2014 Thanksgiving Event

Puritan Ned Attend a Peace Feast

Happy Turkey Day Tappers!

The 2014 Tapped Out Thanksgiving Event is upon us…woohoo!  Here’s where you can find any and all of the complete Addicts Team coverage of the event!  So be sure to check back right here for any of the latest details you may have missed on our main page!

Looks like Thanksgiving is set to leave Springfield on December 2nd

Thanksgiving has Arrived in Springfield-Event Overview
11/24 Thanksgiving Task
11/25 Thanksgiving Task
11/26 Thanksgiving Task
11/27 Thanksgiving Task
11/28 Thanksgiving Task
11/29 Thanksgiving Task

Turbo Tappin’ Thanksgiving 2014
Turbo Tappin’ Mrs. Bouvier

Should I Spend Donuts On…:
Piggly’s Super Smorg and Mrs. B
Tom Turkey
Heimlich Machine
Thanksgiving Redux (Casino, Balloons, Sign)

Where Did THAT Come From?:
Thanksgiving Redux (Casino, Ballons, Sign)
Tom Turkey
Heimlich Machine
Puritan Flanders/Outdoor Feast Table

8 responses to “2014 Thanksgiving Event

  1. So once Krusty comes out of the clinic that’s it ???

  2. This event sucks. No real goals just a mass of stuff for you to spend precious donuts on. No interaction with neighbors. This may actually be worse than the Whacking Day event.

    • It not a real event. It’s a mini event. Like 4th of July or St. Pats. Some themed items but that’s it. It’s meant to be a small event in between Halloween and Christmas, since they’re both major events.

  3. When I opened my game this morning, my entire Thanksgiving quest line was gone. I have the new Black Friday quest, but absolutely nothing for Thanksgiving.

  4. When i try to start lefrovers part 2 it opens lisas job list but the quest is not there. I have the table placed. Is anyone having this issue?

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