s hoping! I haven’t touched my Springfield in 2 hours and I’m on extra XP and KEM farming to boot, so I better stop reminiscing about singing camels, at least until my DVD gets here! Seriously, thank you for being so awesome!!!


            • You are welcome…and no worries about the lack of overall royalties. It was a very unique time, with a very unique project, and knowing that it continues to give joy, is reward enough! For the record, “Good King Swing” is one of my favorites. Ron and I had a blast with the vocals on that one. We’ll see how the re-release bit goes this year. 30th would be a fun time to bring it back.


        • I liked Good King Swing as well, honestly, I loved the whole thing! I’m confident it’ll be available again and when it is…ill have it! Cool part is, it’ll make new memories as many of the songs are new for me! Final question, I promise! Do you have any other albums/work out there? (Other than ad agency work! Can you make the hammer more blue-I about spit!) Not necessarily Christmas music but other covers you’ve Patric’d or original music? I’d love the opportunity to hear it/buy it. If so, do you stay in that jazzy vibe or venture into other genres? You’re just so talented! I think back to “Joy” which, confession….I didn’t care for as a kid-the visuals didn’t help! But, as an adult I just love! Their are so many layers and intracacies to what you did with that song! I don’t want to think your talent is now tapping and golfing! Not that there is anything wrong with that, just want songs too! 🙂


          • I’ll drop you a line. I don’t get a chance to play music as much these days, but have a studio that I just revamped to be able to do so.
            Go to the http://www.dopplegangtheband.com page if you want to hear some of my “non-raisin” work. It’s not the same kind of music…but all of the songs there are either originals, or original arrangements.

            I did a ton of producing for other artists, but most that is out of print now as well.

            Talent and inspiration come in strange bursts. And for me, it was always about the project, or the band. I find a similar reward in writing, and am about to blast off on a couple of tangents, and some podcasting. So, we’ll see. Life is full of fun and opportunity to be creative in this digital age. So. Much. Freedom.

            And no…TSTO and golf only take up a very small portion of my life…thankfully! One exercises the body, the other exercises the brain and my thumbs.


          • I’m a step ahead of you, found the link and am on song 3! Loving it so far! The second song was beautiful, OMG!
            Id say “non clay” work, the raisins aren’t what we remember about that special! It’s the music and the camels, dinos, bells…the funny stuff!
            K, I’m going to stop fanning out now!!! 🙂


            • It’s fine. Happy that you are happy.


              • I’m SO HAPPY to have discovered this convo between you two! Thanks for having it here and leaving it up! I was already so thankful for not only this whole site and how all of you write it and manage it, but now to find out that Patric has been in my life all along makes me even more appreciative. CLAYMATION CHRISTMAS IS A BIG PART of my family tradition of now 3 generations in my famiy! Thank you for that! My family has had a lot of heartache, but Claymation Christmas (all of it—could go into detail but won’t) has been something we unite over and helps us remember bright, loving times we did have, and keeps making those times anew every Christmas we all watch together, wherever we are on the globe, together or not. We recorded it on VHS when it first aired, and it became an instant, year-round classic at our home—my dad and we (now quite grown kids with kids of our own) still quote it regularly to this day. We used to rewind it over and over to lip-sync to it for years, until the tape was no good. Then we were elated to finally find it on DVD one year and have since passed on our appreciation for its art, music, and humor to our kids (my teen loves it and is also influenced artistically and musically by it as we were.) It was instrumental in helping my brother do his own claymation and write his own music as a kid for the love of it, then go into video, sound, and music production which has taken him all over. Can’t wait to tell him and his kids about this! Thanks for contributing to my life and so many others’ by doing what you love. And that goes to all the Addict writers and contributors! Thanks a million, for starting and keeping this site going, and for making the community a happy, helpful place. I’ve thrived in my game from all the helpful posts and strategies which maximizes any premium purchases I’ve occasionally, gladly made. And happy belated birthday and early-congrats on impending arrival of new baby, Alissa! My hat’s off to you from one mom to another. The fact there’s a Wookie in this site, our fav Star Wars character, is yet another layer of awesomeness in this Addicts world. (We got my spouse the Chewbacca toiletries grooming set from Hot Topic online for Father’s Day—he loves it and it’s quite good smelling! The beard oil especially!) And shout out to Safi, too, for saving us additcs a lot of brain pain and time, allowing us to maximize the time we do have for this game! ❤ to you all!


                • Wow! Such kind words, very moving… And I’m very grateful. It is always gratifying to know that work you do brings happiness to others. That was a very long time ago… But it does continue to hang around, and I am very glad it’s part of your family’s life.

                  Alissa is special to me… and represents the very nature of family, in that you don’t have to always agree on politics, or whether or not you like veal, but you respect one another’s opinion, and continue to love them.

                  Thank you so much for sharing…
                  The little voices on “Oh Christmas Tree” are my oldest daughters…now 43 and 41. Crazy!!!


  8. @:02sb13: *You’re.

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  9. Allissa your terribly funny
    And I LOVE all the great posts by Bunny
    Wookie’s designs are just great
    Love the posts you all create
    And you make the weather warm,bright and sunny!


  10. I would love to become a resident writer for stuff like where did that come from and should I buy posts. I love writing and reviewing stuff. Love the game so much and would love to help this site with maybe just one post on where something came from or should you buy this. Thanks happy tapping!


  11. I tried joining a few Tapped Out Facebook groups today and both were advertised free donuts and free premium donuts. I have to say that I am extremely disappointed that those sites exist.

    I immediately left both groups. I’m glad this site doesn’t allow that. Everything I got in the game I earned through hard work.

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    • I hate those site!!!! Don’t know why people would want to cheat and not work hard for there donuts! Some people get TOO addicted to the game nd will do anything to get those sprinkled goodies!


  12. As a group, how do you all feel about the addicts that get help from Reddit?


    • You mean Addicts who have those in Reddit get them donuts for free?

      We don’t support it. It’s hacking, no matter what anyone says and goes against EA’s TOS. It could potentially result in you losing your game. Also, if you have a problem with your game and contact EA, and they see the donuts…they’ll refuse to solve your problem. So in general it’s not a good idea.

      This is a game where you can 100% play without needing premium currency. It adds to the fun, but you don’t need it to get through the game.

      That all being said…you do what you’ve got to do. We don’t support it here, however as long as you don’t promote what you’re doing and don’t discuss it you’re welcome in the Addicts community.


  13. Thanks for the great resource!


  14. Ten things EA don’t want you to know
    1st one your gonna get Rick Rolled

    I usually get infuriated by a Rick Roll lol
    But who can get can get made at a Bunny


  15. Hey there’s a few of you Addicts
    I thought it was just bunny and Alissa
    Cool anyway appreciate the work you guys do
    First place I goto for tapped out news
    And before I buy anything the should I spend section
    Is terrific saves me from wasting doughnuts
    So again a big thanks


  16. Bunny, I am curious. Have you ever posted any pictures of your town


  17. Bunny, have you ever posted images of your town? Just curious.


  18. Paul (pablotee)

    Hi! Just wanted to say thanks for helping me stop crashing by removing the tracks by the monorail – it totally worked!- after 4 years of playing tapped out I finally thought to see if anybody was as addicted as me – great sight – ciao fer now , paul up in vancouver on my old timey ifoney3


  19. Hi! Im from Indonesia, been playing for a year and now already level 54. So glad to find your web, really helps me out on choosing what to spend with my donuts!
    Now I’m focussing on Springfields Heights, long way to go.



  20. Hmmm. Well, I guess that means he doesn’t do commissions. A shame, since I really like his work.

    Thanks for the quick reply and all the hard work you folks do for the site.


  21. kimberlyah794

    I was just curious who “TSTO Addict” is? Is that just a way of you three being able to post anonymously? For a while, in the comments, I thought it was just someone who’d co-opted your name. Then today, I realized “TSTO Addict” was an article contributor and my curiosity was piqued. 🙂


    • No, not one of us. The one you see on our site that posts is a general one for general posts etc. That’s TSTO Addicts and the icon is one of Bart with the cell phone. You’ll NEVER see comments on our site from that handle, it’s not us. Bunny, Wookiee and I will only ever comment as ourselves.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Say, who’s the artist behind the site’s characatures? I tried to search for the answer, but couldn’t find any credit.


      • The artists name is Milos. But we own the full rights to the images, which is why you don’t see him getting credit. He’s given us the full rights to the images and prefers to remain “behind the scenes”


  22. I just realized that TSTO needs an update today, I hope I can catch up with your calendar. Thanks for your effort guys!


  23. 2nd time I’ve commented on your site.
    I can not stress how much your site helps me.
    I check it out at least three times a day.
    Keep up the great work.
    Game id rolo2888


  24. I love this site. I am a daily player and I always come here to know what’s going on in the game. You all are so thorough and helpful. Thanks for making tapping enjoyable. Keep up the great work!!!


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