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Hi Diddly Ho There Tappers!

Here’s where you can find all of the information as it relates to a  Tapped Out Special Event!

We classify an event as anything with Limited-Time Content that requires a series of posts.  Things like Springfield Heights are not considered events because they’re a permanent addition to Springfield. 

Major Events (Splash Screen Change)
Showbiz Showdown 2022
Dog Days 2022
Hell on Wheels 2022
Cirque du Springfield 2022
Christmas 2021
Halloween 2021
Into the Simpsonsverse 2021
Springfield Enlightened 2021
Rise of the Robots 2021
Love and War 2021
Christmas 2020
Halloween 2020
Van Houtens 2020
Game of Games the Sequel 2020
Simpsons Wrestling 2020
Black History Month 2020
Christmas 2019
Halloween 2019

Simpsons Babies 2019
Game of Games 2019
Love, Springfieldian Style 2019
Christmas 2018
Halloween 2018

Moe’s Ark (Springfield Zoo) 2018
Itchy and Scratchy Land 2018
Springfield Jobs 2018
Bart Royale 2018

Christmas 2017
Halloween (Magic) 2017 

Homerpalooza 2017
Time Travel Toaster 2017
Secret Agent Simpsons 2017
Around the World 2017
Christmas 2016

Halloween 2016
Sci-Fi 2016
Superheroes 2016
Wild West 2016
Casino 2016
Christmas 2015
Halloween 2015
Monorail 2015

Tap Ball 2015
Terwilliger Event 2015

Superhero Event 2015
Christmas 2014
Halloween 2014
Clash of Clones 2014
Stonecutters 2014
Easter 2014

Valentine’s Day 2014
Christmas 2013

Halloween 2013

Mini Events & Holiday Specials (In-Game no App Store Download)
Splash and Burn (2022)
When the Bough Breaks (2022)
Hot Diggity D’oh (2022)
Red Alert (2022)
Northward Bound 2021
Breakout Bounty 2021
Tavern Trouble 2021
Foodie Fight 2021
Springfield Chopper 2021
New Year, New You 2021
Thanksgiving 2020
All This Jazz 2020
Summer Games 2020
Pride 2020
No Bucks Given
Holidays of Future Past
Thanksgiving 2019
Cthulhu’s Revenge
Krusty’s Last Gasp
Flanders Family Reunion
The Real Moms of Springfield 2019
Marge at the Bat 2019

Classless Reunion 2019
State of Despair 2019
Not Yet Spring Cleaning 2019
Thanksgiving 2018
Super Powers 2018

Poochie’s Dog Dayz 2018
4th of July 2018
Pride 2018
Who Shot Mr. Burns 2018
Cinco de Mayo 2018
Easter 2018
St. Patrick’s Day 2018
Homer vs the 18th Amendment 2018
Buck Stops Here 2018
Thanksgiving 2017
County Fair 2017
Superheroes 3
Pride 2017
4th of July 2017
Pin Pals 2017
Easter 2017
St. Patrick’s Day 2017
Rommelwood Academy 2017
Valentine’s Day 2017

Lunar New Year 2017
Homer the Heretic 2017

Thanksgiving 2016
Springfield Games 2016

Homer’s Chiliad 2016
Whacking Day 2016
Crook and Ladder 2016

St. Easter 2016

Valentine’s Day 2016
Deep Space Homer 2016

Thanksgiving 2015
4th of July 2015

Easter Fools 2015
Valentines Day 2015
Thanksgiving 2014

4th of July 2014
Saint Patrick’s Day 2014
Thanksgiving 2013

Episode Tie-Ins
Superbowl 2017
Pride Month 2015
Super Bowl 2014
Social Currency Event(s) (Free Prizes with FP)

2014 Yard Sale

Splash Screen Gallery

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  1. When the new update

  2. We have over 200 stuck buying milk?

  3. What level do you have to be to play these events?


  5. Cooper James Tappin

    Do I have to release all of those creatures to get rid of them from the task bar?

  6. Do you add old items to the city?

  7. What do you class an an event? I would class it as a multi-week running programme that comes with a store update (major event) but you have included mini stuff like the Chilliad so I was wondering what you class as an event or as an update

    • Anything that’s limited-time and involves a series of posts for game play is considered an event. So yes, mini events (like Homer’s chilliad) are considered an event. However, things like updates to SH or level updates when they happened are not considered events because they’re permanent additions to the game.

  8. I always enjoy the THOH for halloween but I just bought the gingerbread house with Suzanne the witch and it said in the store the house generates event currency bought it is generating cash. Anyone else notice this problem? Any ideas if they will fix it?

  9. do you know if there will be a monorail event in 2016?

  10. Will there be a link for the Super-Event 2016?

  11. I have a problem……
    Upon trying to log into my game, I’m instructed to update to latest version. I am then taken to app store to install this update, but am being told, “This app is incompatible with all of you devices.” I’m using an android tablet (kindle). How do I get the update?

  12. I need to unsubscribe I just got 310 emails in 10 minutes STOP STOP STOP

    • I can’t make it stop. You have to check your wp settings. That’s usually what happens on new update posts….

    • Irishmanger567

      I only registered there to see if my comments appear because they didn’t before… I don’t even know if this one will

  13. Any news on a treehouse of horrors event for 2015 just curious so far nothing vs other games events have started

  14. Anyone know why at certain times everything is activated?

  15. Hey hey hey!

    Any word regarding an Easter 2015 Event, Bunny?

    Can’t wait for some bunny suits and dyed egg prizes.

  16. Can anyone explain why the FPs have decreased from 10 to 5 to 4 per action??

  17. This is a great forum! Thank you!

  18. Thank you for the info. I have repeatedly done that and have gotten no response. No confirm email in spam or regular. I hit the “contact us” link and it takes me to Word Press. I put my email address in there and it says ” are you sure its the same email, we can’t find you”. Then it gives me an option to open a blog of my own.

  19. I think I might have accidentally UNsubscribed a couple weeks ago, not realizing what I did. How do I get back in? I miss my notifications. 🙁

    • Go to the Desktop Version and look for our “Follow” link on the far right side in the sections. Or… when commenting… there should be a box you can check mark to get notifications of “NEW POSTS”. Make sure you select that one. If you select “New Comments” it will just alert you every time someone else comments on the same post.

  20. I am still having trouble finding where I need to go to subscribe to event updates. Could someone give me some idea, please. :’)

    • In our main page (desktop version…not mobile) we have a link on the far right side just a few widgets down to “Follow”. That should help. Then watch for emails to make sure they’re not flagged as spam and that you don’t UNsubscribe or that’ll turn it off.

  21. Is there gonna be a thanksgiving event or is Christmas the next one?

  22. According to past events, I guess we’ll have to wait until Halloween in order to see another major one? I hope not, love these events! 🙂

    • If it follows suit like last year, yes. But don’t forget last summer we had 2 expansions. Squidport in June and Krustyland in August…while they weren’t events, they did involve massive tapping like an event 🙂

  23. Hello, will there be a St. Paddys day update?? Thanks.

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