Limited Time Characters

As of November 2013 there were 17 characters that were introduced at one point into the game, but were limited-time.  Meaning, if you didn’t purchase/earn them during the event you won’t be able to get them ever (unless EA re-releases them).

Limited-Time Characters:
All characters listed below are no longer available.  Click on the character for more details.

Halloween 2012 
Burns Monster
Mayan God
Talking Krusty Doll

Christmas 2012
Santa Homer

Valentine’s Day 2013

St. Patrick’s Day 2013
Tom O’Flanagan

Wacking Day 2013
Pet Snake

4th of July 2013
Rex Banner
Abe Lincoln

Halloween 2013
Suzanne the Witch
Frog Prince
Items from Halloween 2012 (except for the Mayan God) returned in 2013

Thanksgiving 2013
Tribal Indian Chief

Christmas 2013
The Yes Guy
Mr. Costington 
Christmas Raccoon 
The Grumple 
Candy Kevin
Snow Monster
Plow King (Skin for Barney)
Mr. Plow (Skin for Homer, Returning from 2012)
Santa Flanders (Skin for Ned)
Ebenezer Burns (Skin for Mr. Burns)

Married to the Blob Episode Tie-In

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