Charts and Data


There are loads of Tappers out there that love a good TSTO Chart!  And from time to time we’ll put together comprehensive charts to show various things in TSTO, like Character Tasks, XP Farming, Bouns % and more.  Here’s where you can find the list of all Addicts Charts for TSTO and other data-driven information from our resident “data geek”, Super Safi:

Dual Character Tasks
Bonus % On Items
Premium Index with Should I Buys
Donut/XP Farming
Advanced Donut/XP Farming (Should I Always Go for 3 Donuts)
Character Costumes that Earn Premium Rates
Characters in TSTO
Buildings in TSTO
Character Groups
Tapped Out Updates
(List of all TSTO updates)
Sci-Fi Event Building Tasks
Halloween Event Building Tasks

Super Safi’s Stats, Strategy, and Tips
Springfield Downs
Go Kart Track
Becoming a SH Billionaire
Becoming a SH Multi-Billionaire
Insanity Mode
Sideshow You!
Rocket Launch Pad
Claw Machine
The Eliminator
Excavation Site
Dron Scan
Where’s Maggie
Yellow Submersible
Super Safi’s Monday Morning Math Mayhem